Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Top 10 Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit – You Never Know!

Papaya is the fruit comprised of countless health benefits. Talking a little bit about its history, then this fruit is basically originated from Central America and then had been grown in various tropical countries. Now, this fruit is being grown in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US mainly. Papaya is easily available in Pakistan in the specified season. Now the varieties of hybrid papaya are being introduced and are being brought to the Pakistan, showing better commercial repute with good taste.Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit:

Each and every part of papaya, even from leaves to seed, has owned its greatest importance. Each of it imparts specified health benefits. Here we are discussing some of the chief health benefits of papaya pulp, but later we will definitely share health benefits of papaya seeds and leaves in some next articles.

1. Papaya gives you the immune strength:

Papaya is the amazing fruit which is blessed with immune boosting ingredients. Papaya contains beta-carotenes in the higher amount than those of other foods we use to improve our immune system. Hence regular intake of papaya pulp can make your body strong and defensive against various infections and ailments.

2. Get Rid of Dark Spots with Papaya:

Papaya pulp is an excellent source of providing healthier skin. Talking about your face’s skin, eating the papaya pulp or applying its paste, both methods are proven to be successful in making the skin cells healthier and preventing from infections. Papaya contains special remedy potential for dark spots. By gently rubbing papaya pulp paste to your skin or the effective areas two times a day for 10 minutes would leave you with glowing, healthier and toned skin in just one week. Moreover, for getting your pores clean, the papaya scrub is also very effective.

For making papaya scrub at home, mix two tablespoons of papaya paste with one tablespoon of granulated sugar (add some honey as it is optional). Apply this mixture to your skin (with gentle rubbing) to clean out the dust and bacterial spores from your skin. Its healing power for the skin can be estimated from the fact of the healing of cracked heels. Yes! Papaya has that much strong skin healing power which can heal the cracked heel skin as well. For this, mix papaya paste and almond oil in half and half ratio and apply this mixture over your cracked heels overnight. You would see the amazing result in just three days.

3. Heal Your Cracked Heels with Papaya:

The healing power of papaya for the skin can be estimated from the fact of the healing of cracked heels. Yes! Papaya has that much strong skin healing power which can heal the cracked heel skin as well. For this, mix papaya paste and almond oil in half and half ratio and apply this mixture over your cracked heels overnight. You would see the amazing result in just three days.

4. Cholesterol Reduction with Papaya:

Papaya fruit is generally recommended in the cases of obesity to maintain weigh by lowering the cholesterol in some cases. In other cases, the high cholesterol definitely leads the patient slowly towards heart diseases such as heart strokes.

Papaya contains excessive amounts of Vitamin A, C and E, which act as antioxidants and prevent the oxidation of present cholesterol in the body, hence prevent from the occurrence of diseases cause from the oxidation of present cholesterol in the body. Moreover, papaya regulates the liver functioning thus proved to be helpful in the reduction of cholesterol.

5. Papaya in high blood pressure:

Papaya fruit is considered to be helpful in the reduction of high blood pressure at early stages. It contains high amount of potassium which surely regulate arterial blood flow by acting in ionic form. In china, papaya is used in herbal medicines to lower the hypertension (high blood pressure) and to regulate the potassium level in the body.

6. Papaya in the Protection of eyesight:

It is shown in various studies that papaya is the fruit which lower the chances of eyes diseases which are caused by muscle weakness. Eating papaya regularly can prevent or even treat the muscle degeneration occurs as with growing age. Thus make your eye sight in good condition. By giving scientific proof, it contains zeaxanthin and lutein which protect the eyes from the damage caused by high light rays (especially when working in sunlight or watching TV).

7. Strengthening your digestive System with Papaya:

You probably heard it off that papaya paste is used to tenderize the meat before cooking it. The same phenomenon is used in our body. As papaya contains a compound called “papain”, this compound is used for the breakdown of protein. While in the stomach it is used to breakdown the protein-food we eat, and helps in digestion.

Furthermore, the dietary fibers present in papaya fruit do play their role in strengthening your digestive system by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria in intestine for further reduction or digestion of food into simpler content. Hence make the body avail of each and every nutrient of the food you eat which ultimately improves your health.

8. Improves the Respiratory System:

Papaya improves respiratory health and even prevents the respiratory system from various impairments. As it contains Vitamin C, which combats the viral infections that can prove to be fatal for your respiratory tract. While Vitamin A present in papaya fights against the symptoms of emphysema.

9. Hair Conditioning and Dandruff Treatment with Papaya:

Among the numerous health benefits of papaya, it also contributes a lot towards the beauty of your hair. Because of the presence of various compounds such as minerals, vitamins and enzymes in this amazing fruit, it can work as an amazing conditioner. For best results, mix 3 tables spoon of papaya paste, 2 table spoon of coconut oil, 1 table spoon of yoghurt (to neutralize its nature). Massage this mixture over you already washed hair and leave for 20 minutes. Now wash you hair and see the visible difference in just one wash.

As a treatment for dandruff, papaya is promising ingredient. But the method of usage may differ and matters a lot. Here you would not to be use papaya paste over your scalp. For best dandruff treatment, papaya vinegar is recommended for amazing results. Dilute the papaya vinegar half and half with water, and apply it (after shampooing) over your scalp as a final rinse. Repeat this for almost two weeks to get rid of dandruff.

10. Papaya for Weigh Loss:

If your goal is to reduce your weight, then papaya is the best choice for you. It contains high amount of dietary fibers which give you the sense of fullness and prevent you from over eating. Additionally, it gives you satiety by just giving fewer amounts of calories loaded with delicious taste. This fruit is more special for the patients who skipped out sugar from their diet in case to reduce weight, because papaya contains lesser amount of sugar but still gives you with sweet taste.

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