Benefits of Bananas

Do You Know About the Popular Benefits of Bananas?

Banana is one of the most delicious fruits. Our country is probably the most delicious, wholesome and force them to eat more fruit after mango. This is a delicious, sweet, healthy eating and passion fruits to eat. Says the oldest banana fruit is used from the time before Christ.Benefits of Bananas

Benefits of Bananas

Alexander had grown in the valley of the river, but now cultivated in many parts of the world. Now widely cultivated Sindh. Banana Moose kg in Arabic, Bengali bickering, -Sindhi, called banana in English. I Atba Banana views on the fire and the second in the cold. Some hot water nearby. In the Indian subcontinent there are many kinds of different cultivation. Each type has its own distinctive banana its taste, flavor, nutrition and empowering work. Other types of names known to them are as follows: the water molecule, sHlt Dhaka field, hit, rain banana, abuse, cockney, Roy banana, Aries banana, cynyh, hgyra, JahaniaN, hidden, small, buffalo, Mumbai banana green bark stack banana banana etc. According to scientific analysis 450 kilo calories half bananas. Banana is more than solid food and water.

Due to the abundance of healthy zudhzm it. Those tired, bananas is very useful for them. Banana is a lack of iodine. It helps in all disease a deficiency of iodine. ripe bananas are high in starch, it is also significant fruit sugar.
Nutrients 80% of the bananas. Approximately 4/3 of sugar water, and the remaining 5/1 of the starches, soluble fiber, minerals and vitamins. Carbohydrates to increase the ability to work due to eating more bananas. There is more meat to nitrogen unit.
Kylsyym Banana (lime), magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and copper. The strawberry is the iron. Banana oil is found in many proteins that are too small.
Banana about vitamins (vitamin A) the most useful fruit. They contain vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C increased. In addition, vitamin D, vitamin E occur. Banana, because vitamin C is good for the gums.

The starch is available in bulk, it is helpful to children. When mixed with banana remove milk powder land be given to children can be very rewarding. According to restaurants, who have tested the capacity, within six (6) from the inside of your stature and physically from other children. his teeth are white, shiny and strong.
School children were poor, have benefited from the day two glasses of milk and bananas. Chradya infants, when using milk in the numbers comes with a ripe banana pulp baby independent of other types of food. It is enough for a child. It helps to use banana complaints of poor children. Dysentery and diarrhea patients benefit from the use of bananas.

As banana tree fruits, roots, leaves, etc. are all part of. Banana is a dry cough and sore throat. Inside and outside to prevent bleeding from anywhere. Banana and helpful for patients blood pressure is salt and potassium are found. Banana joyous heart and blood. Constantly eating banana skin is thick. Weakness advised to eat bananas. Burn can be found on the laptop irritation, swelling and pain at times. Amathumba skin wounds good laptop freezing phnsyan.

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If someone cut it from the snake juice fresh banana trees soon margzydh two pladya cup of juice is better than breastfeeding.

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