Top Surprising Health Benefits Of Watermelon

If you are talking about the upcoming summer season and are scared of scorching heat laps, then sipping over chilled watermelon juice is indeed the perfect choice for thrashing the summer’s roasting heat. Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is available in the summer season and is grown by a wide variety in Pakistan. While it is in the native language of Pakistan called as “Tarboozor “Tarbuz”. It belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Moreover, with the success being of science, the seedless varieties of watermelons are also accessible. Though the red fleshed watermelons are most common ones, but there are other varieties of yellow, orange, or white flesh colored.Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Besides being tremendously delicious, watermelon quenches our thirst and boosts up the body with antioxidants such as vitamins and lycopene. Watermelon processes neutral flavor slightly like mild sugary syrup. This is also being useful for diabetics as it contains 6% of sugar and about 92% of water. As with high water content, it is considered to be best for preventing dehydration through summers. The entire fruit is highly nutritious and other than ingestion it is being used in lip glosses, essences, lipsticks, body fragrances and shower gels due to its refreshing nature. Scroll down to know about more benefits of Watermelon.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon:

Watermelon serving as good vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and low in calories, with a good amount of dietary fibers provided as an excellent gift for summer season plus it improves your health in natural way.

Watermelon For Stronger Bones:

Lycopene present in watermelon plays an important role in the endorsement of the bone health. Further, Dietary lycopene decreases the oxidative stress and reduces the activity of osteoclasts and osteoblasts (these are the two bone cells which are involved in the progression of osteoporosis – a bone’s disorder). So, eating lycopene-rich foods (such as watermelon) could make your bones healthier. Moreover, watermelon also has a good amount of potassium that assists in retaining calcium in the body, which leads to healthier and stronger bones and joints.

Prevent Dehydration Through Watermelons:

First of all, it is clear from its 92% of water content that this fruit is rich in liquid which ultimately prevents you from dehydration in sweltering summer. But the story doesn’t end here, watermelons do have some unique properties which made them different from other fruits. Watermelon is rich in the electrolytes such as potassium and sodium which we lose by sweating. It decreases the threat of dehydration by substituting these electrolytes in the body fluid. Additionally, it contains sugar components which also help to build up back our energy which and other nutrients which we lost during perspiration. Hence drinking a glass of watermelon juice is enough to combat from outside heat.

Watermelon Helps To Remove Kidney Stones:

Watermelon as a natural diuretic helps in increasing the flow of urine deprived of straining the kidneys. The contents of potassium present in watermelon help in the removing the gathered salt bonds of limestone and also work for the reduction of proportion of uric acid in the blood, thus decreasing the risk of removing kidney stones. Watermelon furthermore empowers the liver to process ammonia (which is a waste resulted from protein digestion), hence facilitating the straining process of kidneys though getting rid of surplus fluids.

Watermelon Prevents Acidity:

The fully ripped watermelons process an alkaline nature, hence neutralize the acidic fluid (which is the cause of acidity or burning sensation in summer) in the stomach. Moreover, the foods like fresh fruits and vegetables which have alkaline properties can greatly decrease the risk of mounting illness and disease caused by high acidic food such as meat, eggs, and other spicy sour food.

Removes Surplus Oil From The Skin:

Watermelon is rich in vitamins especially vitamin A, that is an important ingredient for our health and liveliness of our skin. Its paste, when applied on the skin, decreases the size of the pores on the skin and reduces the oil released through the sebaceous glands. For this purpose, especially the whitish portion (just up next to the eatable red flex of watermelon) of this fruit is more beneficial to use on the face in paste form.

Method Of Treating The Sunburns:

Sunburns are considered as a first bad gift of summer when its heat is at its peak; especially those people who generally work out for a long time get entangled with these sun marks. The refreshing property of watermelon with the presence of rich amount of various nutrients and most importantly the electrolytes, help to treat the sunburns. For getting more efficiency or quick action, you can add cucumber into it. For the preparation of watermelon and cucumber face pack extract out the watermelon watermelon to get health benefits for your body in summer

Now grind it into a smooth paste. In the other bowl take washed cucumbers and grind them too into a fine paste. Now mix equal proportions of watermelon and cucumber mush and mix thoroughly. For the ease of application you can add some chickpea powder into this paste to get required consistency. Apply this pack on your face uniformly. Leave it on your face up to 15 minutes and wash gently with slightly cold water. The regular use of this skin pack will not only assists in healing the sunburns but also brighter your complexion.

Watermelon Improves Digestion and Prevents Obesity:

Watermelon, if eat as as a whole, can improves the digestion. As it contains a rich amount of dietary fibers, which not only improves the digestive health but also gives you the feeling of satiety that ultimately prone you to eat less hence helps you to reduce weight in healthy manner. So, watermelon can be used effectively in the prevention or reduction of obesity. Moreover, it also helps in kowering down the proportion of fats in the body. Watermelon conatins a special compound called citrulline, it can supress the buildup of fat in the cells. [AdSense-B]

This compound which is basically an amino acid, it gets transformed into another compound called arginine when engrossed by the body. Citrulline, when absorbed by the body, can block the action of the “tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP)”, hence triggering less production of fats by the cells and stopping over-buildup of body fat.

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Top 7 Aloe Vera Benefits & Methods of Consumption (Recipes)

Aloe Vera is the plan with great importance in ancient history and today as well, even the Egyptians consider Aloe Vera as a plant of immortality. This cactus-like plant is the pack of countless benefits. This is the reason that this has been used in various medicines and beauty products such as creams or facial packs. In Pakistan, Aloe Vera is found in most of the kitchen gardens in the house. This plant consists of spiky leaves like structures with jelly like substance filled in it.Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera Benefits & Consumption:

Aloe Vera gel contains various nutrients such as calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, sodium, manganese, folic acid, amino acids and a variety of vitamins including vitamin A, E, C B1, B2, and B6. Its benefits are discussed below.

1. Relief from Joint Pain:

Aloe Vera gel is being used to treat joint pains. A slightly heated aloe Vera gel is mixed with warm olive oil by half and half ratio. This mixture is gently massaged over the affected joint. This is a miraculous remedy which effects instantly, while its connective use for some days would definitely reduce the pain to a greater extent.

2. Aloe Vera for Digestive System:

This powerful plant can improve the digestive system functionality in various ways. In the case of acidity in the stomach, the Aloe Vera juice could be very useful for instant relief. This is because of its alkaline property, as the stomach contain acidic atmosphere inside it (during acidity condition) so the alkaline nature of Aloe Vera can neutralize the content, hence relieves from acidity or stomach burn. Moreover, Aloe Vera could be useful for the treatment of constipation because of its laxative character.

3. Aloe Vera in the Prevention of Over Weight:

Aloe Vera gel improves liver functionality, hence promote it to produce more bile juice which breaks down the fat molecules and prevent the body from fat accumulation. Moreover, with its digestive system improvement character, it promotes the absorption of the food inside the body hence increases the availability of healthy nutrients. Regular intake of Aloe Vera suppresses the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) and improves the production of good cholesterol in the body, thus prevent the body from gaining overweight condition.

4. Relieves Mouth Problems:

The Aloe Vera plant is proved to be effective in relieving various mouth problems. As with its antibacterial property, it can prevent the oral cavity from pathogenic and harmful bacteria. Furthermore, brushing the teeth with Aloe Vera gel could reduce the plaque formation and even treat the pre-formed plaque and gingivitis. Aloe Vera gel and gargle is also used to treat cavities. It also relieves cold sores and treats mouth ulcers. Aloe Vera gel is also applied directly to the gums for the cure of inflammation and pain.

5. Aloe Vera to Prevent Cold and Bronchitis:

Aloe Vera decoction in slightly warm temperature could be useful for the treatment of cold and flu. Not just this, the Aloe Vera can do a great job for more serious ailments related to the respiratory tract. It can treat constant sinus, as it contains magnesium lactate which acts as an antihistamine that assists in the reduction of sinus and other respiratory problems like chest inflammation and bronchitis. I also cure nasal ailments occur from various types of allergens. So, if you are suffering from any of these diseases, then ditch you scrappy medicines and rush towards this magical and amazingly beneficial plant for natural and harm-free remedy.

6. Aloe Vera in the Treatment of AIDS:

As we all know from some extent to greater about this dreadful set of symptoms called as “AIDS”. It is not a disease, but it is the combination of symptoms caused by the weak immune system. If the immune system or we generally called it as defensive player of the body becomes weaker, then the body becomes more prone towards various infections and disease attacks and these diseases in a combined form called AIDS. Aloe Vera has a huge amount of essential vitamins and amino acids which improve or strengthen the immune system which is very important to cure AIDS. Even most of the herbalists quoted the cure of AIDS through Aloe Vera in their books.

7. Aloe Vera for Beautiful Skin:

Aloe Vera is abundantly used by cosmetic producers in their products for healthier skin and also for the treatment of different types of skin problems. With their antibacterial property, the Aloe Vera can combat the acne and other skin infections and with the presence of plentiful nutrients its paste can improve the skin and make it glowing and healthy.

How to Consume Aloe Vera:

Although the Aloe Vera is very bitter in taste and it would be a very tough task to chew this strange taste plant. But as there are lots of benefits of this plant, we can’t make a wait to get benefited from it. Don’t worry about its bitter taste, because in this article we would let you know about the methods from which you can consume Aloe Vera without having that bitter taste.

  1. Cooked Form: You can eat this plant by making gravy like eatable from this. Its taste would be as same as in the recipe of most of the Asian cosines have. For this, take three medium-sized onions and chop them, make a paste of garlic and ginger. Now heat two tablespoons of oil and add onion and 1 tablespoon of garlic ginger paste into it and mix until gentle fry. Now add Aloe Vera gel and also add some salt and pepper into it. [AdSense-B] Gently fry this mixture for 10 minutes. Now, this is the gravy type stuff, which is almost free from bitterness and gives a delicious taste with the mouthwatering aroma. You can eat it with bread or rice or with some other source. 
  2. Aloe Vera Juice: You can take Aloe Vera in the form of juice. There are various methods to make Aloe Vera Juice but by reviewing almost all of them we found this recipe to be perfect to share with you. Take Aloe Vera gel and add some water, salt, mint leaves and lemon juice into it. Grind these ingredients in a machine. Your drink is ready.
  3. Aloe Vera Sweet: You can make a sweet product of Aloe Vera. This could surely lower its bitterness and give you sweet taste. In the ghee mix Aloe Vera gel and fry it gently. Add condensed milk or Khoya and sugar into it. Mix gently, and you Aloe Vera sweet (Halwa) is ready.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot – Do You Know?

Apricots are yellow to pinkish colored small fruits which belong to rosacea family. It is a summer season fruit and is available in winters in canned forms. Here are some the benefits of Apricot amazing fruit listed below:Benefits of Apricot

1. Asthma Treatment through Apricot:

Asthma is considered to be a dreadful disease for which a number of expensive allopathic medicines are available in the market, that definitely have their side-effects too. Apricots are believed to be a proven remedy for asthma patients and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and tuberculosis as well.

2. Tooth Care with Apricot:

Teeth are the vital parts of our physical beauty of the face, just a single problem in frontier teeth can badly effect our reflection. Apricots have an abundant amount of calcium which gives strength to our teeth and of course bones. However, regular consumption of apricots assists by maintaining the bone health. It may also prevent you from various malnutrition tooth diseases.

3. Apricots in the Remedy of Fever:

In some traditional areas of India, the extract of apricots is being used to cure fever and other cold symptoms. The decoction of apricots is prepared by mixing it with hot water and diluting some honey into it. This will treat the fever and relief from thirst and additionally provides you with minerals and vitamins for advanced health.

4. Prevents From Arthritis:

Apricots have and amazing property to prevent inflammation. Forgetting maximum benefits of anti-inflammatory property the apricot oil is used. The incorporation of apricot oil in herbal medicines can relieve from arthritis by reducing its symptoms. Moreover, it also assists in treating pain and gives comfort to the affected areas.

5. Improves Immunity:

As with the weak immune system the body could be easily more prone to the various infections even from colds and flu to aids. The apricot’s seed oil with natural properties helps in strengthening the immune systems. Hence, prevents the body from various diseases caused by the weak defensive action.

6. Relieves from Skin Problems:

Apricot is the fruit which is rich in various Vitamins especially Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with lycopene. This formulation acts as an excellent source of skin care for sensitive skin. Apricot oil can even prevent from various skin damages. This oil is attained through the dried seeds of apricots. Because of the abundant amount of Vitamin C present in it, it can affectively soften the skin and make it glowing and beautiful. Furthermore, this oil can prevent from a variety of skin infections and most importantly it is non-sticky, so does not make your skin oily and dumpy. Especially in winter, it acts as a perfect moisturizer for face and hands, not just only for the skin, but it is also very useful for scalp care, thus promoting healthy hairs.

7. Prevents the Signs of Aging:

Apricot is a well-known word for scrub production. As most of the scrubs use are made of apricots. Apricots can assist to get you rid of the dead skin cells which are the main and foremost signs of aging and promotes the new skin cells to grow. Apricot paste is loaded with promising exfoliating property which prevents the skin from small wrinkles and fine lines by removing the old or dead skin cells from the skin. Additionally, apricot oil is effective in maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness, and clarity.apricot health benefits

For softer skin, apricot oil could be used with other fruits. Due to its nourishing and revitalizing properties, it is being employed in various aroma therapies for the skin. The apricot oil acquires a mild nature that’s why it is abundantly utilized in various baby products as well.

8. Prevents Cancer:

Apricots contain an abundant amount of anti-oxidants which prevents the body from free radicals by scavenging them. These radicals are the resultant products of UV rays, pollution, and smoke as these conditions stimulate their generation in the body. These free radicals interrupt the normal cell growth process and are responsible for minor changes in the DNA of respected cells. This alteration in the function and DNA lead to the production of cancerous cells. Apricots have a huge amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A which act as powerful anti-oxidants and are used by the body to fight against cancer diseases.

9. Prevents from Heart-Strokes:

This amazing fruit reduces the occurrence of heart-related problems. As mentioned above that they are rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and lycopene, these agents reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL), hence minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves heart health. Along with this, apricots can also be used in the reduction of weight in obesity cases, as they are rich in dietary fibers which make them ideal for weight-loss progress. While due to the presence of dietary fibers in abundant form apricots strengthen the whole digestive tract.

10. Prevents from Anemia:

Apricots are a well –known source of iron and minerals which promote the formation of blood, thus improve the energy and blood flow. The anemia is caused by iron deficiency; hence consumption of apricots can treat the problem. Additionally, apricots also possess a little amount of copper which act as the main element for the absorption of iron in the body. It is shown through various studies that continuous consumption of this fruit promotes the production of hemoglobin in the body which is the main symptom of anemia when reduced.

Khurmani ke faedy apricot health benefits
Healthy Eating Macro Apricot Dried Fruit Snacks

11. A Perfect Conditioner:

Apricots are one of those magical fruits which beautify you more and more with their amazing benefits. Apricot oil contains a massive amount of linoleic and oleic acids which prove to be not less than a wonder for your hair. These beneficial acids with the amalgam of various vitamins especially Vitamin E presents in the same fruit makes this a perfect ingredient for a conditioner. [AdSense-B]

You can add this oil to your shampoo or use it as a conditioner for extremely soft and healthier hair. Moreover, it moisturizes your scalp by making the scalp skin healthier. It treats other scalp problems as well such as dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema. This little fruit is very helpful in promoting hair growth. Its special ingredient (Vitamin E) prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. For excellent results, apricot oil is being mixed with castor oil for flawless and beautiful hair.

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9 Foods to Combat Hepatitis C – Diet and Exercise

When we are ready to talk about hepatitis, there are a set of questions raise in our minds that what Hepatitis actually is? What is its causative agent? How could we cure or prevent from this desastering disease? But don’t worry, here we would let you know about not just these question but those 9 foods as well which play magical role to combat hepatitis C.Foods to Combat Hepatitis C

Foods to Combat Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is factually a liver inflammation disorder which is caused by a virus called HCV (Hepatitis C virus). As this is an inflammatory disorder, so by reducing the liver inflammation would definitely reduce the cruelty of hepatitis (counting hepatitis C). While it is a clear fact that the food we eat surely effect the condition of our body including wellbeingness and disease as well, hence the food which reduces inflammation would prove to be valuable for the patients who are living with this viral disease.cure food from hepatitis C

Food has a world of complexities, as by eating wrong food at wrong time would let you pay for your health at the same time this is the causative of natural cure from various deadly diseases. So the selection of right food is most important in the prevention or eradication of hepatitis C as well. However those foods which are proved to boost up the immune system are also useful to assist the prevention of this disease by disseminating the chronic inflammatory cycle. Here are 9 foods which have quelling effect against inflammation and cure through hepatitis C.

1. Fish:

Fish meat is excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Generally consumed fish varieties which contain higher amount of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are rohu, tuna, salmon, mali and shinghai are at the top of the list. Now you probably think that what do EPA and DHA would do for hepatitis? Well, they are two most important omega-3 fatty acids which play their remarkable role in the reduction of liver inflammation. While for those people who don’t eat fishy food could use fish oil supplements in the form of capsules as they also have anti-inflammatory effect and can disrupt the process of recurrent inflammation in liver.

2. Turmeric (Haldi):

Turmeric commonly known as Haldi is an important ingredient used in curry and is mostly used in Asian countries. This spice is enriched with a compound called “curcumin”. This compounds plays anti-inflammatory role and boost up the immune system. It is illustrated by various researched that turmeric powder can do a great job as an exact complement to various drugs such as motrin and hydrocortisone, and is completely natural remedy without imparting any allopathic side effect. Turmeric works on the principle of suppressing NF kappa B which is a protein that promotes inflammatory process.

3. Green Tea:

Green tea includes a large amount of antioxidants and flavonoids which regulates your metabolism, makes you fit and triggers any abnormal inflammatory action in your body. Moreover green tea metabolites work for liver in the process of blood making, while it is documented in a research at UHS center that people who drink green tea on regular basis are found with improved immune strength with effective approach against their hepatitis.

4. Strawberries:

Cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries all contain a remarkable amount of antioxidants (anthocyanins) which are considered as anti-inflammatories. These anthrocyanins present in strawberries are also responsible for their attractive red color and are proved to be most efficient to prohibit pro-inflammatory state of liver.

5. Kale:

Kale is a dark green colored vegetable commonly available in supermarkets. This leafy vegetable has abundant amount of sulfur compounds which help the liver in purification or detoxification of blood. Sulfur is a compound known to have great functionality for regulating those enzymes which are known to be responsible for the breakdown of toxins present in blood. Hence with enough amount of sulfur present in the body, the liver would be provided with a boost up assistance and work in healthier manner, depriving-off the inflammatory or viral disorders like hepatitis.

6. Red Cherries:

Cherries are famous for their anti-inflammatory response. OHS university researchers presented that cherries are the owners of maximum anti-inflammatory content compared to any other food. Cherries, enriched with anthocyanins, are mostly recommended by nutritionists to the patients of hepatitis C for their natural cure.

7. Sweet Potato:

This magical food has uncountable uses and is being used to cure hepatitis as well. In many homeopathic medicines, the leaves of sweet potatoes are being used to cure hepatitis C. while various researchers also elucidate this food to be useful to depress inflammatory blood markers as shown through animal studies.

8. Kelp:

May this would be a new word for you in food history. This is actually a green colored sea weed (you may get this in dried form from any grocery store and could be easily found through Karachi). Its action is linked with a compound called “fucoidan”, a kind of complex carb which acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative as well as anti-tumor component. Whenever conceivable, use just organic kelp reaped from uncontaminated seas.

9. Olives:

Either black or green, both types of olives are considered to be most beneficial. This heaven fruit is accomplished with abundant amount of polyphenols which are believed to be effective against hepatitis C. Moreover, virgin olive oil is being used in various Mediterranean’s secret diets for longevity.

Exercise would Pay Additional Benefit:

Exercise will make you feel better and stronger. It would also help in eradicating the depression caused by continual allopathic medications. Of course, a round walk of green ground or trip to gym would be refreshing as well as providing with a lot of physical benefits. [AdSense-B]

Counting one of the main symptom for hepatitis patients is fatigue, when you are doing workout with your body through exercise it may give you a scenes of  tiredness but it truly aids you charge more energy. Most physicians suggest 15 minutes of daily moderate exercise to the hepatitis patents which would work for safely for their health.


Top 8 Stunning Health Benefits of Guava Fruit

 Antidiarrheal action:

Diarrhea has been considered to be a disastrous situation for health faced globally and killed about 2.2 million patients worldwide. So, with the most prevailing disease, we still don’t want to go for chemicals in the form of chemicals, we want natural and quick treatment having no side effects. So, here it is! Guava, a fruit which is appeared as a blessing for this deadly disease. The study has been carried out on mice, showed shocking results in favor of antidiarrheal action of guava. It acts by inhibiting acute water loss, usual in the case of diarrhea. In addition, a specific compound present in guava, called galactose-specific lectin, is considered to be most effective in scavenging a famous diarrhea-causing bacteria named Escherichia coli, by preventing it to adhere the intestinal wall, hence prevents the main infection which actually causes diarrhea.Guava for body health

The point which is to remember is that the fruit (guava) should be ripe properly, as green (raw) guava can alter the results.Guava health benefits for body

Antimicrobial action:

Guava shows a potent antimicrobial action being beneficial for the human health. Recent researchers documented that the alcoholic extracts of guava can efficiently prevent the growth of Salmonella enteritidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus spp., Streptococcus mutans, Bacillus cereus, Shigella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and the most common one Escherichia coli which considered to be the major root of intestinal problems. Moreover, it has also been discovered that the extracts of ripe guava show fungicidal effects against Chaetomium funicolaM002 and Arthrinium sacchari M001 strains. Guava prevents human gastrointestinal tract from typical enterotoxins.Guava health benefits for body

This is the reason that guava has gained too much importance in the field of traditional medicines for the cure of intestinal diseases. So, why we are subjecting ourselves towards such harmful chemicals/pharmacological medicines, if we have natural remedy having completely side effect free, just giving benefits everywhere!

Acne lesions:

Basically the quandary, we call it “Acne”, is actually named as Acne vulgaris. It is superbly known by the girls, but boys are not apart from this thwarting problem. This is mainly a chronic inflammatory disorder caused by Propionibacterium acnes. Guava fruit has good antimicrobial activity, hence proved advantageous in acne treatment. You can either apply the paste of guava peel on your acne, or the consumption of the fruit as such can reduce the dilemma of acne for us. As the acne spots appeared on the face so darkly that everyone looking at you directly focus first at your acne spot, defiantly it is so discreditable moment. So, why don’t you choose Guava fruit for our beauty and make other people look just “YOU” not your “Acne”.Guava health benefits for body

dental plaque:

Another major health problem, which spoils your comfort, most commonly fall into the criteria of children is none other than “dental plaque”. To eradicate every problem first we have to go to its root point and in the case of dental plaque we found is an adhesion! Yes, adhesions of the early settlers (bacteria) of the plaque. Unfortunately, the hydrophobic properties of some bacterial species cell wall cause them to adhere the attained surface on the tooth. A common technique for tooth plaque is considered as brushing, while some chemicals I the form of ‘tooth-paste’ are also being used with brushing to decrease the accumulation of plaque on the surface of teeth.

The paste of guava peel or leaf proved to be most effective to reduce cell-surface hydrophobicity of plaque causing bacteria including Actinomyces sp., Staphylococcus mitis and Staphylococcus sanguinis by 40.6%, 49.9%, 54.1% respectively. Hence, eating guava by chewing it through your teeth can reduce the chances of plaque formation, giving you pain-free amazing teeth.

Antimalarial impacts of guava:

The parasite lactate dehydrogenase (pLDH) examine technique, as of late grew in vitro enzymatic technique for assessing antimalarial substances, was utilized to inspect the antiplasmodial actions of the guava concentrates. An in vitro antiplasmodial examination takes place utilizing a chloroquine-delicate strain of malarial parasite, Plasmodium falciparum D10 indicated antigiardiasic action with trophozoite mortality (87%±1.0); guava stembark concentrate indicated IC50 estimations of 10–20 _g/ml. In another study, takes off also, stem bark of Psidium guajava repressed the growth of Entamoeba histolytica with MAC< 10_g/ml.Guava health benefits for body

Antitussive agent 

Through experimental trials, it is reported that the water infusion from guava and its leaves as well reduces the frequency of coughing in short time (about 10 minutes). This makes it useful in homeopathic medicines as well. This trial was also carried by another scientist Pranee, he infused the extract with isolated rat tracheal muscle.  So, it is crystal clear that guava has some nutraceuticals which suppress coughing. In some coughing conditions, guava leaf extract in boiling hot water is recommended as a homeopathic remedy. [AdSense-B]

Wound healing effect

Guava contains some wound healing compounds as well. It can stimulate healing response inside the body. Internal organs like digestive tract which is subjected to the guava amalgam stay protected. This is one of the big advantages of eating guava or we can say that “eat guava for entero-strengthening”.

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In another study the healing properties of guava were examined by applying guava and their leaf extracts (extraction by methanol)in the wound model, the results showed up a remarkable difference with more than 90% healing of wound in 14 days of observation while in another trial guava and its leaf extracts (extraction by distilled water) showed 72% of wound healing.

Cardiovascular, hypotensive effects

Guava is considered to be an important food for heart patients! Is it seems to be shocking? Don’t worry here are some solid points which will illustrate the cardiovascular and hypotensive effect of guava. Guava and its leaf extracts were studied in the model of global ischemia, subjected to myocardial injury. In reperfused hearts, the malondialdehydes and high energy phosphates were reduced as an outcome of the experiment. Another study reported that the extracts of guava and its leaves prevent from myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury and hence show cardioprotective effect, experimented on isolated rat hearts.Guava health benefits for body

Moreover, the cholinergic involvement is one of the reasons as well for the cardio-inhibitory action of guava. Another study demonstrated that the ingestion or intravenous administration of guava extract reduces the arterial blood pressure, hence plays important role in hypotension. It also inhibits the intracellular release of calcium. It contracts the rings of aorta and produces hypotensive effect.


Top 8 Benefits to Eat Banana Regularly

Gives You Energy

Bananas have a one of a kind mix of vitamins, minerals, and starches that give a speedy supply of common vitality. Also, bananas have a more advantageous mix of three characteristic sugars: glucose, sucrose and fructose. The blend of these sugars have awesome vitality potential.

Bananas are one of only a handful few organic products that contain both perplexing and basic sugars. Complex starches give you perseverance vitality and basic sugars give you snappy vitality. Eating only two bananas will give you enough vitality to practice for a hour and a half.

Glow your Skin

Aside from helping you get some abundantly required excellence rest, you can add bananas to your magnificence administration as well. Banana veils are a characteristic approach to get smooth, supple and sparkling skin. It has saturating properties which are to a great degree useful for individuals who have dry skin. Here is the manner by which you can utilize overripe bananas to make a home-made face pack!
They Give you a Boost of Vitamin C

It is normally oranges and strawberries that ring a bell when consider Vitamin C, yet a serving of bananas gives 15 percent of the day by day prerequisite for vitamin C. Vitamin C is an imperative cell reinforcement that kills harming free radicals and keeps systemic irritation under control. It additionally creates collagen that holds muscles, bones and different tissues together. What’s more, keeps veins solid and is expected to ideally ingest iron and folate and keeps your gums sound and helps in recuperating.

They Provide Vitamin B6

Bananas contain 20 percent of the day by day prerequisites of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the body make trivial amino acids to make sound cells. It additionally creates insulin, hemoglobin and antibodies that battle contaminations.

They Relieve GI Distress

Feeling somewhat under the climate? Bananas are awesome in light of the fact that they’re anything but difficult to process and considered non-disturbing for the stomach and upper GI tract. That is the reason they’re a piece of the clinical BRAT diet–, bananas, rice, fruit purée and dry toast–which is an eating routine arrangement enrolled dietitians use when patients have intense looseness of the bowels. They are likewise one of the main organic products that are acquainted with youthful youngsters when they begin eating strong nourishments.

They Can Blood Pressure-Lowering Potassium

A medium banana has 422 mg potassium while being sans sodium. The high potassium:sodium proportion kills the circulatory strain bringing impacts of sodium up in your eating routine. Different studies demonstrate that the individuals who have diets rich in potassium are less inclined to have hypertension and have diminished danger for stroke. Grown-ups need 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day, so a medium banana gives about 10 percent of the day by day necessity.

Keep the digestive system healthy

Obstruction, the runs, and acid reflux … goodness my! It’s really reasonable to say that nobody likes managing digestive issues. In addition to the fact that they are humiliating, they can be to a great degree uncomfortable and on occasion absolute difficult. Next time your digestive framework misbehaves, go after a banana.

Bananas have been known not digestive wellbeing in various ways. Initially things to begin with, they’re a moderately decent wellspring of fiber, containing around three grams in one medium size banana. That is approximately 10 percent of your prescribed every day fiber consumption. To beat bloat, stoppage, and other undesirable digestive issues, the body needs fiber. It works by authoritative to poisons and waste in the digestive tract and after that hauling them out of the body. Along these lines, to help your body accomplish consistent solid discharges, include bananas into your every day diet.

Alongside stoppage, bananas are an incredible sustenance to eat in case you’re managing looseness of the bowels. The high measures of water and potassium in bananas can reestablish lost electrolytes, keeping you from getting to be got dried out.

Furthermore, bananas go about as a characteristic stomach settling agent. That implies they could diminish agonizing indigestion and acid reflux side effects.

Improve mood

Numerous individuals swear that bananas are the best antidepressants. They’re delectable, they are no symptoms and they advantage the whole body.

Bananas contain a crucial amino corrosive called tryptophan, which empowers the creation of serotonin in the mind to enhance disposition, forestall a sleeping disorder and build sentiments of prosperity.

Good for blood pressure

Overabundance sodium and a lack of potassium in the body are one reason pulse levels can be so difficult to oversee.

Fortunately, this natural product gives noteworthy amounts of potassium, which is advantageous for the individuals who experience the ill effects of hypertension.