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Guava Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu – Amrood Benefits in Urdu

Guava or Amrood is a nice fruit which grows in almost all Moderate areas like; Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq etc., As you know, Almost All Fruits are useful for human body but Guava is very nice and useful fruit, Which grows in the a bit hot places of the world.

Guava is rich in vitamin C, Lesser diabetes risk, improvement in eye health, folate content, control blood pressure level, manganese richness, healthy mind, nervous relaxant, skin protection and skin care etc.

Guava has many other benefit for normal men, As well as for patients, So Everyone has to use it in its season to grow up his body, As If you did not eat then your body will be face the lack of some useful vitamins.

Now you can see Guava Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu.



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