How To Get Shredded? Diet And Workout Plan

Everyone wants to get ripped or in other words shredded but it’s not something that is achieved easily it is the result of going beast mode in the gym and maintaining a proper diet avoiding cheat meals like fast food and other meals with a lot of unhealthy calories.

Workout Plan

Workouts do not have to be 3-4 hours long, you do not have to spend hours in gym to get shredded or build a ripped body. The secret to having a nice body is 70% diet control and 30% workout so it’s actually looking after your diet more then working out a lot more then it actually is needed because after working out and spending hours in the gym they don’t get the results they want, they get frustrated and loose fate in themselves what they don’t understand is they are working out right but eating wrong so the basics of workout you need to do are the following…

Static Training (lifting weights)

If your doing static training like going in the gym lifting weights, don’t spend more then a hour and a half on working out and after the workout do a short cardio that will help you burn some more fat, fat doesn’t go off easy it’s something that your body needs so it resists to loose it but if you try hard you can definitely get away with you. People skip leg days they don’t like to work on their legs but the belly fat that covers your abs and your obliques burns more by training your legs and doing those exercises that combine the most of your muscles like squats it also trains your abdominal muscles with all the other lower body muscles too. This abdominal part is the hardest one if you train that part and loose weight there automatically you start getting ripped all over the body.

Calisthenics (street workout)

With the street workout it’s different there are specific exercises to burn fat off your body these exercises are considered a part of cardio they are mostly compound exercises like knee ups, pushups combined with high jumps, bridge planks, knee raises, bar raises, leg raises, and many others but you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them do your workout and after that give five to ten minutes to these exercises leave the rest to your diet maintain it and keep a good water intake and you’ll get ripped, achieve your goal.


So this is the main thing to discuss now Diet contributes to 70% of your body result if you work out a but have an unhealthy diet maybe you’ll increase your muscle mass but it wont be defined and will make you look more like a fat guy then a body builder.

Your daily diet!

Now people go crazy with their diet plans they eat counting calories and protein per every meal but you do not have to do that don’t restrict yourself so much that you eventually give up on it.

first things first! You need to drink a lot of water that keeps your body hydrated and healthy it also helps drain away some of the unwanted fat. 3-3.5 liters for a guy weighing 150 pounds would be reasonable if you weigh anymore then 175 pounds you should have a water intake of around over a gallon per day around 4-4.5 liters.

coming to the meals! rather then eating 3 big meals a day eat 6 or 7 short meals per day your diet must include milk,red meat for fiber for carbs wheat bread and rice, and eat fruits before and after working out, it makes you more energetic and if your families eating a pizza in dinner don’t shy out join them not like do it everyday but if it’s once in two weeks or something it’s pretty much fine less then that and your consuming so much calories everyday then your workouts are going to be of no use.

Hope this helps you.

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