Top Surprising Health Benefits Of Watermelon

If you are talking about the upcoming summer season and are scared of scorching heat laps, then sipping over chilled watermelon juice is indeed the perfect choice for thrashing the summer’s roasting heat. Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is available in the summer season and is grown by a wide variety in Pakistan. While it is in the native language of Pakistan called as “Tarboozor “Tarbuz”. It belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Moreover, with the success being of science, the seedless varieties of watermelons are also accessible. Though the red fleshed watermelons are most common ones, but there are other varieties of yellow, orange, or white flesh colored.Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Besides being tremendously delicious, watermelon quenches our thirst and boosts up the body with antioxidants such as vitamins and lycopene. Watermelon processes neutral flavor slightly like mild sugary syrup. This is also being useful for diabetics as it contains 6% of sugar and about 92% of water. As with high water content, it is considered to be best for preventing dehydration through summers. The entire fruit is highly nutritious and other than ingestion it is being used in lip glosses, essences, lipsticks, body fragrances and shower gels due to its refreshing nature. Scroll down to know about more benefits of Watermelon.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon:

Watermelon serving as good vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and low in calories, with a good amount of dietary fibers provided as an excellent gift for summer season plus it improves your health in natural way.

Watermelon For Stronger Bones:

Lycopene present in watermelon plays an important role in the endorsement of the bone health. Further, Dietary lycopene decreases the oxidative stress and reduces the activity of osteoclasts and osteoblasts (these are the two bone cells which are involved in the progression of osteoporosis – a bone’s disorder). So, eating lycopene-rich foods (such as watermelon) could make your bones healthier. Moreover, watermelon also has a good amount of potassium that assists in retaining calcium in the body, which leads to healthier and stronger bones and joints.

Prevent Dehydration Through Watermelons:

First of all, it is clear from its 92% of water content that this fruit is rich in liquid which ultimately prevents you from dehydration in sweltering summer. But the story doesn’t end here, watermelons do have some unique properties which made them different from other fruits. Watermelon is rich in the electrolytes such as potassium and sodium which we lose by sweating. It decreases the threat of dehydration by substituting these electrolytes in the body fluid. Additionally, it contains sugar components which also help to build up back our energy which and other nutrients which we lost during perspiration. Hence drinking a glass of watermelon juice is enough to combat from outside heat.

Watermelon Helps To Remove Kidney Stones:

Watermelon as a natural diuretic helps in increasing the flow of urine deprived of straining the kidneys. The contents of potassium present in watermelon help in the removing the gathered salt bonds of limestone and also work for the reduction of proportion of uric acid in the blood, thus decreasing the risk of removing kidney stones. Watermelon furthermore empowers the liver to process ammonia (which is a waste resulted from protein digestion), hence facilitating the straining process of kidneys though getting rid of surplus fluids.

Watermelon Prevents Acidity:

The fully ripped watermelons process an alkaline nature, hence neutralize the acidic fluid (which is the cause of acidity or burning sensation in summer) in the stomach. Moreover, the foods like fresh fruits and vegetables which have alkaline properties can greatly decrease the risk of mounting illness and disease caused by high acidic food such as meat, eggs, and other spicy sour food.

Removes Surplus Oil From The Skin:

Watermelon is rich in vitamins especially vitamin A, that is an important ingredient for our health and liveliness of our skin. Its paste, when applied on the skin, decreases the size of the pores on the skin and reduces the oil released through the sebaceous glands. For this purpose, especially the whitish portion (just up next to the eatable red flex of watermelon) of this fruit is more beneficial to use on the face in paste form.

Method Of Treating The Sunburns:

Sunburns are considered as a first bad gift of summer when its heat is at its peak; especially those people who generally work out for a long time get entangled with these sun marks. The refreshing property of watermelon with the presence of rich amount of various nutrients and most importantly the electrolytes, help to treat the sunburns. For getting more efficiency or quick action, you can add cucumber into it. For the preparation of watermelon and cucumber face pack extract out the watermelon watermelon to get health benefits for your body in summer

Now grind it into a smooth paste. In the other bowl take washed cucumbers and grind them too into a fine paste. Now mix equal proportions of watermelon and cucumber mush and mix thoroughly. For the ease of application you can add some chickpea powder into this paste to get required consistency. Apply this pack on your face uniformly. Leave it on your face up to 15 minutes and wash gently with slightly cold water. The regular use of this skin pack will not only assists in healing the sunburns but also brighter your complexion.

Watermelon Improves Digestion and Prevents Obesity:

Watermelon, if eat as as a whole, can improves the digestion. As it contains a rich amount of dietary fibers, which not only improves the digestive health but also gives you the feeling of satiety that ultimately prone you to eat less hence helps you to reduce weight in healthy manner. So, watermelon can be used effectively in the prevention or reduction of obesity. Moreover, it also helps in kowering down the proportion of fats in the body. Watermelon conatins a special compound called citrulline, it can supress the buildup of fat in the cells. [AdSense-B]

This compound which is basically an amino acid, it gets transformed into another compound called arginine when engrossed by the body. Citrulline, when absorbed by the body, can block the action of the “tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP)”, hence triggering less production of fats by the cells and stopping over-buildup of body fat.


Tarbooz Ke Faide in Urdu – Water Melon Health Benefits

What is Watermelon (Tarbooz)?

Watermelon (Tarbooz) ka Scientific name Citrulus Ianatus hai, Is ki taseer bohut hi sard hai. Tarbooz men Protien , Strolien , Vitamen A , B , C , Iron  aur Sugar hai. Nabi (SAW) taza pakki khajoron ke sath tarbooz khaya krty thy.

Watermelon in Islam:

Bohut si Hadith me tarbooz ka zikar milta hai, as given bellow;

Hajrat ayesha (Ra) farmati han k Nabi (SAW) tarbooz ko tar khajoor k sath mila kar khaya karty thy or farmaya karty thy “Hum khajoor ki garmi ko tarjooz ki thandak se or tarbooz ki thandak ko tarbooz ki garmi se torty han”.

Tarbooz (Watermelon) Health Benefits:

Watermelon has many health benefits for human body, Especially Best for Health in Summer season, Kyun k ye body ko garmi se bachata hai. Tarbooz Bladder aur kidney ka stone nikalta hai, Pait  saff krta hai, Fever men is k juice men sirka mila kr den, Faeda ho ga. Isy khany se chehry ka worm theek ho jata hai. Immunity system strong hota hai or Diabetes k mareez bhi isy kha skty hen.

Nahayat Sard taseer ki waja se summer season me stomach ko garmi se bachany me Tarbooz bohut hi mufeed hai. Shadeed sir dard men is k juice men cheeni mila ker pilaen, Dooran-e-khoon theek ho jata hai, Blood Pressure kam karta hai, Khushk Khansi men beej ka maghz khaen. Is k ilawa ye Sill Aur Diq men mufeed aur badan ki garmi door krta hai.

Weham, Waswasa or Neend na aany ki soorat me Tarbooz k juice men misri mila ker rakh den aur subha pee len, Shuroo chand se 21 din tak faida ho ga.

Is k ilawa, Tarbooz bohut si doosri bimaryon me bhi mafeed hai, such as; Chakkar ana, Dill  ghabrana wagera me bohut mufeed hai, Esi condition me Stone me Beej 10 Garam ghot ker pilaen. Juice men cheeni aur sirka mila ker peny se sozish door ho jati hai, Same yehi nuskha Sozish, Hepatitis or typhoid men bhi mufeed hai.

Tarbooz sirf garmyon ka hi phal nai balky qudrat ki taraf se insan k liye kisi nemat se kam nai, Jahan tarbooz khany se lazeez hony k sath sath jism me pani ki kami ko bhi poora karta hai wahin ye bohut si bimaryon se bachao ka baes bi banta hai. Mahireen k mutabiq tarbooz jild ko tarotaza rakhny k sath sath garmyon me jild ki nami ko bi barqrar rakhta hai.

Tarbooz k ek cup juice me almost 25% vitamin C hota hai, Vitamin C skin ko soft rakhta hai or apny andar mojood Antioxidant ki waja se body ki defense power ko bhi increase karta hai.

Tarbooz bohut si types k cancer k against bhi mufeed hai, Tarbooz ka istemal body me esy Antioxidant ki tadad ko increase karta hai, Jo different types k cancer ko body me peda hony se rokta hai.

Tarbooz me vitamin B bi kafi miqdar me hota hai, Jo jism se thakawat ko khatam karta hai.

Tarbooz me Vitamin A ki bi kafi miqdar hoti hai, Jis ko khany se nazar bi teez hoti hai or hum aankhon ki bohut si bimaryon se bi mehfooz rehty han.

Tarbooz me Amino Acids bi kafi miqdar me hota hai, Jo high blood pressure ko control karny me help karta hai.

Tarbooz heart, Damma or motapy k patients k liye bohut hi mufeed hai.

Esy log jin ko urea problem ho un ko Tarbooz zyada se zyada khana chahye kyun k ye body se ammonia ki miqdar kam karta hai. Is k ilawa ye blood pressure k ilaj se bi bohut mufeed hai, Kyun k is se body ki all veins clean ho kar achy tareeqy se kam karny lagti han.

Tarbooz k beej (Watermelon Seed) heart k sath sath diabetes or skin k liye bi bohut mufeed han. Ek search k mutabiq tarbooz k beej me shamil iron, potassium or vitamin hair ko strong karta hai or face par mojood dagh or dabby door karny me madad deta hai. Mostly people tarbooz me se beej nikal kar phenk dety han, Kyun k wo is k benefits se waqif nai hoty.

No doubt Tarbooz ek meetha or farhat bakhsh fruit hai, Jo qabaz kusha or garmi ko door karny wala hai.

Watermelon (Tarbooz) For Skin:

Tarbooz ka pani face k masamat ko close karny me kafi mufeed hai, Isy natural toner bhi kaha jata hai.

Tarbooz ko achi tarha pees kar face par 10 minutes lgaen, phir wash kar len, Ye aap k face ko andar tak fresh kar de ga or face ko clean bi kar de ga.

Tarbooz or banana ko achi tarha pees kar skin par lgany se dry skin oily ho jati hai, Jis se fresh lagny lagti hai.

Dahi or Tarbooz ka mask oily skin k liye bohut hi mufeed hai, Kyun k dahi or tarbooz me mojood lactic acid face k skin k liye bohut mufeed hoty han. Ye chiknai ho jazb kar k face ko khobsoorat bnata hai.

In fact, Tarbooz summer season me hamary liye ek gift se kam nai hai, Kyun k ye summer season ki 70% diseases ko khatam kar deta hai.


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