Arrowroot or Baking Powder Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu

Arrowroot is a starchy powder and obtained from rhizomes of  tropical plants like Maranta etc. It is commonly used in cooking to make different Biscuits, Cake, Pizza and many more things like that.

All Grains are useful for human body but Arrowroot is very useful for human which grows in India, Pakistan and almost all over the world.
Arrowroot has many benefit for babies, normal men and women, as well as for patients but Everyone has to use it to grow up his body and If you will not eat then your body will be face the lack of some useful vitamins.

Now You can use Arrowroot as Baking Powder  in Cooking Bakery items for Nutritional purpose, also Used in Cosmetics Products. Arrowroot Oil has Benefit for Babies Skin, Hair, Deodorant etc.