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Five Unexpected Ways to Cook Online Urdu Recipes

Nowadays we can easily search Urdu recipes on the internet about . There is no need to watch daily food recipes in Urdu show. There was a time when one has to watch daily food cooking recipes show to get recipes but that time is no more. All the food recipes are available on the internet.Cook Online Urdu Recipes

The internet has made our life very easy in every sphere of life. Nowadays we don’t have enough time to watch hour-long shows on TV hence we can easily search recipes on the internet and try them after downloading them or Installing Food Recipes Apps on your smartphones.

Five Unexpected Ways to Cook Online Urdu Recipes

So what are the five unexpected ways online cooking recipes can make our life easier??

1: Saving time:

Nowadays our schedules are very busy. We don’t have enough time to watch long tv shows. Mostly we watch entertainment shows to relax our mind. So online food recipes are there to help you in cooking. One can not watch an hour long cooking shows nowadays. So online food recipes are there to solve this problem and can help you in cooking.

2: Ease of use:

While watching online cooking shows, if you miss any part of it, you can’t retrieve it and hence a single second carelessness can prove very annoying while watching cooking shows on tv. You have to write each and every ingredient and step as well. If you miss a single ingredient or step your whole hour long hard work is ruined. But with online food recipes, this problem is no more. You can easily open a recipe on the internet. And can check each and every ingredient and step as well. You can save it in your mobile and can open it while cooking.

3: Accessibility:

If you go to a picnic it would be very annoying to take copies of food recipes with yourself. You can save food recipes in Urdu on your mobile and can open them wherever you want. Hard copies are prone to damage. But soft copies are always there with you on your mobile.

4: Sharing with each other:

Online recipes can be shared with other people easily. If you watch cooking shows on tv you have to write each and every recipe on a paper. You have to keep it carefully and it is difficult to share it with other people because if you need it at that time then you can’t give it to someone else hence online recipes are easy to share. You can save them on your mobile too.

5: Reviews:

The best point in online recipes is that they have reviews available. One can check through these reviews that are recipe delicious? If the reviews are good one can surely try it. Hence you don’t have to worry about the taste of the dish.

So online Urdu food recipes are very beneficial for us and we can try them with ease. We don’t have to worry about their taste as the online review system provides us a good idea.

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Say Good-Bye to Your Back Pain – Home Remedies in Urdu

The most popular problem prevailing nowadays is back pain. As almost every second person is suffering from this rebuke from some to greater extent. Generally, it is triggered through lifting something heavy, sleeping in an awkward position, or by doing sedentary work for a long time without break. At some point of life, almost everyone is suffering from this horrific problem, either they have less or more serious pain. Back pain can be a genuine problem, whatever caused it because it pains when you move, or at what time you walk, or even when you just sit for a long time in the same position. But if you got obstinate or continuous back pain, then you must visit your doctor, as you may require medical treatment for this back pain.Back Pain Home Remedies in Urdu

Back Pain Home Remedies in Urdu

Before you do, just check out these simple points, it will just take a couple of minutes to have a look on these mentioned remedies as these are the therapies which you can do at your home which could consequently reduce your back pain in minimum time. So, before going to a doctor or paying him a heavy fee, just scroll down to get your back pain off.


We the human beings are basically not intended to sit on the chair for too long. But alas! That one of the most usual causes of the back pain is to sit on a desk and work on the computer for all day long. If you are a sedentary person who works in the office, then probably you spend long time hooked over a desk which will result in positioning your spine in an irregular situation. To get rid of the back pain caused by this posture of irregular positioning for too long, you should just get up from your desk after every half an hour or so and execute some stretching exercises. This practice will help to reduce your backache and this will improve your blood circulation as well. But if you find it uncomfortable to get the stand after every half an hour then no problem, you could perform some other stretching exercises by sitting on your position. Just see this attached picture to perform these exercises.

Change Your Sleeping Style:

A good night’s sleep for optimum time is very necessary for the good health of your muscles. As the late night working also amplifies the back pain. Moreover, the sleeping position also affects this problem. Many physicians recommend their patients with back pain to remove the pillow while sleeping. While others recommend that sleeping on a comparatively stiff surface could get you rid of back pain.

Physiotherapists also discourage the heavy mattress foam for sleeping as it increases the back pain (Sciatica) according to researchers. As it is documented in a scientific study that if the patient sleep over a soft mattress, it could cause his spine to be curved when he sleep which will ultimately cause back pain. Additionally, a proper time span of sleeping is also very important as it soothes the muscles who got inflamed after doing a whole day work out and the proper sleep for at least 6 hours gives them relaxation which is necessary to stay away from persistent back pain.

Do Some Gentle Exercise:

Regular exercise could work as a boost up the remedy for gradually reducing your back pain. Many physicians recommend some specified exercises for back pain. Some of them may be shown in the picture attached. But take care of one thing while doing exercise, that if you suffer from severe back pain issue then you should stay away from break-through exercises as in this situation doctor will suggest you some bed rest. So, before doing any sort of exercise for your back, just check out the severity of your pain.

Take Control Over Your Weight:

A lot of individuals suffering from back pains throughout their life until, until they get lose some weight. If you are one of them or are overweight, then you are exerting an additional pressure on your back which is guaranteed to cause you back pain (Sciatica). The final solution to most of your back problems, if you are overweight, could be as easy as losing a few kilograms.

Applying Hot Object:

To get a quick relief from the severe back pain, you can put something a little hot in temperature on the point of pain on your back. For ease of use you can employ hot water bottle to heat the backache point, it will reduce muscle cramps and muscle spasms and also improve the flow of blood through the area which ultimately reduces the back pain. Try this remedy, as this will promisingly reduce your back pain instantly.

Meditation to Reduce Back Pain:

Meditation could be a very useful way to reduce backaches and most importantly it is very easy to do. Mediation is the set of therapy you use for various problems with your body. Meditation offers lasting pain relief, creates better health, promotes healing, and reduces the stress, which is the chief cause of many problems related to the back pain. Numerous scientific researchers have confirmed that meditation can decrease chronic back pain and in one study which was specified to back pain conducted by the Duke University, this study resulted that patients who mediated they diminish the pain by to about 40%.

But What About Painkillers?

If you are suffering from the persistent back pain, then it is important for you to wrestle the problem at its basis by trying some of these remedies which are mentioned above or through visiting a doctor. Over-the hostage painkillers, such as aspirin, are fine to use but for just to have a short-term relief from backache, and should not be consumed for a long time span except you are recommended to do that by your doctor. The overeating of these painkillers could cause you the liver disorders and stomach problems, thus a more natural and permanent solution to the back pain should be chosen.[AdSense-B]

Moreover, you can also contribute to our discussion, if you have any suggestion or you are known of any quick and easy treatment of back pain, then comment in the box below to get your idea shared.
Please mention, If you know Other Home Remedies for Back Pain.

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Choose the Best Rated Newborn Baby Milk Formula on the Market

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the supermarket in front of the huge variety of formulas available. Choosing the best food for your baby is a very important decision, and there is plenty to choose from. When choosing the formula, consider the type of protein you are using (the formula based on cow’s milk is the most popular, but there are other options), and what other ingredients are available (ready to be taken, concentrated or powdered) Are included (such as DHA and iron).Best Rated Newborn Baby Milk Formula

Best Rated Newborn Baby Milk Formula

Note: Also note the concern that exists about a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) contained in cans and bottles. The powder formula is considered a safer option, because it contains much less BPA.

Here’s what you need to know:
Physical forms of the milk of formula:

The formulas come in three basic forms: ready-to-drink, concentrated and powdered.

Formula ready to use : this is undoubtedly the most convenient because it should not be mixed or measured, only open and serve. It is hygienic and very practical, especially in circumstances where you may not have access to safe drinking water. It is also a good choice if your baby was born with very little weight or your immune system is delicate, because it is sterile. But for everyday use, the convenience of the ready-to-use formula has its price: it costs about 25% more per ounce than the powdered formula. Containers also take up more space in your pantry and in the trash can, unless you can recycle all cans or bottles. Once it is open, the formula ready to use lasts a short time in good condition: Should be used within 48 hours. Also, because their color is darker than that of powdered formula, many moms complain that they stain clothes more easily.

Concentrated liquid formula : requires that you mix equal parts of water and formula, so read carefully the instructions that come in the container. Compared to the ready-to-use formula, concentrated liquid formula is more economical and takes up less space. Compared to the powdered formula, it is a little easier to prepare, but more expensive.

Powder formula : it is the most economical and the best for the environment. Take up less space than any other in your pantry and your trash can. It takes longer to prepare the powdered formula than any other and you must follow the instructions exactly, But it lasts nine months without spoiling once opened. In addition, you can mix the exact amount when you need it – as much or as little as you want – which is particularly useful if you are breastfeeding your baby and need only supplement with a bottle from time to time.

Formula Types

There is a formula that meets the needs of each baby.

Formula based on cow’s milk : Most of the formulas available today contain cow’s milk as the main ingredient. Milk proteins are altered considerably to make it easier to digest because your baby will not be ready to digest normal cow’s milk until after his first birthday.

Soy-Based Formula : If you are vegan, or if your baby is having difficulty digesting cow’s milk proteins, the doctor might suggest a soy-based formula. These are made with a vegetable protein that, like cow’s milk proteins, is modified so that babies can easily digest it. It would also be good to talk to your pediatrician about trying the soy-based formula if your baby has colic . There is no conclusive evidence of its effectiveness in decreasing colic, but some research suggests that it is worth trying.

Lactose-free formula : If your baby is lactose intolerant or can not digest lactose, which is the sugar that naturally contains milk, your doctor will recommend that you take a formula in which the lactose is replaced with a different sugar, such as corn.

Exhaustively Hydrolyzed Formula : In this type of formula, proteins break down into smaller particles that are easier to digest than larger protein molecules. Your baby may need a hydrolyzed formula if he has allergies, or if he has difficulty absorbing nutrients. Your doctor may also suggest that you try a hydrolyzed formula if your baby has colic.

Formula for premature and low birth weight babies : These formulas often contain more calories and protein as well as a type of fat that is more easily absorbed called medium chain triglycerides.

Breast Milk Fortifier : This product is used to enrich the nutrition of breastfed babies with special needs. Some were designed to mix with breast milk and others may also alternate with breast milk.

Metabolic formulas : If your baby has a disease that requires a very specialized diet,

What does the formula contain? How do formulas differ?

There are six main ingredients in the formula: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. What makes one formula different from another are the specific carbohydrates or proteins it uses, as well as the other ingredients it contains. For example, casein and whey are two types of cow’s milk proteins found in varying proportions in different brands of formula based on cow’s milk.
It is very easy to get confused with all the ingredients that are listed on the labels. Next we guide you through the maze of ingredients found in baby formulas and compare them to those in breast milk.

Carbohydrates : Lactose is the main source of carbohydrates in breast milk, And also in formulas based on cow’s milk. Maltodextrin is sometimes used as a secondary source of carbohydrates. Lactose, soy and specialty formulas contain one or more of the following carbohydrates: sucrose, corn maltodextrin, modified corn starch, or corn syrup solids.

Proteins : Breast milk contains about 60 percent whey and 40 percent casein. Most formulas have a similar protein content. Others contain 100 percent serum. Some studies indicate that whey proteins are digested faster than casein, which would be beneficial for babies with gastroesophageal reflux .
Soy formulas contain soy protein isolate. Some brands use partially hydrolyzed soy protein to facilitate digestion.
Sometimes the proteins contained in the formulas are partially hydrolyzed or decomposed into smaller particles. Partially hydrolyzed formulas are not hypoallergenic: do not use them if your baby is allergic to proteins, or even if you suspect it may be. However, one study showed that partially hydrolyzed whey formulas reduce atopic dermatitis, compared to the standard formula for cow’s milk.
The fully hydrolyzed formulas contain decomposed casein into very small particles with additional amino acids, which are the basic components of proteins.

Fat : Breast milk contains a mixture of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fat. In the formulas, different oils are used to match the fat in the breast milk. These include soybean oils, coconut, corn, palm or palm olein and sunflower oil with high oleic acid content. Although palm oil and palm olein oil are widely used, research has shown that these fats can reduce the absorption of fat and calcium from the formula. In other words, your baby might not absorb as much fat and calcium as you would a formula that does not contain these oils.
Medium-chain triglycerides require less effort to digest and are more easily absorbed. They are used in special formulas for premature babies and for those who have difficulty digesting or absorbing nutrients.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the addition of two long chain fatty acids to baby formula: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA). Both substances are found in breast milk when the mother’s feeding is adequate, and both are important for brain development and vision. Babies get DHA and ARA from their mother during the third trimester of pregnancy, but the transfer is discontinued when the baby is born prematurely. All babies need a constant supply of these two substances during their first year of life.
Two studies published in April 2005 support the addition of DHA and ARA to infant formula as a supplement. One of them, a report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , showed that term infants fed formula containing DHA and ARA had a markedly greater visual acuity than those who did not take such supplements. And a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics states that DHA and ARA enhance both cognitive and physical growth in premature babies.
There are no long-term studies confirming the safety of these substances, although there is no evidence to suggest that these additives are harmful to babies. Formulas that include DHA and ARA cost approximately 15 percent more than the standard formula. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has not taken a stand on whether these fatty acids should be added to formula for babies or not.
Vitamins and Minerals : Most of the words on the list of ingredients on the label describe vitamins and minerals. These words can be difficult to understand, for example, ferrous sulfate is iron, sodium ascorbate is vitamin C and calcium pantothenate is a vitamin B.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all healthy babies who are not Give them exclusively breast milk are given formula strengthened with iron until they turn one year. It is important that infants receive the minimum recommended amount of iron (4 mg iron per liter) to prevent iron deficiency anemia.
Anemia inhibits the blood’s ability to circulate oxygen, which all cells in the body need to function properly. Studies have shown that it is important to ingest enough iron in the first year of life to achieve success in school later. A baby’s iron stores are established in the third trimester of pregnancy, so it is especially important that premature babies consume enough iron.
Most formulas contain at least 4 mg of iron per liter, although “low iron” formulas are still sold. These were developed years ago in response to the misconception that iron causes constipation. The American Academy of Pediatrics would like to see low-iron formulas discontinued, or labeled to indicate that their nutritional content is insufficient.
Other Ingredients : This is where the different brands change their formulas a bit to differentiate them from the others.
Nucleotides: These are the basic components of DNA and RNA, naturally present in breast milk. They have several functions and can help the development of the immune system. Different formula tags contain varying amounts of nucleotides.
Rice starch: Rice starch is added to the formula “anti-regurgitation”. Some studies show that the thick formula causes babies to regurgitate and drown less. However, other studies indicate that there may be the same amount of acid reflux , no matter what type of formula you take. Consult your pediatrician before using an anti-regurgitation formula to help your baby regurgitate less.
Dietary Fiber: soy fiber is added to the soy formula for the temporary treatment of diarrhea. The only fiber-containing formula is Isomil DF, which has been clinically proven to reduce the duration of diarrhea.
Amino Acids: Amino acids such as taurine, methionine and carnitine are added to soy formulas, and sometimes to cow’s milk, to match the amount of amino acids found in breast milk.

Do generic formulas provide adequate nutrition?

Generic formulations must meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration for nutrients in baby formulas, so in many cases the only difference between generic formulas and brand formulas is the price . But whether you buy generic or branded formula, take a moment to read the label before you buy it. Specific ingredients vary from brand to brand, so choose the one that is best for your baby.

Can I prepare my own formula?

No. It would be impossible to include all the ingredients in the right amounts for your baby. Homemade formula may cause your baby to not gain weight , be malnourished or even die.

Is it advisable to add cereal or milk to my baby’s formula?

Never add vitamins, cereal, fatty acids, olive oil, cow’s milk or any other ingredient to your baby’s formula, unless your pediatrician recommends it. The formula is a carefully developed substance with precise amounts of dozens of nutrients. Adding anything to the formula could endanger the health of your baby . [AdSense-B]
Olive oil, for example, can cause permanent damage to the lungs and even death, due to the danger of inhaling oil into the lungs when regurgitating. Because it is very difficult for babies to digest cow’s milk, never mix cow’s milk with formula or give it to your baby until he’s at least a year old.

What if I’m still not sure?

If you have decided to give formula to your baby and you are still confused with the many options available, or if you are considering changing formula, check with your baby’s pediatrician, who will consider your child’s health status, age and Nutritional needs and will recommend you what is appropriate. You will also be able to observe your baby’s reactions and investigate any symptoms that may be present. Do not try to diagnose an allergy or sensitivity on your own: you may not notice a serious underlying disease or even cause your baby to not receive adequate nutrition.

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Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate? – Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate got a very distinctive place in our hearts. We adore eating it, drinking it, cooking with it and even using it for facial masks as well. There are a number of legends and myths around this magnificent product. The composition of chocolate, the percent of cocoa and the quality of it effects its imparting benefits, here we will discuss the benefits of dark chocolate which contain about 70% or higher of the cocoa contents.Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate Benefits – Chocolate Is Good To Your Teeth:

While talking about the chocolate benefits, why not first mention the most strange or unbelievable benefit of chocolate. Yes, this is that the chocolate helps to strengthen your teeth. Not believing? Let us give you some reasons. As almost all of us have heard from even our childhood that “Chocolate” is not good for your teeth, it will surely damage and make them more prone to infections etc. but here are some evidences which that will put a spotlight on the beneficial effects of chocolate on your teeth. It has antibacterial characteristics and thus can protect from the development of caries (particularly a very dark chocolate comprising of a big fraction of cocoa). It comprises of fluorine which improves the strength of the teeth and safeguards them from decaying. Hence the higher proportion of cocoa in the chocolate will result in the stronger health benefits. For example, chocolate with almost 99% of cocoa can even combat the harmful bacteria.

Chocolate as Heart Friendly Food:

Here, Let’s talk about one of the remarkable facts of chocolate, that why chocolate is called so astonishing? is there any other big explanation that why this sweet and delicious ‘candy’ can be advantageous to our health? Then the answer is “yes!” it is true, chocolate has biggest but again strange advantage that it is the health friendly food. But how it works? As it contains antioxidants and polyphenols that play an important role in strengthening and preventing our heart from various strokes.chocolate health benefits for teeth

Cocoa is composed of ‘good fats’ which have favorable effects on our blood cholesterol level. Furthermore, the dark chocolate comprises of the constituents which protect the walls of blood vessels and via this way it assists in the reduction of the risks of cardiovascular ailments.

Chocolate as Anti-aging Tonic:

Dark chocolate comprises of various antioxidants which scavenge free radicals in the body, thus prevent the excessive cell damage. This keeps the cells in good health and prevents wrinkle formation. Moreover, the massive amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and vitamin E which proved to be very advantageous for our skin health. However, the vitamin E itself is well known for slowing down the process of cell aging. Thus chocolate is being used in various facial products as well.

Chocolate Combats Stress and Stimulates Happiness:

As the name chocolate is itself a complete description of happiness. But its also has the scientific description of suppressing the depression and stimulating happiness. It encourages the production of endorphin, which is the hormone that gives us the sensation of Happiness. Chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine that can decrease the level of stress, magnesium can help in fighting the tension and give us comfort to feel better. It also comprises a small amounts of cannabinoids (constituents from the equivalent family as marijuana comprehends of), but the chocolate contains a very small amount of them, therefore, it can’t impart us with a drug consequence, but it can certainly improve degrades the anxiety and stress.

Extraordinary Facial Mask:

The facial mask prepared from dark chocolate can be casted-off very competently as a facial mask. Generally, it is better to recommend for the persons with dry skin, as this mask is very wholesome of a bundle of nutrients and provide moisture to the skin. To make the mask, get a bowl and add 40 grams of dark chocolate (make sure to have the dark chocolate with specified cocoa content of equal or above 70%) and let it melt in the water bath. After melting, cool it down a bit nearly to a room temperature but don’t let it get a solid texture. Now add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of olive oil onto it. Mix this all well and apply all over your pre-washed dried face. Make sure that it is imperative to pay consideration to the temperature of this mixture, as it should be cooled down well to the room temperature previously you put it on your face. Rinse your face after 10 to15 minutes thoroughly with slightly warm water. Dry your face up by tapping with a clean towel. Most of the saloons use this method for their gold facial pack.chocolate health benefits for teeth

“Chocolate mask” will nurture your skin with various nutrients including antioxidants, minerals, and other vitamins. After doing this mask for a couple of times your skin becomes more soft, glowing and fresher looking. If you are blessed with a quite fair skin – the chocolate mask could give you with a slightly bronzed colored look (so, be mindful of it).

Chocolate Provides You A Torrent of energy:

Chocolate is the substance generally used to be packed with soldiers or hikers as this is lighter in weight and gives a burst of energy instantly. As it contains carbohydrates which are very simple to breakdown and in a very short time it provides you with all of the energy. Chocolate also contains energizer ingredient, which is quite comparable to the caffeine, it softly stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems, but its consequences are much feebler than that of caffeine, thus it is completely harmless.[AdSense-B]

Moreover, some scientific studies declared that the people who love to eat chocolate on the systematic basis; they feel happier and nearly never get struggled from depression or continuous stress. Conclusively the point is that the dark chocolate, as an exceptional from all other sweets, is quite advantageous to our overall health and wellbeing. According to some sources, it can assist to boost up our immune system thus preventing from a lot of diseases. Of course, moderation is the crucial for everything and excess of everything is bad. So be moderate and get the delicious chocolate with lots of benefits.

Have you ever try to apply any chocolate mask? Do you like to eat chocolate? Do you have any of your favorite brands to share with us? Please leave your comments and thoughts below in the section.

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Scientific Description of Ablution (Wuzu) Benefits in Islam

In Belgium a Muslim invited a student towards Islam, the student asked him about the concept of ablution (wuzu)and its scientific benefits. The person became speechless, so he got the student to an Islamic scholar, he told him benefits but couldn’t answer the benefit of wiping the neck in ablution so the student left. After some days, the student went back and said that during his class lecture his professor talked about the treatment which involves wiping of the neck over both sides with water drops can save one from spinal illness. He said that upon hearing this I became fully satisfied and want to accept Islam.Wuzu Benefits in Islam

Ablution or Wuzu Benefits in Islam

A psychiatrist treated his depression patients by making them wash 5 times a day their hands, feet, and face which resulted in the amazing result of their recovery. He confesses that lesser number of Muslims get depression who engage for ablution (wuzu) five times a day.

1. Treatment of Blood Pressure with Ablution:

A heart specialist quoted about the facts that ablution (wuzu) can significantly treat the high blood pressure. While Western doctors recommend the treatment to their patients by pouring water over some parts of the body, which resembles ablution (wuzu).

2. Benefits of Hands Washing:

In ablution, hands are washed as a very first step. In 5 times of hand wash, you can get rid of numerous bacterial attacks. During a whole day, people hold out various things using their hands which cause bacteria to spread and proliferate over the skin. If this hand wash practice is not being performed then one could get prone to different skin problems such as itchy skin, bad skin, heat spots, eczema and so many others. This also maintains proper hygiene and maintains the color of your hands. It also amplifies the beauty of your hands with the proper frequent wash.

3. Gargle of Mouth in Ablution (wuzu):

As the mouth provides a perfect environment for bacterial growth, it provides optimum temperature for a broad range of bacteria with a dark environment which is again a plus point to proliferate bacterial growth. Mouth washing is characterized as sunnah in ablution, this can wash out harmful bacteria from the mouth. It is revealed by a study that frequent mouth washing can prevent the occurrence of tonsillitis and also prevents from the chance of mouth cancer. Moreover, this frequent washing can also prevent from mouth’s bad odor and can prevent from the chance of various diseases such as mouth edge splitting, sore mouth, mouth and lip moniliasis and others.

4. Washing the nose in Ablution (wuzu):

Lungs demand the air free from pollutants, and it should be above 90 degrees Fahrenheit of its temperature with 80% of moisture. All of these requirements are fulfilled by the nose, which is provided with mucus lining that can moisturize the air and help in sticking the dust particles in the air which are trapped by the tiny hair-like structures in the nose. These trapping hairs and the mucus when trap enough dust (composed with many harmful particles as well) could result in the contamination of the nasal environment. This entangled dust is removed by washing the internal of the nose which is also the Sunnah part of ablution (wuzu). This could prevent us from getting polluted air into our lungs and gives us with the clean nose.

5. Washing the face in Ablution (wuzu):

With increasingly pollutant environment, dust and several kinds of harmful bacteria attack on the skin to make it rough and even excess of this can cause skin ailments for the face. Also the eyes, which are washed as well with the face washing step of ablution. Nowadays there are a number of eye diseases which are prevailing with the increase of pollution in the environment. A European doctor’s thesis name as “Eye, water, and Health” is quoted with the facts of washing the eyes many times a day to remain away from various eye diseases.ablution wuzu and its benefits

Moreover, a member of the “Beychar” (American council for beauty) has detailed a very stimulating fact. She statuses that the Muslims don’t need to apply any sort of chemical lotions to get their skin safe from bacterial infections as they get their faces washed during ablution many times a day which ultimately safeguards them from different ailments. Another eye expert-narrated that one should wash his eyebrows frequently to get sheltered from the treacherous disease like blindness.

6. Washing the Arms in Ablution (wuzu):

There are 3 foremost veins located in the elbow which is linked to the brain, heart, and liver. According to an American study, two groups were studied in which one was subjected to wash the arms till elbow (including hands) daily (frequently) and other to remain none. This study resulted that the flow of water to the full arm till the elbow point daily significantly improves the health of these three organs (heart, liver, and brain) and made them strong when compared to the other group.

7. Wiping Head During Masah in Ablution (wuzu):

At the back of your head, there is a bunch of muscles and nerves located which are directly connected to your spinal cord. Wiping head including the neck with wet hands stimulates the neurons and make them active. Also, the frequent signal deliverance makes the brain more active and robust. Additionally, it was revealed through a scientific study that wiping the back of head including the neck with a wet towel (or hands) protects from the fever and mental sickness.

8. Washing the Feet in Ablution (wuzu):

Some years back, an outbreak of specific types of fungal ring growth was encountered. In the epidemiological study of this outbreak, it was found that these fungal rings resulted through the sweating and dust accumulation on the skin of feet. And it was also revealed that Muslims have fewer ratios to get this disease. The practice of five times feet washing keep the dust and sweating cleaned and keep our feet free from any bacterial infections.


Furthermore, by washing the feet frequently as in ablution (wuzu), you protect yourself from dryness of the brain, lack of sleep, nervousness, and depression. However, in European conference of physiotherapists, it was narrated that washing the feet frequently can get the patient rid of depression and desperateness, hence only a fewer Muslims get themselves suffered from depression.

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Top 7 Aloe Vera Benefits & Methods of Consumption (Recipes)

Aloe Vera is the plan with great importance in ancient history and today as well, even the Egyptians consider Aloe Vera as a plant of immortality. This cactus-like plant is the pack of countless benefits. This is the reason that this has been used in various medicines and beauty products such as creams or facial packs. In Pakistan, Aloe Vera is found in most of the kitchen gardens in the house. This plant consists of spiky leaves like structures with jelly like substance filled in it.Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera Benefits & Consumption:

Aloe Vera gel contains various nutrients such as calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, sodium, manganese, folic acid, amino acids and a variety of vitamins including vitamin A, E, C B1, B2, and B6. Its benefits are discussed below.

1. Relief from Joint Pain:

Aloe Vera gel is being used to treat joint pains. A slightly heated aloe Vera gel is mixed with warm olive oil by half and half ratio. This mixture is gently massaged over the affected joint. This is a miraculous remedy which effects instantly, while its connective use for some days would definitely reduce the pain to a greater extent.

2. Aloe Vera for Digestive System:

This powerful plant can improve the digestive system functionality in various ways. In the case of acidity in the stomach, the Aloe Vera juice could be very useful for instant relief. This is because of its alkaline property, as the stomach contain acidic atmosphere inside it (during acidity condition) so the alkaline nature of Aloe Vera can neutralize the content, hence relieves from acidity or stomach burn. Moreover, Aloe Vera could be useful for the treatment of constipation because of its laxative character.

3. Aloe Vera in the Prevention of Over Weight:

Aloe Vera gel improves liver functionality, hence promote it to produce more bile juice which breaks down the fat molecules and prevent the body from fat accumulation. Moreover, with its digestive system improvement character, it promotes the absorption of the food inside the body hence increases the availability of healthy nutrients. Regular intake of Aloe Vera suppresses the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) and improves the production of good cholesterol in the body, thus prevent the body from gaining overweight condition.

4. Relieves Mouth Problems:

The Aloe Vera plant is proved to be effective in relieving various mouth problems. As with its antibacterial property, it can prevent the oral cavity from pathogenic and harmful bacteria. Furthermore, brushing the teeth with Aloe Vera gel could reduce the plaque formation and even treat the pre-formed plaque and gingivitis. Aloe Vera gel and gargle is also used to treat cavities. It also relieves cold sores and treats mouth ulcers. Aloe Vera gel is also applied directly to the gums for the cure of inflammation and pain.

5. Aloe Vera to Prevent Cold and Bronchitis:

Aloe Vera decoction in slightly warm temperature could be useful for the treatment of cold and flu. Not just this, the Aloe Vera can do a great job for more serious ailments related to the respiratory tract. It can treat constant sinus, as it contains magnesium lactate which acts as an antihistamine that assists in the reduction of sinus and other respiratory problems like chest inflammation and bronchitis. I also cure nasal ailments occur from various types of allergens. So, if you are suffering from any of these diseases, then ditch you scrappy medicines and rush towards this magical and amazingly beneficial plant for natural and harm-free remedy.

6. Aloe Vera in the Treatment of AIDS:

As we all know from some extent to greater about this dreadful set of symptoms called as “AIDS”. It is not a disease, but it is the combination of symptoms caused by the weak immune system. If the immune system or we generally called it as defensive player of the body becomes weaker, then the body becomes more prone towards various infections and disease attacks and these diseases in a combined form called AIDS. Aloe Vera has a huge amount of essential vitamins and amino acids which improve or strengthen the immune system which is very important to cure AIDS. Even most of the herbalists quoted the cure of AIDS through Aloe Vera in their books.

7. Aloe Vera for Beautiful Skin:

Aloe Vera is abundantly used by cosmetic producers in their products for healthier skin and also for the treatment of different types of skin problems. With their antibacterial property, the Aloe Vera can combat the acne and other skin infections and with the presence of plentiful nutrients its paste can improve the skin and make it glowing and healthy.

How to Consume Aloe Vera:

Although the Aloe Vera is very bitter in taste and it would be a very tough task to chew this strange taste plant. But as there are lots of benefits of this plant, we can’t make a wait to get benefited from it. Don’t worry about its bitter taste, because in this article we would let you know about the methods from which you can consume Aloe Vera without having that bitter taste.

  1. Cooked Form: You can eat this plant by making gravy like eatable from this. Its taste would be as same as in the recipe of most of the Asian cosines have. For this, take three medium-sized onions and chop them, make a paste of garlic and ginger. Now heat two tablespoons of oil and add onion and 1 tablespoon of garlic ginger paste into it and mix until gentle fry. Now add Aloe Vera gel and also add some salt and pepper into it. [AdSense-B] Gently fry this mixture for 10 minutes. Now, this is the gravy type stuff, which is almost free from bitterness and gives a delicious taste with the mouthwatering aroma. You can eat it with bread or rice or with some other source. 
  2. Aloe Vera Juice: You can take Aloe Vera in the form of juice. There are various methods to make Aloe Vera Juice but by reviewing almost all of them we found this recipe to be perfect to share with you. Take Aloe Vera gel and add some water, salt, mint leaves and lemon juice into it. Grind these ingredients in a machine. Your drink is ready.
  3. Aloe Vera Sweet: You can make a sweet product of Aloe Vera. This could surely lower its bitterness and give you sweet taste. In the ghee mix Aloe Vera gel and fry it gently. Add condensed milk or Khoya and sugar into it. Mix gently, and you Aloe Vera sweet (Halwa) is ready.
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9 Foods to Combat Hepatitis C – Diet and Exercise

When we are ready to talk about hepatitis, there are a set of questions raise in our minds that what Hepatitis actually is? What is its causative agent? How could we cure or prevent from this desastering disease? But don’t worry, here we would let you know about not just these question but those 9 foods as well which play magical role to combat hepatitis C.Foods to Combat Hepatitis C

Foods to Combat Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is factually a liver inflammation disorder which is caused by a virus called HCV (Hepatitis C virus). As this is an inflammatory disorder, so by reducing the liver inflammation would definitely reduce the cruelty of hepatitis (counting hepatitis C). While it is a clear fact that the food we eat surely effect the condition of our body including wellbeingness and disease as well, hence the food which reduces inflammation would prove to be valuable for the patients who are living with this viral disease.cure food from hepatitis C

Food has a world of complexities, as by eating wrong food at wrong time would let you pay for your health at the same time this is the causative of natural cure from various deadly diseases. So the selection of right food is most important in the prevention or eradication of hepatitis C as well. However those foods which are proved to boost up the immune system are also useful to assist the prevention of this disease by disseminating the chronic inflammatory cycle. Here are 9 foods which have quelling effect against inflammation and cure through hepatitis C.

1. Fish:

Fish meat is excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Generally consumed fish varieties which contain higher amount of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are rohu, tuna, salmon, mali and shinghai are at the top of the list. Now you probably think that what do EPA and DHA would do for hepatitis? Well, they are two most important omega-3 fatty acids which play their remarkable role in the reduction of liver inflammation. While for those people who don’t eat fishy food could use fish oil supplements in the form of capsules as they also have anti-inflammatory effect and can disrupt the process of recurrent inflammation in liver.

2. Turmeric (Haldi):

Turmeric commonly known as Haldi is an important ingredient used in curry and is mostly used in Asian countries. This spice is enriched with a compound called “curcumin”. This compounds plays anti-inflammatory role and boost up the immune system. It is illustrated by various researched that turmeric powder can do a great job as an exact complement to various drugs such as motrin and hydrocortisone, and is completely natural remedy without imparting any allopathic side effect. Turmeric works on the principle of suppressing NF kappa B which is a protein that promotes inflammatory process.

3. Green Tea:

Green tea includes a large amount of antioxidants and flavonoids which regulates your metabolism, makes you fit and triggers any abnormal inflammatory action in your body. Moreover green tea metabolites work for liver in the process of blood making, while it is documented in a research at UHS center that people who drink green tea on regular basis are found with improved immune strength with effective approach against their hepatitis.

4. Strawberries:

Cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries all contain a remarkable amount of antioxidants (anthocyanins) which are considered as anti-inflammatories. These anthrocyanins present in strawberries are also responsible for their attractive red color and are proved to be most efficient to prohibit pro-inflammatory state of liver.

5. Kale:

Kale is a dark green colored vegetable commonly available in supermarkets. This leafy vegetable has abundant amount of sulfur compounds which help the liver in purification or detoxification of blood. Sulfur is a compound known to have great functionality for regulating those enzymes which are known to be responsible for the breakdown of toxins present in blood. Hence with enough amount of sulfur present in the body, the liver would be provided with a boost up assistance and work in healthier manner, depriving-off the inflammatory or viral disorders like hepatitis.

6. Red Cherries:

Cherries are famous for their anti-inflammatory response. OHS university researchers presented that cherries are the owners of maximum anti-inflammatory content compared to any other food. Cherries, enriched with anthocyanins, are mostly recommended by nutritionists to the patients of hepatitis C for their natural cure.

7. Sweet Potato:

This magical food has uncountable uses and is being used to cure hepatitis as well. In many homeopathic medicines, the leaves of sweet potatoes are being used to cure hepatitis C. while various researchers also elucidate this food to be useful to depress inflammatory blood markers as shown through animal studies.

8. Kelp:

May this would be a new word for you in food history. This is actually a green colored sea weed (you may get this in dried form from any grocery store and could be easily found through Karachi). Its action is linked with a compound called “fucoidan”, a kind of complex carb which acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative as well as anti-tumor component. Whenever conceivable, use just organic kelp reaped from uncontaminated seas.

9. Olives:

Either black or green, both types of olives are considered to be most beneficial. This heaven fruit is accomplished with abundant amount of polyphenols which are believed to be effective against hepatitis C. Moreover, virgin olive oil is being used in various Mediterranean’s secret diets for longevity.

Exercise would Pay Additional Benefit:

Exercise will make you feel better and stronger. It would also help in eradicating the depression caused by continual allopathic medications. Of course, a round walk of green ground or trip to gym would be refreshing as well as providing with a lot of physical benefits. [AdSense-B]

Counting one of the main symptom for hepatitis patients is fatigue, when you are doing workout with your body through exercise it may give you a scenes of  tiredness but it truly aids you charge more energy. Most physicians suggest 15 minutes of daily moderate exercise to the hepatitis patents which would work for safely for their health.

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Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home Fast and Naturally – Teeth Whitening Totkay

Hum Sub Janty han k daant (teeth) white na hon to face bhi bura lagta hai, Is k ilawa daanton (teeth) ki gandgi hamari food k sath stomach me ja kar kharabi peda karti hai. Isi waja se Prophet (PBUH) ne bhi daanton ki safai karny k liye maswaak par bohut zor diya hai. Daant (Teeth) saaf hon ge to sehat bhi achi ho gi.Teeth Whitening Totkay

Teeth Whitening Totkay

Pehly Zamany me itny tooth bursh nai thy ab to bohut sary tooth bursh available hain k samaj hi nai aati k ko sa use karen. Is k sath sath danto ki takleef bhi barhon or bachon sub me nazar aati hai.

At this condition, We’re sharing with you a Tip to Shine Your Teeth easily, as given bellow;

Daant Chamak dar banany ke Totkay – Teeth Whitening Methods in Urdu:

Yahan Daant (teeth) shine karny k liye 3 method aap se share kiye ja rahy han.

First Method:

Khany ka Meetha Soda = Ek Chai ka Chamach
Pisa howa Namak (Salf) = Ek Chai ka Chamach
Pisa howa Suhaga = Ek Chai ka Chamach

How to Use:

Uper mentioned all things ko mix kar k ek sheeshi ya botle me rakh len or daily us se dant (teeth) saaf karen. Bohut jald aap k daant (teeth) chamak (shine) jaen ge or danton ka peela pan bhi khatam ho jae ga.

Second Method:

Lemon k ras me meetha Soda (Soda bai Corbonete)mila kar bursh kia jae to bhi daant (teech) motiyon k tarha chamak jaty han.

Third Method:

Agar ap k danton par black nishan han to chanbeli k patty boil kar k pani mehfooz kar len or daily us pani (water) se kulyan karen. Is se daanton par parhy black nishanat khatam ho jaen ge or chamak peda ho jae gi. Is k ilawa daanton k keery bhi khatam ho jaen ge. masoorhon or daanton k dard k liye neem garam pani me sirka or namak mila kar dena chahye.
Sarson k oil me namak (salt) mila kar danton par lgany se bhi danton ka peela pan khatam ho jata hai. Agar oil ki smell achi na lage to is ko lgany k kuch der bad kisi bhi tooth paist ko bursh par lga kar daant (teeth) saaf kar len.

Forth Method:

Zeery ka powder or namak (saft) hum wazan mix kar k daanton par lgany se bhi daant (teeth) saaf ho jaty han or un ka peelapan door ho jata hai.

Fifth Method:

Long k oil k 2 se 3 drops bursh par lga kar daanton ko saaf karen, Ap k daanton se peela pan khatam ho jae ga or daant chamak dar ho jaen ge. Long k oil ko lemon k juice k sath mix kar k bhi daanton par lgaya ja sakta hai, Jis ka faeda zyada hai. Actually lemon ka ras kisi bhi harbal oil k sath mix kar k daanton par lgaya ja sakta hai.

Sixth Method:

Neem (Morgasa) k patton ko khushk (dry) kar k us ka powder bna len or us se daanton ko saaf karen. Daanto ki whiteness or chamak k sath sath mun se smell bhi door ho jae gi or aap khud ko fresh feel karen ge.

Please mention, If you’ve any problem being whiten your teeth with these methods or mention here, In case your know any other better method to Whiten Our Teech fast and naturally in one day.

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Be Aware! Barbecue Could Cause You a Cancer – How to prevent from this?

In winter season especially or doing hangout with friends or most often going for a picnic party with family or friends for outdoor cooking, the thing clicked to one’s mind is “Yeah! Barbecue”. Where enjoying a delicious barbecue at picnic place even a few rainy drops would be enough to ruin your fun, scientists horn a much higher distress, that eating BBQ could cause you cancer.Barbecue

Barbecue Could Cause You a Cancer

It is revealed in recent studies that our chances to be prone to cancerous compounds called “­carcinogens” are higher, while HCA and PAH compounds are at top list. These compounds potentially harm our DNA to impair the production of cells, this would lead to the uncontrolled production of cells which is the condition we called as “cancer”. According to a study in a university of New York, this risk may be offered in other high-temperature cooking techniques but direct exposure to heat and direct smoke with high temperature for a long period of time (as in BBQ) increases the chance of pancreatic cancer to 60%.

Barbecue Could Cause You a Cancer:

High consumption of fatty meat in the form of BBQ is another major cause of 79% elevated risk of prostate cancer. While eating barbecued food especially of red meat and ribs regularly for a long time could cause digestive cancer. Although it is more than a blessing for those natives who are living in agricultural country, as they produce animal meat at fresh rate which means there is no or very less culture of “processed meat”, as this attractively packed processed meat with chemicals adhered to it could link towards other high risks of bowel cancer.

In simple words, there are three phases of carcinogen build-up process: one is that when we directly expose the surface of food towards contaminated smoke for cooking purpose, the second is when fats, carbohydrates and proteins breakdown and form compound with chemicals released through smoke as food cooks, and third one is linked with strong burning chemical reactions which take place when fat from meat drips over the hot embers. This third point gives us another hint for safety, as this is common that dripping fat favors more smoke, so it would definitely be better to use less-fat meat for BBQ purpose.

Even though cooking on propane grills or over natural gas would reduce the proportion of released chemicals to the remarkable degree which is much safer. However, it would not give your food that one typical delectable smoky flavor. So, not to eat BBQ food? But wait! Here is another fact about barbecue process and I don’t want you to miss it to know. This is quite strange but completely true that smoldering coal for extreme heat at which we cook while barbecuing emit smoke which contains toxic gasses such as PAHs and carbon monoxide (CO). These gasses are not just incorporate in your food but also pollute the air around you in which you breathe. This poisonous air can be injurious to the lungs. This fact would be enough to shock you up that PAHs are the compounds which are present in cigarette smoke as well and directly affects the lung cells. So, if you are not a cigarette smoker then why would you pay for its hazards?

The story doesn’t stop at the meaty facts, we have some good facts about vegetables as well. You would be happy to read that vegetables don’t emit carcinogenic compounds when they are exposed to smoke heat. Though the production of HCAs depends upon the occurrence of creatinine compounds which are generally instituted in muscle tissues. But the meat with the almost absence of fat create.

Less smoke hence less toxic compounds:

The amount of PAHs and HCAs can be reduced for meat or fish by scratching off the black bits (burnt parts) or by cooking the food over a normal temperature and removing it until it’s done, not burned. There is another thing that could help in the matter, that partial cooking of meat pieces in the broiler or some kind of microwave oven will demand less time on BBQ. Through this one could prevent his food from charring. The other way follows the margination of food in some sort of vinegar before barbecuing, as this process would reduce the production of PAHs to 50%. This process of leaving meat in a mixture of vinegar and other spices overnight in the fridge would also tenderize it and impart enchanting and mouthwatering flavor to it. In a research study, it is revealed that the addition tea marinades do provide an extra shielding effect against disastrous carcinogenic compounds. While the reason lies in the fact that the antioxidant compounds present in tea extract are helpful as inhibitors of PAHs. It would be much better to use green tea extract while marinating your BBQ because green tea contains more antioxidant compounds related to ordinary tea. Barbecue is not that much disastrous as one could think if he/she don’t know about the remedy facts, as long as people are sensible it would make them eat their food with least harm and more benefit. So, it’s always better to know![AdSense-B]

Tips – How to Get Healthier BBQ?

  • Use a BBQ processor which has a control dial for temperature, or if you don’t have it then you could lower the temperature or reduce the coal pieces to provide moderate temperature (not too high) and avert the meat from burning.
  • To create a shield for HCAs, marinate the meat with vinegar and other compounds.
  • Even it would be ideally excellent if you use smokeless barbecue processor provided with a power fan for preventing the meat from getting too much smoked and inhibit carcinogenic compounds to be inhaled by you.
  • Switch your choice to seafood, as it generally produces fewer PAHs and HCAs than that of meat and on the other hand, it requires a short period of time to cook.
  • Use the lean meat or trim fat trips before getting it to the grill, this would reduce fat dripping.
  • Reduce the grilling time by partially cooking your meat.
  • Cut the meat pieces into smaller ones, this would reduce cooking time hence provide less exposure to smoke.
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5 Shocking Things Happen to Your Body When You Drink Cold Water

Just assume that you are in the summer season and after a heavy workout in scorching heat, you came back to your home, what would you do first? of course, you would head directly towards the fridge to get cold water as a reprieve from sweltering heat outside. But wait! This article will open your eyes for the shocking health hazards an icy cold water could cause.disadvantages of ice cold water

However, the ice itself has various benefits but drinking icy or cold water just gives you a temporary relief from snoring thirst but it has more inclined towards its downsides. As it is the law of nature that our body temperature in normal condition is 98.6 oF, while it would cause distress if we rise or reduce this temperature to few degrees or we generally call this distress as “fever”. Not just only this, there are other strange but true hazards a cold water can cause and are mentioned below with their respective reasons:

  1. Restricts proper digestion:

Drinking cold water hinders the digestion process and prevent proper nutrient transport to other parts of the body by shrinking your blood vessels. While with improper nutrient transport you may get some parts of your body poorly nourished.

  1. Energy depletion:

When you drink water with very low temperature, your body with the temperature of 37 oC has to devote energy for regulating its temperature to normal one similar to that of the body. This causes your energy to be depleted in doing no work but just to digest water. Isn’t it bad business for you?

  1. Make you prone to throat ailments:

Cold water endorses the damage of respiratory mucosa, which acts as a shielding layer and prevents respiratory tract from various infections. While the impairment of this layer exposes the respiratory tract and make it more vulnerable to numerous infections thus turns your throat sore.

  1. Badly affects your heart:

Cold water or other cold drinks prevent your heart from proper functioning. Numerous researched have illustrated the fact that drinking cold water can cause the stimulation of vagus nerve (this is tenth cranial nerve of the body and a significant contributor of the autonomous nervous system which is specialized for controlling body’s involuntary actions). This nerve arbitrates the dropping of heart rate while icy cold water with its low-temperature acts as an incentive to the nerve hence lowers the heart rate. Moreover, these continuous shocks will get your heart towards weakness which will result in various heart problems.

Moreover, cold water contributes towards the clotting effect for your blood and make it difficult to circulate throughout the body. This thick blood with improper circulation could not flow through the extremities of the body. This is the main reason of feet and hands to feel numb, this will make body’s extremities impaired of nutrients and cause your nails to stop shining and promote you toes to hurt.

  1. Improper digestion for your drug:

As I mention above that your body has to maintain the temperature of icy water every time you drink before taking it up for digestion and transfer of nutrients to the blood. While if you take any sort of drug, it’s understood that this is the type of material which is designed for a human body temperature and will surely dissolve in a medium (usually water or body liquid) of optimum body temperature (37 oC). [AdSense-B]

That’s why taking the drug with cold water will not digest properly on time which means you would not catch up the best of your drug because of its improper dissolution in cold water on time.

So, quit the use of cold liquid (either water, soft drinks or other) and enjoy your healthy life!

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Why Push-ups Are One Of The Best Exercises For Strength?

More often than not, push-ups are underrated. With a lot of alternatives, groups in the bodybuilding and strength training groups often ignore push-ups for other forms of exercise.The truth is however that push-ups provide a range of benefits and are arguably among the best compound exercises for strength (see here for the top list).Below we go into the reasons why push-ups equal strength and why you should start adding them to your exercise routine today.

1. Full Body Activation

Did you know that by performing a proper push-up you activate your entire body?Push-ups involve almost every major muscle group in your body.Known for being a compound exercise that trains more than just one muscle group, you get an almost full body workout. This full body workout helps to train almost every part of your body, helping to improve strength where it is needed.Remember, we are only as strong as our weakest part.Push-ups help to raise that bar.push ups

How To Get Shredded? Diet And Workout Plan

2. Cardiovascular Improves

The strength of your heart, as well as your other organs is crucial for building your physical strength.In addition, it is absolutely crucial if you want to live a longer and healthier life.Push-ups help to improve the strength of your heart.As we mentioned above, push-ups are a compound exercise.Working multiple muscle groups at once means that you are strengthening your heart and making it more resilient now and in the future.

3. Saves Your Time And Money

Time is a limiting factor to why many decide not to exercise.In a culture where time is valuable and unhealthy lifestyle options are in abundance, being healthy can be very tricky.Push-ups are excellent exercises for building strength because they take relatively little effort in comparison to the amount of benefit they provide.Doing three sets of 10 push-ups takes only a few minutes.They do not require you driving to a gym either.

In addition to saving you a lot of time, push-ups also save you money.Push-ups do not require extra equipment or materials.They do not require a special trainer or a special room set up specifically for this purpose.Being free, you get an almost full body workout without any fees.

Five Types Of Fitness Training to Smart Your Body

Where Does That Leave Us?

So as you can see, push-ups are an excellent way to exercise and improve your strength.Requiring nothing more than the determination to do them and a piece of floor, push-ups can provide an incredible benefit with practically no downside.

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Surma-Alsamad ke Faidy – Antimony Health Benefits in Urdu

surma in IslamSurma in IslamSurma-Alsamad ka English name Antimony or Scientific name Antimony Sulphide hai, Ye sab se behtareen Surma-e-asma hai, Jo Binai ko roshan krta hai aur baal ugata hai.

Rasool Saw (P.B.U.H) ka Surma Lagana:

Islam me surma lagany k bohut se faidy bayan kiye gae han, Jis ki waja is ko use karny ki bohut takeed ki gae hai, such as;

Hajrat Abn e Abbas (Ra) Farmaty han k Rasool (Saw) k pas ek surma dani thi, Jis me se aap (Saw) har shab teen salai  apni mubarak aankhon me lagaya karty thy.” Samael e Tirmizi-52.

Hajrat Abdullah bin Abbad (Ra) hi se riwayat hai k Rasool (Saw) ne farmaya “Tumhary Surmon me sub se behtar Surma Al Samad hai, Ye binai ko roshan karta hai or baal ughata hai.

Hajrat Bareeda (Ra) se riwayat hai k Rasool (Saw) ne farmaya k:

“Teen chezen binai me izafa karti han.

  1. Surma Al Samad
  2. Sabzy ko dekhna
  3. Khobsoorat Chehron ka deedar”

Ek hadees me Allah k Rasool (Saw) ne surma al samad use karny ka hukam bhi diya hai. Rat ko Soty waqt Surma Lagana Rasool Saw ki sunnat hai, Aap ne khud bhi surma lagaya or Surma lagany ki targheeb bhi di, Is liye hamen bhi roz rat ko sony se pehly Surma zaroor lga kar sona chahye.

Surma lagana ek chota sa kam hai, Lekin agar sunnat samaj kar lagaya jae to aap ki zindagi me daily ek sunnat ka azafa ho jae ga, Jis se health ko benefit to ho ga, Sath hi sath nekyon me bhi azafa hota jae ga.

Surma Usage & Health Benefits in Urdu:

  • Surma aankhon k liye bohut hi mafeed hai, Kyun k jo shakhs daily surma laga kar sota ho us ki nazar kabhi week nai hoti.
  • Surma sir k balon (Head Hair) k liye bohut mafeed hai, Is se hair white nai hoty. Surma continually use karny se sir k white baal bhi black ho sakty han, Even k surma ganjy pan ka behtreen ilaj hai.
  • Surma (Sulphide) 4% Zeeton ke tail men banai gai Marham se Keloid (zakham ya jild par gosht ki falto teh) theek ho jati hai.
  • Surma Lahori Phorhy par lagaen, Theek ho jay ga.


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Lahori Mashoor Khanay Recipes in Urdu

Lahore zinda dilan e lahore ka city hai, Jahan sham hoty hi log parks or popular tefreeh gahon me nikal jaty han. Esi jagan par khany k stalls ki barmar hoti hai, Is liye log different recipes khareed kar khud bhi or apny bachon ko bhi khilaty han. Koi bhi recipe purchase karny me pesy to lagty hi han, Lekin in me bohut si food recipes achi quality ki nai hoti, Jin ko khany ka ya to maza nai aata ya un ki tayyari me safai ka khyal nai rakha jata, Is tarha pesy waste hony ka imkan zyada hota hai.

Esi condition me Lahori esi jagon ki talash me rehty han jahan se Delicious, Spicy or quality food mil saky Jis ka taste bhi acha ho or us ki tayyari me safai ka bhi khas khayal rakha gya ho.

Is liye aaj hum ap ko Lahore ki kuch esi places btaen ge, Jahan k recipe khany poory lahore me bohut mashoor hain or un ki quality bhi bohut achi hai.Bashir Dar ul Mahi feeqy ki lassiRyaz FaloodaNafees Dahi BhallyNishat Taka TakButt ki KarhahiAmar Tasri HareesaNaseer Bong PayNisbat Road k Gol Gappy


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How To Get Shredded? Diet And Workout Plan

Everyone wants to get ripped or in other words shredded but it’s not something that is achieved easily it is the result of going beast mode in the gym and maintaining a proper diet avoiding cheat meals like fast food and other meals with a lot of unhealthy calories.

Workout Plan

Workouts do not have to be 3-4 hours long, you do not have to spend hours in gym to get shredded or build a ripped body. The secret to having a nice body is 70% diet control and 30% workout so it’s actually looking after your diet more then working out a lot more then it actually is needed because after working out and spending hours in the gym they don’t get the results they want, they get frustrated and loose fate in themselves what they don’t understand is they are working out right but eating wrong so the basics of workout you need to do are the following…

Static Training (lifting weights)

If your doing static training like going in the gym lifting weights, don’t spend more then a hour and a half on working out and after the workout do a short cardio that will help you burn some more fat, fat doesn’t go off easy it’s something that your body needs so it resists to loose it but if you try hard you can definitely get away with you. People skip leg days they don’t like to work on their legs but the belly fat that covers your abs and your obliques burns more by training your legs and doing those exercises that combine the most of your muscles like squats it also trains your abdominal muscles with all the other lower body muscles too. This abdominal part is the hardest one if you train that part and loose weight there automatically you start getting ripped all over the body.

Calisthenics (street workout)

With the street workout it’s different there are specific exercises to burn fat off your body these exercises are considered a part of cardio they are mostly compound exercises like knee ups, pushups combined with high jumps, bridge planks, knee raises, bar raises, leg raises, and many others but you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them do your workout and after that give five to ten minutes to these exercises leave the rest to your diet maintain it and keep a good water intake and you’ll get ripped, achieve your goal.


So this is the main thing to discuss now Diet contributes to 70% of your body result if you work out a but have an unhealthy diet maybe you’ll increase your muscle mass but it wont be defined and will make you look more like a fat guy then a body builder.

Your daily diet!

Now people go crazy with their diet plans they eat counting calories and protein per every meal but you do not have to do that don’t restrict yourself so much that you eventually give up on it.

first things first! You need to drink a lot of water that keeps your body hydrated and healthy it also helps drain away some of the unwanted fat. 3-3.5 liters for a guy weighing 150 pounds would be reasonable if you weigh anymore then 175 pounds you should have a water intake of around over a gallon per day around 4-4.5 liters.[AdSense-B]

coming to the meals! rather then eating 3 big meals a day eat 6 or 7 short meals per day your diet must include milk,red meat for fiber for carbs wheat bread and rice, and eat fruits before and after working out, it makes you more energetic and if your families eating a pizza in dinner don’t shy out join them not like do it everyday but if it’s once in two weeks or something it’s pretty much fine less then that and your consuming so much calories everyday then your workouts are going to be of no use.

Hope this helps you.

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Five Types Of Fitness Training to Smart Your Body

Five major types of fitness training include flexibility exercise, dynamic strength-training, static strength-training, aerobic exercise and circuit training. A solid workout plan will incorporate all five of these major fitness training types to improve your health.

1.Flexibility Training

Flexibility exercises give you more freedom in movement and physical activities and everyday activities, such as wearing clothes and reaching out stuff from the shelf.

Flexibility exercises will help you in more stretchable physical movement but will not help you in gaining any static strength or any physical endurance.

Common Exercises For Flexibility!

Trunk Stretches

  • spinal twist
  • knees to chest
  • cat stretch
  • side trunk
  • back extension

Hip Stretches

  • forward lunge
  • side lunge
  • sitting hip stretch

Leg Stretches

  • hamstring (sitting)
  • calf (gastroc)
  • hamstring (supine)
  • quadriceps (side lying)
  • calf (soleus)
  • quadriceps (standing)
  • hamstring (standing)

Upper Body Stretches

  • chest
  • wrist extension
  • wrist flexion
  • shoulder overhead

Neck Stretches

  • neck (front & back)
  • neck (side)

2.Dynamic Training Approach (DTA).

dynamic training is defined as an individual workout routine featuring resistance training over the three aspects of intensity, duration and frequency.

The dynamic training approach changes with each individual over time. Workouts start out in the same general way, with frequent repetitions to get muscles in better shape. As the person’s individual body responds, weight training should change along with it. For instance, as arms and legs get stronger, the amount of weight should change in order to build or maintain more muscle groups.

Gastelu noted an overall successful dynamic training routine takes training, nutrition, supplements, skill, motivation and recovery. All of these aspects must be refined over the course of weight training for optimum results over time.

3. static strength-training

Static strength training or isometric training is a training that involves muscular actions but the length and the size of the muscles do not increase in isometric strength training.

Isometric exercises can be completed with sub maximal muscle action – such as holding a weight steady, out to the side. Static strength training can also involve maximal muscle actions.

Although isometric exercises can increase strength they are not the most suitable form of resistance training for dynamic actions such as sprinting and jumping.

4. aerobic exercise

Cardio or also called aerobic exercises mean these exercises by their unique movements and not so difficult exercises get the heart pumping by this I mean while doing these exercises the heart pumps blood very fast to the places it is most needed in this also helps you to sweat, gets your heart pumping fast and this way helps you down to burn fat.

Aerobic exercise (regardless of intensity) will help to:

  • Strengthen the muscles involved in respiration, to assist lung function.
  • Increase the total number of red blood cells in the body, to enable greater oxygen facilitation throughout the body.
  • Strengthen the heart muscle, which will improve resting heart and pumping efficiency.
  • Reduce stress and tension, and increase mental well-being.
  • Increase circulation throughout all areas of the body.
  • Increase self-esteem.
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5. circuit training

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance.

A circuit training in which a single circuit is completed after going through a group of high intensity workout exercises.

Common exercises in a circuit training!

Upper-body  :-

  • Squat ups,
  • Bench dips,
  • Back extensions ,
  • Medicine ball chest pass,
  • Bench lift,
  • Inclined press up,

Core & trunk,

  • Sit ups (lower abdominals),
  • Stomach crunch (upper abdominals),
  • Back extension chest raise,


  • Squat jumps
  • Compass jumps
  • Astride jumps
  • Step ups
  • Shuttle runs
  • Hopping shuttles
  • Bench squat


  • Burpees
  • Treadmills
  • Squat thrusts
  • Skipping
  • Jogging
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Health Tips

How To Grow Taller Naturally!

Height is a competitive measure everyone wants to get tall, it’s something desired by everyone however people want it but they don’t do anything about it they don’t work for it, they don’t eat a healthy diet for it in general they don’t apply on anything or do something to increase height.

People use supplements to increase their height even the doctors recommend many types of tablets and medicines to help you to increase your height I am here to tell you they are wrong you must not take those supplements in a short term they are good they help you gain height it feels good for a while but after sometime the side effects start, for example you can have an insufficient amount of calcium in your body even though you eat a diet containing calcium and drink milk but you still have an insufficient amount of calcium and your bones will get weak and the knees start hurting because of such weakness.

So it’s best if you start off naturally and push yourself to a point you get taller but do not loose hope if it first seems like it’s not working it is not that way it will grow when you force your body to it it will for sure!

There are two main points to increasing your height getting taller!

  • Diet
  • Workout


Eating fast food burgers and those cheese pizza’s is fun it’s tasty and it’s addictive but it ain’t healthy, its unwanted fat in your body that effects your body and makes you obese which is another factor to having a short height your body can’t hold all that extra weight and your bones keep growing at the same time it does not work that way your body’s so busy resisting all that extra weight already that it does not focus on growing because it cant.

So to have an effective gain of height the first thing that needs to be straighten up is your diet. Diet is the essential to having a good height.

The main components of a healthy diet.

Proteins: are the main structural building fibers of our body, they contain amino acids which are responsible for building our teeth,bones,muscles,tissues and organs and keeping them healthy.

foods rich in protein therefore necessarily be consumed i.e fish, eggs, milk and legumes.Protein is an important component in our diet to increase height.

Minerals: Foods which contain minerals like fluoride, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese also are important in increasing height and body growth.

Calcium is a vital mineral for the growth and maintenance of strong bones.

Vitamins: Vitamin D is essential for the development of strong and healthy bones. Apart from vitamin D, other vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, or riboflavin or ascorbic acid and vitamin F are also required for a healthy growth of the body. They are found in fruits and vegetables.


  • Milk
  • Dairy Foods (cheese,whipping cream and ice cream)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Starches and grains (Brown rice, popcorn, whole wheat,whole-grain pasta)
  • Eggs
  • SoyaBeans


There are different types of workout for different purposes and for increasing height the the body needs to be stretched so the body is forced to grow, there are specific stretching exercises that are the most effective for increasing height.

Trunk Stretches

  • spinal twist
  • knees to chest
  • cat stretch
  • side trunk
  • back extension

Hip Stretches

  • forward lunge
  • side lunge
  • sitting hip stretch

Leg Stretches

  • hamstring (sitting)
  • calf (gastroc)
  • hamstring (supine)
  • quadriceps (side lying)
  • calf (soleus)
  • quadriceps (standing)
  • hamstring (standing)

Upper Body Stretches

  • chest
  • wrist extension
  • wrist flexion
  • shoulder overhead

Neck Stretches

  • neck (front & back)
  • neck (side)[AdSense-B]


  • Do not lift weights
  • Do not stretch to much or you might get injured
  • Do not stress your muscles out too much

Hope this article helps you!

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