How To Grow Taller Naturally!

Height is a competitive measure everyone wants to get tall, it’s something desired by everyone however people want it but they don’t do anything about it they don’t work for it, they don’t eat a healthy diet for it in general they don’t apply on anything or do something to increase height.

People use supplements to increase their height even the doctors recommend many types of tablets and medicines to help you to increase your height I am here to tell you they are wrong you must not take those supplements in a short term they are good they help you gain height it feels good for a while but after sometime the side effects start, for example you can have an insufficient amount of calcium in your body even though you eat a diet containing calcium and drink milk but you still have an insufficient amount of calcium and your bones will get weak and the knees start hurting because of such weakness.

So it’s best if you start off naturally and push yourself to a point you get taller but do not loose hope if it first seems like it’s not working it is not that way it will grow when you force your body to it it will for sure!

There are two main points to increasing your height getting taller!

  • Diet
  • Workout


Eating fast food burgers and those cheese pizza’s is fun it’s tasty and it’s addictive but it ain’t healthy, its unwanted fat in your body that effects your body and makes you obese which is another factor to having a short height your body can’t hold all that extra weight and your bones keep growing at the same time it does not work that way your body’s so busy resisting all that extra weight already that it does not focus on growing because it cant.

So to have an effective gain of height the first thing that needs to be straighten up is your diet. Diet is the essential to having a good height.

The main components of a healthy diet.

Proteins: are the main structural building fibers of our body, they contain amino acids which are responsible for building our teeth,bones,muscles,tissues and organs and keeping them healthy.

foods rich in protein therefore necessarily be consumed i.e fish, eggs, milk and legumes.Protein is an important component in our diet to increase height.

Minerals: Foods which contain minerals like fluoride, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese also are important in increasing height and body growth.

Calcium is a vital mineral for the growth and maintenance of strong bones.

Vitamins: Vitamin D is essential for the development of strong and healthy bones. Apart from vitamin D, other vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, or riboflavin or ascorbic acid and vitamin F are also required for a healthy growth of the body. They are found in fruits and vegetables.


  • Milk
  • Dairy Foods (cheese,whipping cream and ice cream)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Starches and grains (Brown rice, popcorn, whole wheat,whole-grain pasta)
  • Eggs
  • SoyaBeans


There are different types of workout for different purposes and for increasing height the the body needs to be stretched so the body is forced to grow, there are specific stretching exercises that are the most effective for increasing height.

Trunk Stretches

  • spinal twist
  • knees to chest
  • cat stretch
  • side trunk
  • back extension

Hip Stretches

  • forward lunge
  • side lunge
  • sitting hip stretch

Leg Stretches

  • hamstring (sitting)
  • calf (gastroc)
  • hamstring (supine)
  • quadriceps (side lying)
  • calf (soleus)
  • quadriceps (standing)
  • hamstring (standing)

Upper Body Stretches

  • chest
  • wrist extension
  • wrist flexion
  • shoulder overhead

Neck Stretches

  • neck (front & back)
  • neck (side)


  • Do not lift weights
  • Do not stretch to much or you might get injured
  • Do not stress your muscles out too much

Hope this article helps you!

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