11 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot – Do You Know?

Apricots are yellow to pinkish colored small fruits which belong to rosacea family. It is a summer season fruit and is available in winters in canned forms. Here are some the benefits of Apricot amazing fruit listed below:Benefits of Apricot

1. Asthma Treatment through Apricot:

Asthma is considered to be a dreadful disease for which a number of expensive allopathic medicines are available in the market, that definitely have their side-effects too. Apricots are believed to be a proven remedy for asthma patients and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and tuberculosis as well.

2. Tooth Care with Apricot:

Teeth are the vital parts of our physical beauty of the face, just a single problem in frontier teeth can badly effect our reflection. Apricots have an abundant amount of calcium which gives strength to our teeth and of course bones. However, regular consumption of apricots assists by maintaining the bone health. It may also prevent you from various malnutrition tooth diseases.

3. Apricots in the Remedy of Fever:

In some traditional areas of India, the extract of apricots is being used to cure fever and other cold symptoms. The decoction of apricots is prepared by mixing it with hot water and diluting some honey into it. This will treat the fever and relief from thirst and additionally provides you with minerals and vitamins for advanced health.

4. Prevents From Arthritis:

Apricots have and amazing property to prevent inflammation. Forgetting maximum benefits of anti-inflammatory property the apricot oil is used. The incorporation of apricot oil in herbal medicines can relieve from arthritis by reducing its symptoms. Moreover, it also assists in treating pain and gives comfort to the affected areas.

5. Improves Immunity:

As with the weak immune system the body could be easily more prone to the various infections even from colds and flu to aids. The apricot’s seed oil with natural properties helps in strengthening the immune systems. Hence, prevents the body from various diseases caused by the weak defensive action.

6. Relieves from Skin Problems:

Apricot is the fruit which is rich in various Vitamins especially Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with lycopene. This formulation acts as an excellent source of skin care for sensitive skin. Apricot oil can even prevent from various skin damages. This oil is attained through the dried seeds of apricots. Because of the abundant amount of Vitamin C present in it, it can affectively soften the skin and make it glowing and beautiful. Furthermore, this oil can prevent from a variety of skin infections and most importantly it is non-sticky, so does not make your skin oily and dumpy. Especially in winter, it acts as a perfect moisturizer for face and hands, not just only for the skin, but it is also very useful for scalp care, thus promoting healthy hairs.

7. Prevents the Signs of Aging:

Apricot is a well-known word for scrub production. As most of the scrubs use are made of apricots. Apricots can assist to get you rid of the dead skin cells which are the main and foremost signs of aging and promotes the new skin cells to grow. Apricot paste is loaded with promising exfoliating property which prevents the skin from small wrinkles and fine lines by removing the old or dead skin cells from the skin. Additionally, apricot oil is effective in maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness, and clarity.apricot health benefits

For softer skin, apricot oil could be used with other fruits. Due to its nourishing and revitalizing properties, it is being employed in various aroma therapies for the skin. The apricot oil acquires a mild nature that’s why it is abundantly utilized in various baby products as well.

8. Prevents Cancer:

Apricots contain an abundant amount of anti-oxidants which prevents the body from free radicals by scavenging them. These radicals are the resultant products of UV rays, pollution, and smoke as these conditions stimulate their generation in the body. These free radicals interrupt the normal cell growth process and are responsible for minor changes in the DNA of respected cells. This alteration in the function and DNA lead to the production of cancerous cells. Apricots have a huge amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A which act as powerful anti-oxidants and are used by the body to fight against cancer diseases.

9. Prevents from Heart-Strokes:

This amazing fruit reduces the occurrence of heart-related problems. As mentioned above that they are rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and lycopene, these agents reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL), hence minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves heart health. Along with this, apricots can also be used in the reduction of weight in obesity cases, as they are rich in dietary fibers which make them ideal for weight-loss progress. While due to the presence of dietary fibers in abundant form apricots strengthen the whole digestive tract.

10. Prevents from Anemia:

Apricots are a well –known source of iron and minerals which promote the formation of blood, thus improve the energy and blood flow. The anemia is caused by iron deficiency; hence consumption of apricots can treat the problem. Additionally, apricots also possess a little amount of copper which act as the main element for the absorption of iron in the body. It is shown through various studies that continuous consumption of this fruit promotes the production of hemoglobin in the body which is the main symptom of anemia when reduced.

Khurmani ke faedy apricot health benefits
Healthy Eating Macro Apricot Dried Fruit Snacks

11. A Perfect Conditioner:

Apricots are one of those magical fruits which beautify you more and more with their amazing benefits. Apricot oil contains a massive amount of linoleic and oleic acids which prove to be not less than a wonder for your hair. These beneficial acids with the amalgam of various vitamins especially Vitamin E presents in the same fruit makes this a perfect ingredient for a conditioner. [AdSense-B]

You can add this oil to your shampoo or use it as a conditioner for extremely soft and healthier hair. Moreover, it moisturizes your scalp by making the scalp skin healthier. It treats other scalp problems as well such as dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema. This little fruit is very helpful in promoting hair growth. Its special ingredient (Vitamin E) prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. For excellent results, apricot oil is being mixed with castor oil for flawless and beautiful hair.

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5 Shocking Things Happen to Your Body When You Drink Cold Water

Just assume that you are in the summer season and after a heavy workout in scorching heat, you came back to your home, what would you do first? of course, you would head directly towards the fridge to get cold water as a reprieve from sweltering heat outside. But wait! This article will open your eyes for the shocking health hazards an icy cold water could cause.disadvantages of ice cold water

However, the ice itself has various benefits but drinking icy or cold water just gives you a temporary relief from snoring thirst but it has more inclined towards its downsides. As it is the law of nature that our body temperature in normal condition is 98.6 oF, while it would cause distress if we rise or reduce this temperature to few degrees or we generally call this distress as “fever”. Not just only this, there are other strange but true hazards a cold water can cause and are mentioned below with their respective reasons:

  1. Restricts proper digestion:

Drinking cold water hinders the digestion process and prevent proper nutrient transport to other parts of the body by shrinking your blood vessels. While with improper nutrient transport you may get some parts of your body poorly nourished.

  1. Energy depletion:

When you drink water with very low temperature, your body with the temperature of 37 oC has to devote energy for regulating its temperature to normal one similar to that of the body. This causes your energy to be depleted in doing no work but just to digest water. Isn’t it bad business for you?

  1. Make you prone to throat ailments:

Cold water endorses the damage of respiratory mucosa, which acts as a shielding layer and prevents respiratory tract from various infections. While the impairment of this layer exposes the respiratory tract and make it more vulnerable to numerous infections thus turns your throat sore.

  1. Badly affects your heart:

Cold water or other cold drinks prevent your heart from proper functioning. Numerous researched have illustrated the fact that drinking cold water can cause the stimulation of vagus nerve (this is tenth cranial nerve of the body and a significant contributor of the autonomous nervous system which is specialized for controlling body’s involuntary actions). This nerve arbitrates the dropping of heart rate while icy cold water with its low-temperature acts as an incentive to the nerve hence lowers the heart rate. Moreover, these continuous shocks will get your heart towards weakness which will result in various heart problems.

Moreover, cold water contributes towards the clotting effect for your blood and make it difficult to circulate throughout the body. This thick blood with improper circulation could not flow through the extremities of the body. This is the main reason of feet and hands to feel numb, this will make body’s extremities impaired of nutrients and cause your nails to stop shining and promote you toes to hurt.

  1. Improper digestion for your drug:

As I mention above that your body has to maintain the temperature of icy water every time you drink before taking it up for digestion and transfer of nutrients to the blood. While if you take any sort of drug, it’s understood that this is the type of material which is designed for a human body temperature and will surely dissolve in a medium (usually water or body liquid) of optimum body temperature (37 oC). [AdSense-B]

That’s why taking the drug with cold water will not digest properly on time which means you would not catch up the best of your drug because of its improper dissolution in cold water on time.

So, quit the use of cold liquid (either water, soft drinks or other) and enjoy your healthy life!