Top Surprising Health Benefits Of Watermelon

If you are talking about the upcoming summer season and are scared of scorching heat laps, then sipping over chilled watermelon juice is indeed the perfect choice for thrashing the summer’s roasting heat. Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is available in the summer season and is grown by a wide variety in Pakistan. While it is in the native language of Pakistan called as “Tarboozor “Tarbuz”. It belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Moreover, with the success being of science, the seedless varieties of watermelons are also accessible. Though the red fleshed watermelons are most common ones, but there are other varieties of yellow, orange, or white flesh colored.Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Besides being tremendously delicious, watermelon quenches our thirst and boosts up the body with antioxidants such as vitamins and lycopene. Watermelon processes neutral flavor slightly like mild sugary syrup. This is also being useful for diabetics as it contains 6% of sugar and about 92% of water. As with high water content, it is considered to be best for preventing dehydration through summers. The entire fruit is highly nutritious and other than ingestion it is being used in lip glosses, essences, lipsticks, body fragrances and shower gels due to its refreshing nature. Scroll down to know about more benefits of Watermelon.

Health Benefits Of Watermelon:

Watermelon serving as good vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and low in calories, with a good amount of dietary fibers provided as an excellent gift for summer season plus it improves your health in natural way.

Watermelon For Stronger Bones:

Lycopene present in watermelon plays an important role in the endorsement of the bone health. Further, Dietary lycopene decreases the oxidative stress and reduces the activity of osteoclasts and osteoblasts (these are the two bone cells which are involved in the progression of osteoporosis – a bone’s disorder). So, eating lycopene-rich foods (such as watermelon) could make your bones healthier. Moreover, watermelon also has a good amount of potassium that assists in retaining calcium in the body, which leads to healthier and stronger bones and joints.

Prevent Dehydration Through Watermelons:

First of all, it is clear from its 92% of water content that this fruit is rich in liquid which ultimately prevents you from dehydration in sweltering summer. But the story doesn’t end here, watermelons do have some unique properties which made them different from other fruits. Watermelon is rich in the electrolytes such as potassium and sodium which we lose by sweating. It decreases the threat of dehydration by substituting these electrolytes in the body fluid. Additionally, it contains sugar components which also help to build up back our energy which and other nutrients which we lost during perspiration. Hence drinking a glass of watermelon juice is enough to combat from outside heat.

Watermelon Helps To Remove Kidney Stones:

Watermelon as a natural diuretic helps in increasing the flow of urine deprived of straining the kidneys. The contents of potassium present in watermelon help in the removing the gathered salt bonds of limestone and also work for the reduction of proportion of uric acid in the blood, thus decreasing the risk of removing kidney stones. Watermelon furthermore empowers the liver to process ammonia (which is a waste resulted from protein digestion), hence facilitating the straining process of kidneys though getting rid of surplus fluids.

Watermelon Prevents Acidity:

The fully ripped watermelons process an alkaline nature, hence neutralize the acidic fluid (which is the cause of acidity or burning sensation in summer) in the stomach. Moreover, the foods like fresh fruits and vegetables which have alkaline properties can greatly decrease the risk of mounting illness and disease caused by high acidic food such as meat, eggs, and other spicy sour food.

Removes Surplus Oil From The Skin:

Watermelon is rich in vitamins especially vitamin A, that is an important ingredient for our health and liveliness of our skin. Its paste, when applied on the skin, decreases the size of the pores on the skin and reduces the oil released through the sebaceous glands. For this purpose, especially the whitish portion (just up next to the eatable red flex of watermelon) of this fruit is more beneficial to use on the face in paste form.

Method Of Treating The Sunburns:

Sunburns are considered as a first bad gift of summer when its heat is at its peak; especially those people who generally work out for a long time get entangled with these sun marks. The refreshing property of watermelon with the presence of rich amount of various nutrients and most importantly the electrolytes, help to treat the sunburns. For getting more efficiency or quick action, you can add cucumber into it. For the preparation of watermelon and cucumber face pack extract out the watermelon watermelon to get health benefits for your body in summer

Now grind it into a smooth paste. In the other bowl take washed cucumbers and grind them too into a fine paste. Now mix equal proportions of watermelon and cucumber mush and mix thoroughly. For the ease of application you can add some chickpea powder into this paste to get required consistency. Apply this pack on your face uniformly. Leave it on your face up to 15 minutes and wash gently with slightly cold water. The regular use of this skin pack will not only assists in healing the sunburns but also brighter your complexion.

Watermelon Improves Digestion and Prevents Obesity:

Watermelon, if eat as as a whole, can improves the digestion. As it contains a rich amount of dietary fibers, which not only improves the digestive health but also gives you the feeling of satiety that ultimately prone you to eat less hence helps you to reduce weight in healthy manner. So, watermelon can be used effectively in the prevention or reduction of obesity. Moreover, it also helps in kowering down the proportion of fats in the body. Watermelon conatins a special compound called citrulline, it can supress the buildup of fat in the cells. [AdSense-B]

This compound which is basically an amino acid, it gets transformed into another compound called arginine when engrossed by the body. Citrulline, when absorbed by the body, can block the action of the “tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP)”, hence triggering less production of fats by the cells and stopping over-buildup of body fat.


Do You Know About the Popular Benefits of Bananas?

Banana is one of the most delicious fruits. Our country is probably the most delicious, wholesome and force them to eat more fruit after mango. This is a delicious, sweet, healthy eating and passion fruits to eat. Says the oldest banana fruit is used from the time before Christ.Benefits of Bananas

Benefits of Bananas

Alexander had grown in the valley of the river, but now cultivated in many parts of the world. Now widely cultivated Sindh. Banana Moose kg in Arabic, Bengali bickering, -Sindhi, called banana in English. I Atba Banana views on the fire and the second in the cold. Some hot water nearby. In the Indian subcontinent there are many kinds of different cultivation. Each type has its own distinctive banana its taste, flavor, nutrition and empowering work. Other types of names known to them are as follows: the water molecule, sHlt Dhaka field, hit, rain banana, abuse, cockney, Roy banana, Aries banana, cynyh, hgyra, JahaniaN, hidden, small, buffalo, Mumbai banana green bark stack banana banana etc. According to scientific analysis 450 kilo calories half bananas. Banana is more than solid food and water.

Due to the abundance of healthy zudhzm it. Those tired, bananas is very useful for them. Banana is a lack of iodine. It helps in all disease a deficiency of iodine. ripe bananas are high in starch, it is also significant fruit sugar.
Nutrients 80% of the bananas. Approximately 4/3 of sugar water, and the remaining 5/1 of the starches, soluble fiber, minerals and vitamins. Carbohydrates to increase the ability to work due to eating more bananas. There is more meat to nitrogen unit.
Kylsyym Banana (lime), magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and copper. The strawberry is the iron. Banana oil is found in many proteins that are too small.
Banana about vitamins (vitamin A) the most useful fruit. They contain vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C increased. In addition, vitamin D, vitamin E occur. Banana, because vitamin C is good for the gums.

The starch is available in bulk, it is helpful to children. When mixed with banana remove milk powder land be given to children can be very rewarding. According to restaurants, who have tested the capacity, within six (6) from the inside of your stature and physically from other children. his teeth are white, shiny and strong.
School children were poor, have benefited from the day two glasses of milk and bananas. Chradya infants, when using milk in the numbers comes with a ripe banana pulp baby independent of other types of food. It is enough for a child. It helps to use banana complaints of poor children. Dysentery and diarrhea patients benefit from the use of bananas.[AdSense-B]
As banana tree fruits, roots, leaves, etc. are all part of. Banana is a dry cough and sore throat. Inside and outside to prevent bleeding from anywhere. Banana and helpful for patients blood pressure is salt and potassium are found. Banana joyous heart and blood. Constantly eating banana skin is thick. Weakness advised to eat bananas. Burn can be found on the laptop irritation, swelling and pain at times. Amathumba skin wounds good laptop freezing phnsyan.

snakebites Treat
If someone cut it from the snake juice fresh banana trees soon margzydh two pladya cup of juice is better than breastfeeding.


Top 7 Health Benefits of Cantaloupe (Drink Recipe)

Cantaloupe is one of the delicious fruits of summer, usually available in almost each and every niche of the world within the suitable season. In Pakistan, it is generally called as Garma in a native language. It is loaded with lots of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, dietary fibers and more. It contains sweet watery taste and is best to hydrate the body in summer. Not just the fruit content but the seed content is also being used to a bundle of vitamins and oil extraction purpose.Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe pulp is being used to cure various diseases traditionally and is especially used at its best in China for health purpose. Here we select to discuss out some of the health benefits of cantaloupe:

1. Helps in Quitting the Smoking:

As for regular or extensive smokers, it would become very hard to quit smoking because of its unwanted symptoms. These impairment symptoms are caused due to the addiction of nicotine, a compound found in cigarette smoke to which a smoker inhales. Cantaloupes help the smokers by providing him specified nutrients and minerals to help him deal faster with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, the cigarette smokers have lost the massive quantity of vitamin A while smoking, eating cantaloupes causes them to regain the required amount of vitamin A in the body.

2. Cantaloupe Favors in the Production of White Blood Cells:

White Blood Cells are generally quoted as WBCs. These are the main or chief components of the blood which are generally produced through bones. These are the cells which are required by the body to fight against pre-existing infections and to protect the body from the attack of incoming pathogenic bacteria. Cantaloupes have amazing ability to boost up the white blood cells in the blood and ultimately enhance the person’s immunity. The presence of an abundant amount of powerful antioxidants helps them to prevent oxidation as they scavenge free radicals from the body. Furthermore, cantaloupe also prevents from the damage of pre-formed white blood cells in the body, hence making their quantity level high.

3. Cantaloupes are Helpful to Reduce High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension in medical language. This is basically the impairment caused by the improper flow and irregular pressure setup of the blood from the body. In the regulation of blood flow, the two components, sodium and potassium are considered to be responsible. The blood pressure reaches high when the amount or the ratio of any of sodium or potassium, goes down. So, the presence of potassium in cantaloupe fruit proves it to be ideal for controlling the high blood pressure.

4. Anti-Aging Properties of Cantaloupe:

Cantaloupes have the ability to help in collagen synthesis and uphold the skin elasticity. Cantaloupes contain an exceptional set of various vitamins which assists in the maintaining the skin to look younger. Antioxidants (as we found them mentioned on the label of various cosmetic creams) are also a chief ingredient for younger looking skin and of course cantaloupes are enriched with them. Moreover, cantaloupes do have a rich amount of folic acid which helps to keep wrinkles away and promotes the regeneration of skin cells. So, eat cantaloupe salad or drink its juice to get back to youthful looking teen skin again!

5. Cantaloupe Seeds against Intestinal Worms:

Cantaloupe seeds have their inner flesh; you can find that by removing the outer covering of cantaloupe seeds. This material is very useful to expel the intestinal worms. Another way used for the elimination of intestinal worms is to take cantaloupe seed oil. Traditionally in japan, the cantaloupe seeds oil with warm milk is given to the patient for the elimination of intestinal worms and to improve the digestion as well. Additionally, these seeds contain magnesium and are also helpful in brain boosting and are used with milk.

6. Cantaloupe Prevents Cardiovascular Problems:

Cantaloupe is considered to make the heart healthy by preventing from cardiovascular diseases. Cantaloupes are rich in vitamin C which averts from arteriosclerosis which is characterized by the hardening of arteries. Additionally, cantaloupes are also provided with a special compound known as adenosine. This compound has the ability to thin the blood, and this property of cantaloupes could be very useful for prevention of heart diseases. Even the patients with cardiovascular diseases are recommended to take allopathic formulas, these prescribed, medicines also have the property to thin the blood, then why it is not better for you to keep away these chemically made medicines and go for a natural and healthy cure! Although the story doesn’t end here, cantaloupes are also composed of folic acid which is also known as a chief ingredient in the prevention and treatment of various heart problems.

7. Cantaloupes Combats Stress:

In this busy lifestyle, everybody stuck into the niche of stress. Extreme working at the office with coming deadline, or heavy home stuff working during hot summer days, or tough competition and workout in the school for kids; everything creates the sense of stress to almost everyone even for a man, woman or children as well. Coming back to home with the stressful mind in hot days of summer not just require a drink. Here is the need of cold cantaloupe juice which would promisingly make you feel relaxed in minutes. As mentioned above that cantaloupe is the fruit rich in potassium that regularizes the heartbeat and endorses the oxygen supply to the brain, hence make you feel more focused and relaxed. This drink prevents cell death which is caused by oxidative stress. [AdSense-B]

Besides, cantaloupes also contain a distinct compound known as superoxide dismutase; this compound lowers the stress by relaxing your benefits of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe Drink Recipe:


Cantaloupe pulp          –             1 Cup

Sugar                              –            2 tablespoon

Lemon Juice                 –             1 teaspoon

Water                             –             1 ½ Cups

Ice Cubes                       –            As required


  1. Wash and peel the cantaloupes to extract out the cantaloupe pulp (you can cut the peeled cantaloupe into cubes and use them for the drink).
  2. In a shaker, add cantaloupe pulp or cubes, sugar, lemon juice, and water.
  3. Grinds for one or two minutes until got a smooth drink.
  4. Add ice cubes and grind them too. Your drink is ready to enjoy now!

Note: You can grind some mint leaves with cantaloupe pulp or cubes to get an additional taste.


8 Astronishing Loquat Benefits For Your Health

Loquat (Nispero) is a small, sweet fruit with tangy flavor. It is generally available in Pakistan according to the season. It is also called Chinese plum and basically belongs to china. It is a yellowish colored fruit which grows on large shrubs. It belongs to Rosacea family with the scientific name of Eriobotrya japonica. Talking about its nutritional evidence, loquats are enriched with numerous health benefits. They have massive amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B complex (including riboflavin, Pyridoxine, thiamine, niacin, and Foliates) and vitamin A. Moreover, loquats contain lots of minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus.loquat benefits

Loquats are rich in carbohydrates and contain monounsaturated fatty acids such as omega 6 fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids. This little fruit contains a bunch of health treatments with amazing components it got. Scroll down to know about the health benefits of Loquat.

Health Benefits of Loquats:

Along with mouthwatering taste, Loquats are blessed with countless health benefits. Some of those are mentioned here.

1. Cancer Treatment through Loquat:

About his deadly disease, cancer, theLoquats are proved to be very useful in its treatment. In various researches, it is documented that the loquat extract contains specified compounds which have cytokine immune modulation properties, which is a plus point towards cancer therapy from the natural source. Moreover, the laetrile is the compound also specified to loquats, this compound is also being used for the treatment of cancer. Loquat is being used in various natural therapies for cancer patients.

Among all types, the loquat is more particulate for the treatment of colon cancer. With huge pectin content, loquats act as the best laxative and retain moisture for the colon. By this, Loquat can prevent colon mucous membrane to be prone to cancer-causing toxic substances, as well as it helps in binding the toxins and emit them from the body thus maintaining the health of the colon.

2. Loquats are Excellent Source of Vitamin A:

Loquats with an abundant amount of vitamin A are proved to be one of the excellent sources of this vitamin. Vitamin A is considered to be essential for maintaining skin health. Consumption of foods which are full of vitamin A can help to prevent from cavity and lung cancer. Furthermore, vitamin A is also useful for persistent dental health. While the importance of vitamin A for eye and vision improvement doesn’t need any justification because this vitamin is famous for this contribution.

3. Maintaining the Blood Pressure:

Loquats are rich of potassium, this character makes them fit for maintaining the blood pressure to normal level. People with high blood pressure are described to eat loquats daily as a natural cure for their high blood pressure. Potassium in loquats maintains body fluid hence make the nutrient transport process easier. Loquats further boost up the health of your heart, and also prevent from heart strokes.

4. Loquats Help in Weight Reduction:

Loquats help in the weight reduction process by preventing over-lipid formation in the body. This fruit consists of a good amount of dietary fibers which make loquats a healthy and best option to lose weight. These dietary fibers prevent irregular hunger pangs by maintaining the satiety by keeping your stomach fill for a long period of time hence prevents you from more eating. Additionally, these dietary fibers are well known for maintaining digestive health by giving strength to the digestive system. They chiefly suppress the blood cholesterol level and assist in the excretion of its excess amount from the body. Thus provide you with good health and normal ranged weight with a sweet taste. So if you are overweight or found your blood cholesterol to be high, then go and rush towards fruit shop and buy some loquats to get you in good health.

5. Cough Remedy:

The sedative property of loquats makes them prominent in all fruits for giving soothing relaxation in coughs. Many pharmaceutical companies use certain types of chemicals for getting this sedative property in cough syrups while loquats have thus built-in property. In China, loquat leaves decoction is considered to be a traditional remedy for the cure of cough. It improves respiratory system functioning by eliminating phlegm and through this, they make it easier to cough. You can make this decoction at home by boiling some loquat leaves in water and have a cup of this extract with one teaspoon of honey two times a day to get a soothing effect.

6. Loquats are loaded with Essential Minerals:

Loquats are rich in a number of essential minerals. Most often you hear about the mineral deficiency such as the deficiency of iron in children. In a way to recover from this deficiency, the doctor prescribes the patient with lots of supplements. Now you would not have to take those smelly supplements to take the mineral level up for your body. Because loquat is a great source of minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium etc. Iron helps to prevent from anemia. Potassium promotes proper blood circulation. [AdSense-B]

Manganese acts as a co-factor in the body for antioxidant enzymes. While copper is the mineral which is required for the production of red blood cells.

7. Loquats Help to Increase Insulin Production:

Using loquats is the functional and dietetic treatment for the prevention of hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Loquats, when consumed, release a number of essential compounds in the body which are collectively called as polysaccharides which assist in the reduction of diabetes by the promoting insulin production. So, the consumption of loquats is purely natural remedy to treat insulin-dependent diabetes. Also with their low sugar content, they help to prevent the endorsement of this disease.

8. Loquats Reduce Uric acid Level:

Increased uric acid is mainly found in the people with age of above 30 years. It results in the formation of crystal type accumulations in the specific parts of the body such as foot edges and joints which cause severe pain. Loquats are the proved remedy for the reduction of uric acid level in the body.

They contain vitamin C and other citric acid related compounds which help to break the crystals of uric acid and eliminate them from your body in the form of urine. Daily consumption of loquats promisingly helps in the reduction of uric acid.


Top 11 Magical Benefits of Pomegranate for Health

Pomegranate is called to be a fruit of heaven. It is generally available in Pakistan and in native language it is called as Anar Pomegranate fruit consists of red diamond-like structures filled with delicious sweet juice with tangy flavor has great importance in nutrition science. Moreover, this is considered to be the lucky fruit in Chinese tradition. It is used as a traditional fruit in Greek weddings. However, Egyptians consider this fruit as eternity provider, so they bury Pomegranate with dead bodies. This fruit other than these considerations have lots of other benefits as well.Benefits of Pomegranate

Health Benefits of pomegranate:

Pomegranate is originated from Iran and is now being produced in a wide range of countries, and is easily available in Asian countries. This article put a spotlight on the numerous health benefits of this king style Pomegranate fruit. Scroll down to know more!

1. Treatment of Cancers with Pomegranate:

As the deadly disease cancer is caused by the presence of high level of free radicals which promotes the overgrowth of cancerous cells. Pomegranate with the high amount of antioxidants scavenges free radicals from the body and prevents the cell damage. Thus, it prevents breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lungs cancer.

2. Prevents Heart Strokes:

Pomegranate helps to remove bad cholesterol (LDL) from the body and promotes good cholesterol (HDL), hence prevents from heart stroke. Moreover, it improves blood circulation in the body through heart thus make it healthy and working. It is revealed through various researches that regular consumption of pomegranate effectively treats the high blood pressure.

3. Improves the Immune System:

The compounds present in this fruit significantly acts upon the body and improves the immune system. Especially the abundance of vitamin C in the pomegranate is equal to 20% of our daily requirement of this vitamin (this percentage is based on the seeds extracted from a medium sized pomegranate).

4. Pomegranate Strengthens Your Bones:

The mineral contents present in pomegranate proved to be helpful for strengthening the bones. In a scientific study, it is shown that the milky fluid extracted from the pomegranate seeds contains calcium and phosphorus, and these are the two substances which are well known for the improvement of bones strength and prevents from osteoarthritis.

5. Dental Plaque prevention:

Dental plaque is a condition related to the tooth ailment. It is characterized by the growth of bacterial colonies among or on the surface of teeth. These bacteria slowly damage the teeth and turn them black in sever cases. A study about dental plaque revealed that the polyphenols, ellagic acids, and tannin compounds present in this fruit can help in the inhibition colony formation of bacteria which cause plaque.

6. Prevents Obesity:

The presence of vitamin C in great amount in the pomegranate can cut the cholesterol off from the body, hence prevents unhealthy overweight. The high percentage of dietary fibers can give the feeling of fullness, hence helps in controlling from over-eating and satisfy the appetite. This feature helps in weight control.

7. Cure from Diarrhea:

This fruit is considered to be helpful in the treatment of diarrhea as a natural remedy due to its amazing astringent properties. But the consumption of over amount of this fruit can result in constipation. The high amount of dietary fibers in the pomegranate can improve the digestive system for better and more absorption of food to get the maximum benefit.

8. Pomegranate in High Blood Pressure:

Daily intake of pomegranate juice not only gives you energy but also proves to be very helpful in the suppression of high blood pressure. This high blood pressure is caused by the impairment of blood circulation in the body. In most of the cases, the abnormal structural changes of arteries result in the creation of high pressure of blood in the body. This occurs because of high fatty food consumption or due to the unhealthy lifestyle. As the plaque like substance accumulate on the walls of arteries and disturb the proper blood flow rate through them. This process can generate pressure for the blood, to which we generally called as “High Blood Pressure”. Pomegranate with acidic nature helps by cutting down the level; of cholesterol in the blood. Vitamin C present in pomegranate juice can help the blood to be free form free radicals and hence improve its purity. Thus the blood couldn’t cause plaque like substance formation on the arterial walls and get the patient rid of this horrific high blood pressure.

9. Fight Against Alzheimer’s disease:

Pomegranate juice could be very useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Its daily intake slows down the prevalence of this disease by suppressing down its symptoms of this disease. Pomegranate positively improves the brain’s health naturally due to the presence of different kinds of minerals especially magnesium. It imparts visible changes in the life of a diseased patient by boosting up its daily activities.

10. Pomegranate as a Tonic for the Skin:

The serums which are made from pomegranate are being very commercialized and appreciated by the consumers due to their proven effectiveness and non-sticky properties. Pomegranate is being used as a prominent ingredient in most of the beauty and skin care products. But if you don’t prefer to buy them from the market, then don’t worry! We have better options for you. [AdSense-B]

For making a pomegranate makes for the skin, just take out the pomegranate juice and mix it with a little chickpea powder to make a thick paste. Now apply this paste gently over your skin and leave for 15 minutes. After complete drying of the mask, wash it with lukewarm water for better results.

11. Pomegranate for Soft and Bright Skin:

Pomegranate role in the softening of the skin is very popular. It works on the basis of collagen maintenance. Collagen is the main compound basic in the skin that is responsible for the soft and healthier skin. Pomegranate contains certain components which prevent the enzymes form breaking down the collagen, thus maintaining the softness of the skin. Furthermore, pomegranate helps in the production of fibroblasts; these are the cells which produce fiber and elastin which are very important to make the skin supple and smooth.Pomegranate juice for health benefits This juice also promotes the growth of keratinocytes; these are the cells from which the outer layer of our skin is comprised. The increase in proliferation of these cells significantly helps to improve your skin’s ability to repair itself after any environmental damage (including skin cells damage). Additionally, the mostly applied benefit of pomegranate juice is to brighten the skin. Due to the presence of vitamin C and Vitamin E the pomegranate juice can efficiently brighten your skin. For better results along with consumption, you should apply the pomegranate juice mixed with honey on your face to get brighter and glowing skin.


Top 10 Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit – You Never Know!

Papaya is the fruit comprised of countless health benefits. Talking a little bit about its history, then this fruit is basically originated from Central America and then had been grown in various tropical countries. Now, this fruit is being grown in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US mainly. Papaya is easily available in Pakistan in the specified season. Now the varieties of hybrid papaya are being introduced and are being brought to the Pakistan, showing better commercial repute with good taste.Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Health Benefits of Papaya Fruit:

Each and every part of papaya, even from leaves to seed, has owned its greatest importance. Each of it imparts specified health benefits. Here we are discussing some of the chief health benefits of papaya pulp, but later we will definitely share health benefits of papaya seeds and leaves in some next articles.

1. Papaya gives you the immune strength:

Papaya is the amazing fruit which is blessed with immune boosting ingredients. Papaya contains beta-carotenes in the higher amount than those of other foods we use to improve our immune system. Hence regular intake of papaya pulp can make your body strong and defensive against various infections and ailments.

2. Get Rid of Dark Spots with Papaya:

Papaya pulp is an excellent source of providing healthier skin. Talking about your face’s skin, eating the papaya pulp or applying its paste, both methods are proven to be successful in making the skin cells healthier and preventing from infections. Papaya contains special remedy potential for dark spots. By gently rubbing papaya pulp paste to your skin or the effective areas two times a day for 10 minutes would leave you with glowing, healthier and toned skin in just one week. Moreover, for getting your pores clean, the papaya scrub is also very effective.

For making papaya scrub at home, mix two tablespoons of papaya paste with one tablespoon of granulated sugar (add some honey as it is optional). Apply this mixture to your skin (with gentle rubbing) to clean out the dust and bacterial spores from your skin. Its healing power for the skin can be estimated from the fact of the healing of cracked heels. Yes! Papaya has that much strong skin healing power which can heal the cracked heel skin as well. For this, mix papaya paste and almond oil in half and half ratio and apply this mixture over your cracked heels overnight. You would see the amazing result in just three days.

3. Heal Your Cracked Heels with Papaya:

The healing power of papaya for the skin can be estimated from the fact of the healing of cracked heels. Yes! Papaya has that much strong skin healing power which can heal the cracked heel skin as well. For this, mix papaya paste and almond oil in half and half ratio and apply this mixture over your cracked heels overnight. You would see the amazing result in just three days.

4. Cholesterol Reduction with Papaya:

Papaya fruit is generally recommended in the cases of obesity to maintain weigh by lowering the cholesterol in some cases. In other cases, the high cholesterol definitely leads the patient slowly towards heart diseases such as heart strokes.

Papaya contains excessive amounts of Vitamin A, C and E, which act as antioxidants and prevent the oxidation of present cholesterol in the body, hence prevent from the occurrence of diseases cause from the oxidation of present cholesterol in the body. Moreover, papaya regulates the liver functioning thus proved to be helpful in the reduction of cholesterol.

5. Papaya in high blood pressure:

Papaya fruit is considered to be helpful in the reduction of high blood pressure at early stages. It contains high amount of potassium which surely regulate arterial blood flow by acting in ionic form. In china, papaya is used in herbal medicines to lower the hypertension (high blood pressure) and to regulate the potassium level in the body.

6. Papaya in the Protection of eyesight:

It is shown in various studies that papaya is the fruit which lower the chances of eyes diseases which are caused by muscle weakness. Eating papaya regularly can prevent or even treat the muscle degeneration occurs as with growing age. Thus make your eye sight in good condition. By giving scientific proof, it contains zeaxanthin and lutein which protect the eyes from the damage caused by high light rays (especially when working in sunlight or watching TV).

7. Strengthening your digestive System with Papaya:

You probably heard it off that papaya paste is used to tenderize the meat before cooking it. The same phenomenon is used in our body. As papaya contains a compound called “papain”, this compound is used for the breakdown of protein. While in the stomach it is used to breakdown the protein-food we eat, and helps in digestion.

Furthermore, the dietary fibers present in papaya fruit do play their role in strengthening your digestive system by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria in intestine for further reduction or digestion of food into simpler content. Hence make the body avail of each and every nutrient of the food you eat which ultimately improves your health.

8. Improves the Respiratory System:

Papaya improves respiratory health and even prevents the respiratory system from various impairments. As it contains Vitamin C, which combats the viral infections that can prove to be fatal for your respiratory tract. While Vitamin A present in papaya fights against the symptoms of emphysema.

9. Hair Conditioning and Dandruff Treatment with Papaya:

Among the numerous health benefits of papaya, it also contributes a lot towards the beauty of your hair. Because of the presence of various compounds such as minerals, vitamins and enzymes in this amazing fruit, it can work as an amazing conditioner. For best results, mix 3 tables spoon of papaya paste, 2 table spoon of coconut oil, 1 table spoon of yoghurt (to neutralize its nature). Massage this mixture over you already washed hair and leave for 20 minutes. Now wash you hair and see the visible difference in just one wash.[AdSense-B]

As a treatment for dandruff, papaya is promising ingredient. But the method of usage may differ and matters a lot. Here you would not to be use papaya paste over your scalp. For best dandruff treatment, papaya vinegar is recommended for amazing results. Dilute the papaya vinegar half and half with water, and apply it (after shampooing) over your scalp as a final rinse. Repeat this for almost two weeks to get rid of dandruff.

10. Papaya for Weigh Loss:

If your goal is to reduce your weight, then papaya is the best choice for you. It contains high amount of dietary fibers which give you the sense of fullness and prevent you from over eating. Additionally, it gives you satiety by just giving fewer amounts of calories loaded with delicious taste. This fruit is more special for the patients who skipped out sugar from their diet in case to reduce weight, because papaya contains lesser amount of sugar but still gives you with sweet taste.


11 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot – Do You Know?

Apricots are yellow to pinkish colored small fruits which belong to rosacea family. It is a summer season fruit and is available in winters in canned forms. Here are some the benefits of Apricot amazing fruit listed below:Benefits of Apricot

1. Asthma Treatment through Apricot:

Asthma is considered to be a dreadful disease for which a number of expensive allopathic medicines are available in the market, that definitely have their side-effects too. Apricots are believed to be a proven remedy for asthma patients and relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and tuberculosis as well.

2. Tooth Care with Apricot:

Teeth are the vital parts of our physical beauty of the face, just a single problem in frontier teeth can badly effect our reflection. Apricots have an abundant amount of calcium which gives strength to our teeth and of course bones. However, regular consumption of apricots assists by maintaining the bone health. It may also prevent you from various malnutrition tooth diseases.

3. Apricots in the Remedy of Fever:

In some traditional areas of India, the extract of apricots is being used to cure fever and other cold symptoms. The decoction of apricots is prepared by mixing it with hot water and diluting some honey into it. This will treat the fever and relief from thirst and additionally provides you with minerals and vitamins for advanced health.

4. Prevents From Arthritis:

Apricots have and amazing property to prevent inflammation. Forgetting maximum benefits of anti-inflammatory property the apricot oil is used. The incorporation of apricot oil in herbal medicines can relieve from arthritis by reducing its symptoms. Moreover, it also assists in treating pain and gives comfort to the affected areas.

5. Improves Immunity:

As with the weak immune system the body could be easily more prone to the various infections even from colds and flu to aids. The apricot’s seed oil with natural properties helps in strengthening the immune systems. Hence, prevents the body from various diseases caused by the weak defensive action.

6. Relieves from Skin Problems:

Apricot is the fruit which is rich in various Vitamins especially Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with lycopene. This formulation acts as an excellent source of skin care for sensitive skin. Apricot oil can even prevent from various skin damages. This oil is attained through the dried seeds of apricots. Because of the abundant amount of Vitamin C present in it, it can affectively soften the skin and make it glowing and beautiful. Furthermore, this oil can prevent from a variety of skin infections and most importantly it is non-sticky, so does not make your skin oily and dumpy. Especially in winter, it acts as a perfect moisturizer for face and hands, not just only for the skin, but it is also very useful for scalp care, thus promoting healthy hairs.

7. Prevents the Signs of Aging:

Apricot is a well-known word for scrub production. As most of the scrubs use are made of apricots. Apricots can assist to get you rid of the dead skin cells which are the main and foremost signs of aging and promotes the new skin cells to grow. Apricot paste is loaded with promising exfoliating property which prevents the skin from small wrinkles and fine lines by removing the old or dead skin cells from the skin. Additionally, apricot oil is effective in maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness, and clarity.apricot health benefits

For softer skin, apricot oil could be used with other fruits. Due to its nourishing and revitalizing properties, it is being employed in various aroma therapies for the skin. The apricot oil acquires a mild nature that’s why it is abundantly utilized in various baby products as well.

8. Prevents Cancer:

Apricots contain an abundant amount of anti-oxidants which prevents the body from free radicals by scavenging them. These radicals are the resultant products of UV rays, pollution, and smoke as these conditions stimulate their generation in the body. These free radicals interrupt the normal cell growth process and are responsible for minor changes in the DNA of respected cells. This alteration in the function and DNA lead to the production of cancerous cells. Apricots have a huge amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A which act as powerful anti-oxidants and are used by the body to fight against cancer diseases.

9. Prevents from Heart-Strokes:

This amazing fruit reduces the occurrence of heart-related problems. As mentioned above that they are rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and lycopene, these agents reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL), hence minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves heart health. Along with this, apricots can also be used in the reduction of weight in obesity cases, as they are rich in dietary fibers which make them ideal for weight-loss progress. While due to the presence of dietary fibers in abundant form apricots strengthen the whole digestive tract.

10. Prevents from Anemia:

Apricots are a well –known source of iron and minerals which promote the formation of blood, thus improve the energy and blood flow. The anemia is caused by iron deficiency; hence consumption of apricots can treat the problem. Additionally, apricots also possess a little amount of copper which act as the main element for the absorption of iron in the body. It is shown through various studies that continuous consumption of this fruit promotes the production of hemoglobin in the body which is the main symptom of anemia when reduced.

Khurmani ke faedy apricot health benefits
Healthy Eating Macro Apricot Dried Fruit Snacks

11. A Perfect Conditioner:

Apricots are one of those magical fruits which beautify you more and more with their amazing benefits. Apricot oil contains a massive amount of linoleic and oleic acids which prove to be not less than a wonder for your hair. These beneficial acids with the amalgam of various vitamins especially Vitamin E presents in the same fruit makes this a perfect ingredient for a conditioner. [AdSense-B]

You can add this oil to your shampoo or use it as a conditioner for extremely soft and healthier hair. Moreover, it moisturizes your scalp by making the scalp skin healthier. It treats other scalp problems as well such as dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema. This little fruit is very helpful in promoting hair growth. Its special ingredient (Vitamin E) prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. For excellent results, apricot oil is being mixed with castor oil for flawless and beautiful hair.


Health Benefits of Sapota – Chiku Benefits in Health Care

“Sapota” is the name of which most of us are not so much familiar, it is generally called as Chiku in a native language (Urdu/Hindi). This is the fruit from tropical fruits family and is carried by evergreen trees. Sapota is nutrient rich and is loaded with numerous health benefits. The origin of this fruit is Central America especially brazil and Mexico, mainly this fruit is imported from these areas or distributed to other countries, while it is easily available in supermarkets of Pakistan as well.Benefits of Sapota

Benefits of Sapota

Sapota is sweet tasted fruit with grainy texture of brown colored flesh. Its seeds are flat dark brown or black colored in hard texture which is used in medicines as well as the nutrition science prevails. Here are some of its benefits which are listed below with description:

1. Sapota/Chiku for Healthier Skin:

Sapota is an excellent choice for healthy skin because of its various mineral contents. It gives you healthier and glowing skin with natural therapy without any side effect so you get beauty with taste. As this fruit tone up your complexion and give a boost to your sensitive skin thus prevents you from using various kinds of cosmetic product most of which ultimately destroy your skin, so go for a healthy way with sapota. This fruit contains an abundant amount of antioxidants which act as a therapy ingredient for reducing the aging signs by scavenging free radicals from the body. Sapota also works for wrinkles and black slaps on the face which are most difficult to fight in the aging process. Not only its flesh, but its seeds are also proved to be very useful for the skin, as the seed oil of chiku is employed as an ointment for skin, while the left over after oil extraction (which is also called seed cake) is used in scrubs for the skin. Moreover, the tree of sapota is also very useful, as its milk sap can be used for antibacterial; action and to combat the infection of the skin. This fruit contains an abundant amount of vitamin E which is mainly used in various pharmaceutical products for skin, but with the combination of vitamin C and A amplify its action and gives you with more glowing results.

2. Sapota Benefits for Hairs:

In growing age by the use of loads of chemicals in the form of shampoos and conditioners, our hairs got serious damage. The real demand of healthy and strong hairs is the “natural remedy” without any chemical or any sort of complex formulation. By treating the hairs from natural ingredients, sapota took its name at the top rated fruits. The oil extracted from the seeds of chiku moisturizes the skin, prevents from dandruff, make the hairs softer and shinier, and most importantly this oil is non-sticky hence doesn’t look odd nor make you feel like a wet sticky chipmunk. Additionally, alleviate the rough and damaged skin problems and promotes the growth of new hairs, thus make you hairs thicker with a good volume. The oil is gently absorbable and doesn’t impart greasy stickiness to the scalp. This oil treats the hair fall accompanied by any dermal issue to the head. The most effective remedy for hair loss is half and half mixing of sapota seed oil and coconut oil, the application of this mixture to the scalp with gentle massage and after washing it leaves you with healthier and shinier hairs with proven reduced hair fall in just two weeks.

3. Sapota for Eyes:

Chiku/Sapota is the fruit rich from vitamin A, which is a well-known ingredient for eye health. So, with sweet taste this fruit assists in improvement of the eyesight. While talking about the back muscles of eye, here we got a point for those people who got their work which make them stuck to the laptop or computers, this continuous screen streaming definitely requires a boost up for eye muscles. Here is the solution in this little fruit, with the abundance amount of vitamins especially vitamin E and A this is proved to be helpful in this case as it strengthen your muscles and improves eye sight respectively.

4. Healthy Bones with Sapota:

In addition, to provide an abundant amount of energy to the overall body in the form of glucose, it is enriched with iron, calcium, and phosphorus which are proven through various studies as an eminent requirement for healthier bones. But this benefit of calcium is just available for those who eat this fruit with the peel as well. Sapota milkshake and smoothies are the uplift choice for children in growing stage.

5. Instant Source of Energy:

Sapota contains huge amount of glucose and fructose, these are simpler sugars (they are called simpler or simplified sugars because as compare to normal table sugar -sucrose- they doesn’t need to be breakdown by the body) hence are instantly available to the body. This instant energy boost-up property is very useful for athletes and is definitely better from the artificial drinks they take to lift up their energy instantly. So, if you are an athlete or know someone then definitely use or recommend your athlete friend to must take this fruit in the bag instead of glucose bottles.

6. Sapota for Tooth Care:

The seed powder of sapota is used traditionally in some areas in China for the purpose of whitening the teeth and making gums healthier. Moreover, a major problem prevailed everywhere (especially in children) is “cavity issue” which is caused by continual use of unsuitable foods can be cured with sapota. As it contains high latex content so help in the crude filling and prevents the problem of teeth cavity.

7. Sapota as Cold and Cough Remedy:

Chiku/Sapota is also helpful in the treatment of cold and cough by confiscating mucus and phlegm from the nasal cavity and throughout the respiratory tract. Furthermore, it also helps in combating fatigue which is the most irritating symptom of cold and cough.

8. Kidney Stones:

Kidney stones are appeared to be the most dangerous health problem which teases the patient slowly but dreadfully. As per the condition of water, this disease is prevailing at much higher rate particularly in under developing countries. Even in most areas, people are indulged to drink dirty water which causes kidney stones. But here is a good news for them too! Sapota seeds are proved to be the best remedy to combat kidney stones. The powder of dried seeds of sapota mixed with honey is the proven nutritional remedy as the seed powder acts as diuretic and assists in the expelling of kidney stone (in broken form) through benefits of chiku

Additionally, the sapota fruit contains a massive amount of nutrients such as magnesium which is an important mineral for brain health, potassium for treating high blood pressure, iron and folate to combat anemia, dietary fibers to strengthen the digestive tract, antioxidants and other agents to prevent from the infections. [AdSense-B]

For finest outcomes, you should eat whole fruit but it could be added in various desserts, can be used in milkshakes or even one can choose to take this in juice form the sapota fruit should be eaten ripe. But you can also choose to have the sapota juice if you please. So, grab this fruit in your diet as a delicious and sweet source of plentiful health benefits.


8 Magical Benefits of Date-Plams for Your Body

Dates are the type of fruit comprising with massive health benefits. Some nutritionists said that eating one date per day will prevent can prevent you from various problems by boosting up your immunity. It contains numerous macro and micro components such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium along with other minerals and vitamins.Benefits of Date

Magical Benefits of Date

The uncountable health benefits of dates made them a prominent element for health development. One can consume this amazing fruit through various ways such as in the form of puddings, milkshakes, smoothies, cakes, muffins and much more. Here are some of the Health Benefits of Dates.

1. Constipation: Dates are known for their laxative effect. This is the reason for which most of the herbalists recommend dates to their patients who have constipation problem. In order to have maximum benefit from dates, you can soak three dates in an almost half cup of water overnight and mix the fleshy part in the same water in the morning, eat this pasty material for three to four days will definitely get you rid of constipation. Dates have a massive amount of soluble fibers which are a required portion to assist bowel movement as well as help the comfortable passage of meal throughout the digestive tract. Hence, through this mechanism dates surely combat the symptoms of constipation.

2. Bone Strength: Dates with the pack of various minerals can help us a lot in different manners related to our health especially do a great work for our bones. As bones are one of the main parts of our body which are always being thirsty for minerals. They become healthier and gain good strength if they get a proper amount of required minerals. So, here is the perfect match for their desire. Dates contain magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese which are the minerals used for strengthening the bones or are often recommended by physicians to the patients who are suffering from bone problems. They can work significantly against osteoporosis and fight off other painful bone diseases. This fruit in relation to bones is particularly more useful for people who are getting in old stage and have their bones weaker with the passage of time, this fruit will give strength and required energy to boost their bone health.

3. Digestive Disorders: The compound called “nicotine” is present in dates and is well known in the medical world for the treatment of digestive ailments. Even many pharmacologists use this nutraceutical in their allopathic medicines as well. Moreover, regular intake of this magical fruit suppresses the progression of disease-causing bacteria which are the main cause of intestinal disorders while may promote the growth of essential digestive bacteria to promote health. Dates are composed of soluble and insoluble fibers along with various beneficial amino acids which may promote digestion process hence providing you with all the nutrients from the food you eat.

4. Anemia: Anemia is the disease caused by the deficiency of iron in the body. Dates, with high mineral and vitamin content, are proved to be beneficial for various health weaknesses, while their striking level of iron has ranked them an ideal dietary complement for those people who are travailing of anemia. Sluggishness and fatigue are two highlighted symptoms of anemia, though the iron present in dates not just only combat these symptoms from the root but also boost up obviously the amount of iron in the blood hence prevent from anemia.

5. Weight Gain: An amazing news for lean and skinny people who are got tired of taking bunches of medicines but still are on the same platform with their physique. As it is mentioned before that dates are the pack of enriched minerals, but for skinny people, just minerals or vitamins are not enough, obviously they require a massive amount of calorie intake. Dates provide just as a perfect match for their need. These are comprised of an abundant amount of calories in the form of proteins, sugars and other essential components. 100 grams of dates contain almost 2900 calories which work as a boost up for not only those people who want to lose weight but for children at their growing stage as well. Because of their huge amount of nutrients dates can be a good diet ingredient for those who are just recovered from some serious medical problem.

6. Nervous System: Dates are considered to have promising potential for boosting up the health of a nervous system. Among a chain of minerals present in this amazing fruit, potassium is one of the chief components for the promotion of more responsive and healthy nervous system. It’s shown by a research study that two groups of people with almost same IQ level were analyzed to have proposed amount of dates intake daily, those are revealed with the results that the first group with the daily intake of dates showed improved alertness response as compared to the other one. Dates milkshake is the best option for improving and boosting the brain and learning power for students.

7. Healthy Heart: Dates are placed at the markable place in the world of herbal treatments of heart. Especially Ajwa dates (a type of dates) are used to cure heart problems. Heart blockage is treated with the powder of Ajwa date pits, patients are directed to eat one tsp. of this powder with lukewarm water daily for a couple of weeks. They suppress the level of LDL cholesterol which is a red alarming sign for heart and blood pressure patients. Moreover, dates are used to cure heart attack, hypertension, heart valve contraction and other strokes.[AdSense-B]

8. Night Blindness: In addition to all of above benefits of this fruit, it treats different ailments of eyes but are well known for the treatment of night blindness. The leaves of date-palm tree are crushed into the paste and then this paste is rubbed over and around the eyes before at night. This process reduces the severity of night blindness. Even in most of the villages, date palm tree leaves are used for the cure of night blindness as an alternative to allopathic medicines.

Though date palms bring with marvelous nutritive values, but it should keep in mind that over usage of everything could be harmful. So eat tins amazing fruit in prescribed amount for getting out maximum of their benefits.


Top 8 Stunning Health Benefits of Guava Fruit

 Antidiarrheal action:

Diarrhea has been considered to be a disastrous situation for health faced globally and killed about 2.2 million patients worldwide. So, with the most prevailing disease, we still don’t want to go for chemicals in the form of chemicals, we want natural and quick treatment having no side effects. So, here it is! Guava, a fruit which is appeared as a blessing for this deadly disease. The study has been carried out on mice, showed shocking results in favor of antidiarrheal action of guava. It acts by inhibiting acute water loss, usual in the case of diarrhea. In addition, a specific compound present in guava, called galactose-specific lectin, is considered to be most effective in scavenging a famous diarrhea-causing bacteria named Escherichia coli, by preventing it to adhere the intestinal wall, hence prevents the main infection which actually causes diarrhea.Guava for body health

The point which is to remember is that the fruit (guava) should be ripe properly, as green (raw) guava can alter the results.Guava health benefits for body

Antimicrobial action:

Guava shows a potent antimicrobial action being beneficial for the human health. Recent researchers documented that the alcoholic extracts of guava can efficiently prevent the growth of Salmonella enteritidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus spp., Streptococcus mutans, Bacillus cereus, Shigella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and the most common one Escherichia coli which considered to be the major root of intestinal problems. Moreover, it has also been discovered that the extracts of ripe guava show fungicidal effects against Chaetomium funicolaM002 and Arthrinium sacchari M001 strains. Guava prevents human gastrointestinal tract from typical enterotoxins.Guava health benefits for body

This is the reason that guava has gained too much importance in the field of traditional medicines for the cure of intestinal diseases. So, why we are subjecting ourselves towards such harmful chemicals/pharmacological medicines, if we have natural remedy having completely side effect free, just giving benefits everywhere!

Acne lesions:

Basically the quandary, we call it “Acne”, is actually named as Acne vulgaris. It is superbly known by the girls, but boys are not apart from this thwarting problem. This is mainly a chronic inflammatory disorder caused by Propionibacterium acnes. Guava fruit has good antimicrobial activity, hence proved advantageous in acne treatment. You can either apply the paste of guava peel on your acne, or the consumption of the fruit as such can reduce the dilemma of acne for us. As the acne spots appeared on the face so darkly that everyone looking at you directly focus first at your acne spot, defiantly it is so discreditable moment. So, why don’t you choose Guava fruit for our beauty and make other people look just “YOU” not your “Acne”.Guava health benefits for body

dental plaque:

Another major health problem, which spoils your comfort, most commonly fall into the criteria of children is none other than “dental plaque”. To eradicate every problem first we have to go to its root point and in the case of dental plaque we found is an adhesion! Yes, adhesions of the early settlers (bacteria) of the plaque. Unfortunately, the hydrophobic properties of some bacterial species cell wall cause them to adhere the attained surface on the tooth. A common technique for tooth plaque is considered as brushing, while some chemicals I the form of ‘tooth-paste’ are also being used with brushing to decrease the accumulation of plaque on the surface of teeth.

The paste of guava peel or leaf proved to be most effective to reduce cell-surface hydrophobicity of plaque causing bacteria including Actinomyces sp., Staphylococcus mitis and Staphylococcus sanguinis by 40.6%, 49.9%, 54.1% respectively. Hence, eating guava by chewing it through your teeth can reduce the chances of plaque formation, giving you pain-free amazing teeth.

Antimalarial impacts of guava:

The parasite lactate dehydrogenase (pLDH) examine technique, as of late grew in vitro enzymatic technique for assessing antimalarial substances, was utilized to inspect the antiplasmodial actions of the guava concentrates. An in vitro antiplasmodial examination takes place utilizing a chloroquine-delicate strain of malarial parasite, Plasmodium falciparum D10 indicated antigiardiasic action with trophozoite mortality (87%±1.0); guava stembark concentrate indicated IC50 estimations of 10–20 _g/ml. In another study, takes off also, stem bark of Psidium guajava repressed the growth of Entamoeba histolytica with MAC< 10_g/ml.Guava health benefits for body

Antitussive agent 

Through experimental trials, it is reported that the water infusion from guava and its leaves as well reduces the frequency of coughing in short time (about 10 minutes). This makes it useful in homeopathic medicines as well. This trial was also carried by another scientist Pranee, he infused the extract with isolated rat tracheal muscle.  So, it is crystal clear that guava has some nutraceuticals which suppress coughing. In some coughing conditions, guava leaf extract in boiling hot water is recommended as a homeopathic remedy. [AdSense-B]

Wound healing effect

Guava contains some wound healing compounds as well. It can stimulate healing response inside the body. Internal organs like digestive tract which is subjected to the guava amalgam stay protected. This is one of the big advantages of eating guava or we can say that “eat guava for entero-strengthening”.

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In another study the healing properties of guava were examined by applying guava and their leaf extracts (extraction by methanol)in the wound model, the results showed up a remarkable difference with more than 90% healing of wound in 14 days of observation while in another trial guava and its leaf extracts (extraction by distilled water) showed 72% of wound healing.

Cardiovascular, hypotensive effects

Guava is considered to be an important food for heart patients! Is it seems to be shocking? Don’t worry here are some solid points which will illustrate the cardiovascular and hypotensive effect of guava. Guava and its leaf extracts were studied in the model of global ischemia, subjected to myocardial injury. In reperfused hearts, the malondialdehydes and high energy phosphates were reduced as an outcome of the experiment. Another study reported that the extracts of guava and its leaves prevent from myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury and hence show cardioprotective effect, experimented on isolated rat hearts.Guava health benefits for body

Moreover, the cholinergic involvement is one of the reasons as well for the cardio-inhibitory action of guava. Another study demonstrated that the ingestion or intravenous administration of guava extract reduces the arterial blood pressure, hence plays important role in hypotension. It also inhibits the intracellular release of calcium. It contracts the rings of aorta and produces hypotensive effect.


Sakarkandi ke Faidy – Sweet Potato Health Benefits in Urdu

Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato) ek popular root hai, Jo Pakistan or Hindustan me almost har jaga ugti hai. Ye red of white two colors me aati hai.Bohut zyada ghazayat k sath sath tasty bhi hoti hai, Lekin qeemat k lihaz se bohut sasti hoti hai, Is liye rich people isy pasand ni karti. Lekin poor people is ko bohut shoq se khaty han.

Shakarkandi nishasta or shakar ka majmooa hoti hai, Lekin is me vitamin A, Iron or other ijza bhi milty hain.
Vitamin A se lungs bohut si deseases se save rehty han. Ek search k mutabiq, Jo log regularly esi food use karty han Jis me carotinoid majood ho, Un me lungs k cancer ka khatra 33% kam ho jata hai.

Shakarkandi me majood Carotine binai ko bhi teez karti hai. Is me Calcium or fider bhi paya jata hai, Jo grow karty howe children ki khas zaroorat hai. Overall Ghazaiat k lihaz se majmooe tor par Shakarkandi ko aalo (Potato) par prefer kia jata hai.

Children Shakarkandi wesy bhi barhy shoq se khaty han, Is ko boil kar k halka sa masala dal kar mazeed mazedar kar k unhen khilaen, Wo is se door nai bhaken ge. Wesy agar Shakarkandi par kali mirch or namak dal kar khaen to tasty hony k sath sath is ka faeda bhi barh jata hai.

Shakarkandi resha dar food hai, Is liye aanto me ruky howe extra madon or fuzlat ko exit hony ki tehreek deti hai or qabaz door ho jati hai. Bacho, Barhon or kamzoor nazar waly logon k liye Shakarkandi bohut mufeed hai.Shakarkandi ko Qabaz Um-ul-Amraz bhi kaha jata hai.

Pani me boil karny k ilawa Shakarkandi ko brown(bhoon) kar bhi khaty han, Jis ka method ye hai k Shakarkandi ko nahayat garam rait me ya garam garam rakh me daba dety han, Jab Shakarkandi pak jati hai to nikal lety han or cheel kar khaty han. Is me koi doubt nai k is tarha brown ki hoe Shakarkandi bohut zyada tasty ho jati hai, Lekin is method me mehnat zyada karna parhti hai.

Shakarkandi ke Faidy:

  • Stomach alsar me mubtla patients Shakarkandi zaroor use karen, Kyun k is me mojood fiber stomach ko saf rakhta hai or khana hazam karny or body se extra wastage discharge karny me help karta hai, Jis se khorak ki naali me acids nai rehty.
  • Shakarkandi me majood Calcium, Potassium Vitamin B, Vitamin C or Beta Carotin na sirf alsar hony k khatrat se protection deta hai, Balky sath sath chest, Barhi aant, lungs, masany ki ghadood, fam e raham k surtan, nazar ki kamzori or na binai se bhi mehfooz rakhta hai.
  • Shakarkandi me gulucose or vitamin A, B, C or E pae jaty han.
  • Shakarkandi brain k liye bohut faida mand hai, Body ko mota karti hai or Mani ko garha karti hai.
  • Shakarkandi taqeel or der hazam hoti hai, Honey use karny se is ki ye khasiyat khatam ho jati hai.
  • Shakarkandi Marz e Jiryan k liye be had mufeed hai.
  • Shakarkandi Qabiz hai, Ziyada khana nuqsan da ho sakti hai.
  • Shakarkandi Body ko mota karti hai, Is liye fatty people ko Shakarkandi zyada use nai karni chahye.
  • Shakarkandi Dimagh ko taqat deti hai.
  • Agar sugar mila kar khae jae to Shakarkandi Quwat e Bah ko mazboot karti hai.
  • Shakarkandi ka halwa bna kar khana akseer ka darja rakhta hai.
  • Shakarkandi week eye sight people k liye mufeed hai.
  • Shakarkandi anti-oxident se bharpoor hony ki waja se skin or balon ki sehat constant rakhti hai.
  • Shakarkandi gurr me paka kar khany se mardana kamzoori door ho jati hai, Kyun k esy khany se sex karty howe jaldi discharge nai hota.
  • Beside of, Sweet Potato has many other benefits, such as; Prevent Cancer, Blood Sugar Control, Anti-Aging, Improve Eye Sight, Improve Immunity, Stress Free Mind, Prevent Asthma etc.

Side effects of Shakarkandi:

  • Shakarkandi qabiz hoti hai, Is liye kamzoor stomach waly log is ko use na karen.
  • Shakarkandi Zyada khany se sometimes stomach me appara peda kar deti hai.
  • Shakarkandi Body ko mota karti hai, Is liye office work karny walon k liye munasib nai.
  • Shakarkandi der se hazam hoti hai, Lekin shehad mila kar khae jae to is ki ye khasiyat khatam ho jati hai.
  • Shakarkandi kha kar thorhi sonf chaba leny se is k nuqsan da asraat se bacha ja sakta hai, Lekin Diabetes or heart k patients ko Shakarkandi se parhez hi karna chahye.

How to Boil Shakarkandi:

Usually Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato) ko pani me boil kar k khaya jata hai, Boil karty howe is me pani sirf itna dalna chahye Jo is k galny k liye kafi ho kyun k zaroorat se zyada pani me pakany se is ka taste kam ho jata hai. Jab Shakarkandi gal jae to bartan se nikal len or neem garam ko cheel kar khaen, Bilkul thanda kar k khana munasib nai hota.

Shakarkandi ka Tasty Halwa:

Bohut se log Shakarkandi ka halwa bna kar bhi khaty han, Ye halwa body ko power deta hai, Isy bnany ka method ye hai.[AdSense-B]

Shakarkandi ko bareek cheel kar dry kar len, Us k bad koot kar ata bna len. Jab halwa bnana ho to ek chatank Shakarkandi ka aata le kar desi ghee me brown karen or teen chatank sugar ka qawam shamil kar k halwa tayyar kar len.
Bad me agar chahen to is me badam, pista or narial bareek kaat kar shamil kar len.


Singhare Ke Fayde in Urdu & Hindi – Water Chestnut Fruit Benefits

Singhara k pody ki green color ki tehnyon par patty nai ugty, Ye potato ki fasal ki tarha pody ki jarhon (roots) me ugta hai. Winter season start hoty hi Singhara mandi me aa jata hai or log is ko barhy shoq se khaty han. Singhare k andar ka goda white color ka hota hai, Jisy kacha ya ubaal kar khaya jata hai or pees kar atta bna kar bhi use kia jata hai. Is k ilawa, Chinese khano me Singhara kasrat se use kia jata hai.

Singhare me carbohydrates bohut zyada miqdar me paya jata hai. Is k ilawa, protein, Vitamin B, Potassiam or Copor bhi kafi miqdar me hoty han. Kacha Singhara halka sa meetha or khasta hoa hai, Jab k ubla howa Singhara or bhi zyada tasty or zaiqa dar hota hai. Singhare ka zaida other fruits se bilkul different hota hai or is ko khany se bhook me bhi izafa hota hai. Kuch countries me Singhare ko salad k tor par bhi use kia jata hai, Khushk Singhare ke atty ka Halwa pka kar bohut shoq se khaya jata hai. Usually, Singhare ki miqdar e khorak ek tola se derh tola tak hoti hai.
Singhare me calories other vagatables ki nisbat kam hoti han lekin is me mojood Iron, Potassiam, Calcium, Zink or Fiber ki waja se is ka bohut zyada use kia jata hai.Water chestnut singhara plant Growing and health benefits (faedy) in Urdu hindi

Singhare Ke Faide in Urdu – water chestnut benefits:

  • Singhara maqvi e bah hota hai.
  • Jiryan k ilaj me singhare ka use bohut mufeed hai.
  • Singhara qabiz (Constipation) hota hai.
  • Singhara der hazam hota hai.
  • Singhare ko zyada miqdar me khany se qolanj ya dard e shikam ki shikayat ho sakti hai.
  • Singhara halaq ki khushki ko door karta hai.
  • Imraz e Qalb me Singhare ka use bohut mufeed hai.
  • Singhara jismani kamzori ko door karta hai or body ko fat karta hai.
  • Singhara kidney ki pathri ko torhta hai.
  • Khooni dast aany ki soorat me Singhare ka use bohut mufeed hai.
  • Safravi bukhar me 6 masha Singhare k safoof ko pani (Water) k sath khany se faeda hota hai.
  • Tap diq (TB) ko recover karny ya bimari ki soorat me Singhara khana mufeed hai.
  • Singhare k use se dant (Teeth) strong or sharp ho jaty han or masoorhy bhi strong hoty han.
  • Singhara zakhmon se behny wala khoon (Blood) rokta hai, Is ko inner or outer dono soorton me use kia ja sakta hai. Outer infection ki soorat me Singhare ka safoof zakhmon par dala jata hai.
  • Singhara kidney ki kharabi ki waja se khansi ko foran rokta hai or kidney ki islah karta hai.
  • Singhara garam imraz me be had mufeed hai lekin sudda peda karta hai.
  • Milk sale karny waly Singhare k aaty (Floor of Water Chestnut) ko doodh me mila kar boil karty han, Jis se milae zyada aati hai.
  • Nashe or Khumar ko Singhara durust karta hai.
  • Singhara Maqad k nasoor ko door karta hai.
  • Agar Singhare k use se koi nuqsan feel ho to foran Shakar, Gurr, Shehad (Honey) ya sugar ka sharbat neem garam kar k peeny se faeda hota hai.
  • Kasrat e Peshab ko rokny k liye Singhare ka safoof ek tola daily use karny se faeda hota hai.
  • Jo log mota hona chahty han, Un k liye Singhara bohut mufeed hai.
  • Singhare k use se thakawat door hoti hai or body me blood ki rawani behter ho jati hai.
  • Delivery k bad women k liye Singhare k atty ka use bohut useful hota hai, Is ka halwa bna kar khana mufeed hota hai.
  • Singhare k atty ko gond kar body ki kisi sooji hoe jaga par lep karny se takleef door ho jati hai.
  • Singhare k gody se bnaya howa safoof khansi se nijat dilata hai.
  • Singhare ko pani me boil kar k peeny se qabas door ho jati hai.
  • Singhare ka use medy (Stomach) k zakham k liye bohut mufeed hai.
  • Singhare k continue use se old age me yadasht kam nai hoti.

How to Use Singhara (Water Chestnut):

Is baat me koi shaq nai k kisi bhi cheez ka had se zyada use nuqsan da hota hai, Is liye Singhare ka bhi munasib use kia jana chahye. Singhare k zyada use se kidney or pitty me pathri ban-ny k imkanat peda ho jaty han.
Usually, Kamzor mardon ko Singhare khany ka mashwara diya jata hai, Lekin ye women k monthly periods (dates) k liye bhi mufeed hai. Singhare k safoof me doodh ya dahi mila kar use karny se pechash (Dysentery) se aram mil jata hai. Agar Taza Singhara na mily to khushk Singhara ek tola ragarh kar suba, doopehar or sham pani (water) ya dahi k sath khaen.Urdu & Hindi Benefits of Water Caltrop
Khushk Singhare ka Halwa bana kar bhi khaya jata hai, Jis se body ki weekness khatam ho jati hai.
Singhara Mardana Taqat (Men Power) ka khazana hai, Ek Tola Singhare ka safoof daily half kilo milk k sath khany se har tarha ki weekness khatam ho jati hai.

How to Boil Water Chestnut (Singhara) in Urdu:

We’re sharing complete details, How to Boil Water Chestnut (Singhare) in Urdu, Given bellow;

water caltrop benefits in hindi

water chestnut benefits in urdu

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Chilgoza Ke Faide in Urdu – Pine Nuts Health Benefits

What’s Chilgoza & Source of Pine Nuts in Pakistan:

Chilgoza winter season ka ek dry fruit hai, Jis ko log bohut hi shoq se khaty han. Agar Quetta se qila abdullah k rasty Fort Sandy man ki taraf jaen to almost 5 hours k safar k bad zob ka ilaqa ata hai, Jo 2500 se 3500 metor ki height par situated hai. Yahan summer me maximum temperature 37 degree or winter me temperature 15 degree hota hai. Yehi wo place hai, Jahan dunya me sub se barhy chilgozy k baghat han, Jo almost 1200 square kilometer tak phely howe han, Is ilaqy me peda hony wala chilgoza poori dunya me bohut like kia jata hai, Kyun k is ki suitable packing kar k out of country export kia jata hai. Blochistan me peda hony waly chilgozy ko zyada tar dubai, England, France, Masqat or some other countries me export kia jata hai, Jahan k buyers Pakistani chilgozy ko mun mangi price me buy karny k liye tayyar rehty han.Chilgoza fruit or treepine nuts in hindi Urdu

Pine Nuts (Chilgoza) Health Benefits in Urdu:

Winter season me Chilgoza log barhy shoq se khaty han, Kyun k is me bohut zyada miqdar me anti-oxident include hoty han Jo free ridicules ko neutralize karty han or insaan ko dil k imraz k sath sath cancer jesy mozi marz se bhi protect karty han. Is k ilawa, In ko khana bisarat or skin ki health k liye bhi mufeed hai. Chilgozy khany se body ki defense power increase hoti hai.

Scientist k mutabiq thakan or pressure ko door karny k liye chilgozy se better koi cheez nai. Chilgoza me fati acid k sath wafar miqdar me calcium phosphors or iron bhi hoty han, Isi liye is ko khany se winter season me body heat up ho jati hai.

Chilgoza khana khany k bad khaen, Kyun k agar khany se pehly khaya jae to bhook khatam ho jati hai. Chilgozy kidney, Bladder or Liver ko taqat dety han, In ko khany se body me instant energy peda ho jati hai, Is k ilawa Chilgozy khany se memory cells increase hoty han, Jis se yadasht bhi zyada ho jati hai. There’re many other Benefits for Eating Chilgoza in Winter, as Given bellow;

  • Chilgoza insaan ki asabi kamzori ko door karta hai.
  • Chilgoza maqvi bah hai, Zuf e bah k liye aksar use hota hai.
  • Chilgoza Laqwa ko door karta hai.
  • Winter me Chilgozy khany se bar bar peshaab aany ka problem solve ho jata hai.
  • Chilgozy me magnesium bohut zyada hota hai, Jis ki waja se pathon ka khichao, stress or Thakawatt door ho jati hai.
  • Chilgoza Pinoleic Acid provide karny ka wahid source hai, Jo ladies k hormones increase karny me help karta hai or un ki bhook decrease karta hai.
  • Chilgozy me Oleic Acid ki miqdar bohut zyada hoti hai, Ye na jamny wali chiknai hoti hai, Jo Triglycerides ko body se finish karny me liver ki help karta hai, Jis se hamara heart strong rehta hai.
  • One Onc Chilgozy k maghaz me 3 mili gram iron hota hai. Iron red blood cells ka main part hota hai, Jo body k all cells ko oxygen or power provide karta hai.
  • Laqwa or Falaj me Chilgozy ka continue use karny se Faeda hota hai.
  • Old cough k liye maghaz chilgoza rub kar k honey me mila kar chatana mufeed hota hai.
  • Maghaz kheer or maghaz Chilgoza hum wazan use karny se band peshaab jari ho jata hai.
  • Maghaz Chilgoza Jaryan, Yarqan or kidney ki pain me bohut hi mufeed hai.
  • Chilgozy ka continue use Jismani gosht ko strong kar deta hai.
  • Raasha or Jorhon k dard me maghaz Chilgoza Suba or Sham pani, qahwa ya chae k sath use karny se faeda hota hai.
  • Chilgoza Riyah ko door karta hai.
  • Chilgoza Mada Toleed (Money) ko peda karta hai or maqvi e bah hai.
  • Chilgoza mind or heart ko strong karta hai.
  • Damma me bhi maghaz Chilgoza ko honey k sath mila kar chatana chahye, Lekin mareez ko rice se parhez karwana zaroori hai.
  • Chilgoza kidney ko taqat deta hai or liver, bladder or penis k liye bohut hi mufeed hai.
  • Chilgoza suddy kholta hai or der hazam hota hai, Is liye miqdar se zyada nai khana chahye.
  • Jin logon ko winter me balgham ho jata hai, Un k liye Chilgoza kisi gift se kam nai, Khana khany k bad is ko use karna chahye.
  • Maghaz Chilgoza milk k sath khany se body fat ho jati hai.
  • Genthya k mareezon k liye Chilgozy ka istemal bohut mufeed hai.
  • Chilgoza khoon k fasaad ko door karta hai.
  • Ladies ko pregnancy k bad Chilgoza khany se healthy baby hota hai.

Chilgozy k chilkon par roghan sa laga hota hai, Jo cheelty howe maghaz k sath lag jata hai, Esy maghaz ko khany se stomach me sozish or galy me kharash bhi ho sakti hai.

Chilgoza Price

Achy Chilgozy (Pine Nuts) ki Pakistan me price 500 / KG hai, Lekin agar un places se ja kar liye jae, Jahan Chilgozy grow karty han to 150 se 200 per KG bhi mil sakta hai.
Export quality me Chilgoza 800 se 1000 / KG tak jata hai.

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Tarbooz Ke Faide in Urdu – Water Melon Health Benefits

What is Watermelon (Tarbooz)?

Watermelon (Tarbooz) ka Scientific name Citrulus Ianatus hai, Is ki taseer bohut hi sard hai. Tarbooz men Protien , Strolien , Vitamen A , B , C , Iron  aur Sugar hai. Nabi (SAW) taza pakki khajoron ke sath tarbooz khaya krty thy.

Watermelon in Islam:

Bohut si Hadith me tarbooz ka zikar milta hai, as given bellow;

Hajrat ayesha (Ra) farmati han k Nabi (SAW) tarbooz ko tar khajoor k sath mila kar khaya karty thy or farmaya karty thy “Hum khajoor ki garmi ko tarjooz ki thandak se or tarbooz ki thandak ko tarbooz ki garmi se torty han”.

Tarbooz (Watermelon) Health Benefits:

Watermelon has many health benefits for human body, Especially Best for Health in Summer season, Kyun k ye body ko garmi se bachata hai. Tarbooz Bladder aur kidney ka stone nikalta hai, Pait  saff krta hai, Fever men is k juice men sirka mila kr den, Faeda ho ga. Isy khany se chehry ka worm theek ho jata hai. Immunity system strong hota hai or Diabetes k mareez bhi isy kha skty hen.

Nahayat Sard taseer ki waja se summer season me stomach ko garmi se bachany me Tarbooz bohut hi mufeed hai. Shadeed sir dard men is k juice men cheeni mila ker pilaen, Dooran-e-khoon theek ho jata hai, Blood Pressure kam karta hai, Khushk Khansi men beej ka maghz khaen. Is k ilawa ye Sill Aur Diq men mufeed aur badan ki garmi door krta hai.

Weham, Waswasa or Neend na aany ki soorat me Tarbooz k juice men misri mila ker rakh den aur subha pee len, Shuroo chand se 21 din tak faida ho ga.

Is k ilawa, Tarbooz bohut si doosri bimaryon me bhi mafeed hai, such as; Chakkar ana, Dill  ghabrana wagera me bohut mufeed hai, Esi condition me Stone me Beej 10 Garam ghot ker pilaen. Juice men cheeni aur sirka mila ker peny se sozish door ho jati hai, Same yehi nuskha Sozish, Hepatitis or typhoid men bhi mufeed hai.

Tarbooz sirf garmyon ka hi phal nai balky qudrat ki taraf se insan k liye kisi nemat se kam nai, Jahan tarbooz khany se lazeez hony k sath sath jism me pani ki kami ko bhi poora karta hai wahin ye bohut si bimaryon se bachao ka baes bi banta hai. Mahireen k mutabiq tarbooz jild ko tarotaza rakhny k sath sath garmyon me jild ki nami ko bi barqrar rakhta hai.

Tarbooz k ek cup juice me almost 25% vitamin C hota hai, Vitamin C skin ko soft rakhta hai or apny andar mojood Antioxidant ki waja se body ki defense power ko bhi increase karta hai.

Tarbooz bohut si types k cancer k against bhi mufeed hai, Tarbooz ka istemal body me esy Antioxidant ki tadad ko increase karta hai, Jo different types k cancer ko body me peda hony se rokta hai.

Tarbooz me vitamin B bi kafi miqdar me hota hai, Jo jism se thakawat ko khatam karta hai.

Tarbooz me Vitamin A ki bi kafi miqdar hoti hai, Jis ko khany se nazar bi teez hoti hai or hum aankhon ki bohut si bimaryon se bi mehfooz rehty han.

Tarbooz me Amino Acids bi kafi miqdar me hota hai, Jo high blood pressure ko control karny me help karta hai.

Tarbooz heart, Damma or motapy k patients k liye bohut hi mufeed hai.

Esy log jin ko urea problem ho un ko Tarbooz zyada se zyada khana chahye kyun k ye body se ammonia ki miqdar kam karta hai. Is k ilawa ye blood pressure k ilaj se bi bohut mufeed hai, Kyun k is se body ki all veins clean ho kar achy tareeqy se kam karny lagti han.

Tarbooz k beej (Watermelon Seed) heart k sath sath diabetes or skin k liye bi bohut mufeed han. Ek search k mutabiq tarbooz k beej me shamil iron, potassium or vitamin hair ko strong karta hai or face par mojood dagh or dabby door karny me madad deta hai. Mostly people tarbooz me se beej nikal kar phenk dety han, Kyun k wo is k benefits se waqif nai hoty.

No doubt Tarbooz ek meetha or farhat bakhsh fruit hai, Jo qabaz kusha or garmi ko door karny wala hai.

Watermelon (Tarbooz) For Skin:

Tarbooz ka pani face k masamat ko close karny me kafi mufeed hai, Isy natural toner bhi kaha jata hai.

Tarbooz ko achi tarha pees kar face par 10 minutes lgaen, phir wash kar len, Ye aap k face ko andar tak fresh kar de ga or face ko clean bi kar de ga.

Tarbooz or banana ko achi tarha pees kar skin par lgany se dry skin oily ho jati hai, Jis se fresh lagny lagti hai.

Dahi or Tarbooz ka mask oily skin k liye bohut hi mufeed hai, Kyun k dahi or tarbooz me mojood lactic acid face k skin k liye bohut mufeed hoty han. Ye chiknai ho jazb kar k face ko khobsoorat bnata hai.

In fact, Tarbooz summer season me hamary liye ek gift se kam nai hai, Kyun k ye summer season ki 70% diseases ko khatam kar deta hai.


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Bahi Safarjal Ke Faidy in Urdu – Quince Fruit Benefits for Health

What’s Bahi or SafarJal?

Bahi-Safar Jal (Quince) ka Scientific name Aegle Marmelos hai, Ye dill ko Taqat dy ker tamam beemarion ko theek krta hai, Sansen khushboo dar aur seeny se bhooj utarta hai, Pregnant ka khubsurat bacha hota hai, Nahar moun khaen dill ke tamam amraaz Endocarditis, Pericarditis, Cardiac Infraction men Nabi (SAW) ne Bahi (Quince) khany ki takeed farmai: In amraaz men jesy e dill per thora sa bhooj lagy foran bahi kha len, Pait k Alsar men bohut mufeed hai, Thandak puhnchata hai, Stomach durust ,Piyyas kam ,Gaal Ballader ki sozish theek karta hai. Is se Worm theek ho jata hai, Liver ko strong krta hai, Pregnant ka bacha Healthy hota hai. khushak Bahi ka joshanda Loose Motions men bohut mufeed hai.

Bahi (Safarjal) ek mafeed phal hai jisy saib k khandan se mansoob kia jata hai, Kyun k is k chilky ka rang zard or goda safeed hota hai. Ye two types ka hota hai, First metha or second khatta or is ka beej bahi dana kehata hai. Both types use hoti han.

Bahi ko wesy hi kha sakty han ya is ka marabba or jam bna kar bhi use kia ja sakta hai.

Bahi For Health:

U.K men Doctors ne unripe fruit ko ubaal ker din me kai baar pilaya. Bacillary Dysentry men paki hui Bahi Sugar men mesh ker den ya Dahi bhi mila den. Bahi k Darakht ka joshanda Molikholia, Mirak Hasteria, Dill ki ghabrahat aur Dimaghi kamzori men peena mufeed hai, Bahi ki roots ka joshanda 3, 4 din bad any waly Malaria se jald faida krny wali dawai hai, Sozish par Katy howe Patty lagaen or 1 Spoon subha sham Shehad ke sath peeyen.

Safarjal ladies, gents or children sub k liye mafeed taza khon bnata hai or face par ronaq lata hai. Is k ilawa amraz e qalb me akseer ka darja rakhta hai. Seeny k imraz or lungs ki bimari me useful hai, peshab awar hai, Masany ki garmi or pathri discharge karta hai, Jism ka warm tehleel karta hai, Motapa kam karta hai, Dimaghi quwwat me izafa karta hai.

Doodh pilany wali or banjh ladies k liye Safar Jal bohut mafeed hai, Is k ilawa bahi children k qad me izafy k liye bhi faeda deta hai. Peit k imraz or alsar me mafeed hai, Mun se khon aany k imraz me bhi bohut faeda mand hai.

Pericarditis, Blood Pressure, Fatness kam krta hai, Bohut Digestive hai, Skin diseases, Headache, Flue, Kidney Problem men khaen, Bohut faida ho ga.

Usage of Bahi Fruit:

Mature person 40 gram Safarjal morning me breakfast se pehly ya raat ko sony se pehly use Karen.

12 se 20 saal k bachy 20 se 30 gram morning ya evening me use Karen.

Small babies ko 10 se 15 gram bakery ya milk me mila kar k khilaen.


Top 8 Benefits to Eat Banana Regularly

Gives You Energy

Bananas have a one of a kind mix of vitamins, minerals, and starches that give a speedy supply of common vitality. Also, bananas have a more advantageous mix of three characteristic sugars: glucose, sucrose and fructose. The blend of these sugars have awesome vitality potential.

Bananas are one of only a handful few organic products that contain both perplexing and basic sugars. Complex starches give you perseverance vitality and basic sugars give you snappy vitality. Eating only two bananas will give you enough vitality to practice for a hour and a half.

Glow your Skin

Aside from helping you get some abundantly required excellence rest, you can add bananas to your magnificence administration as well. Banana veils are a characteristic approach to get smooth, supple and sparkling skin. It has saturating properties which are to a great degree useful for individuals who have dry skin. Here is the manner by which you can utilize overripe bananas to make a home-made face pack!
They Give you a Boost of Vitamin C

It is normally oranges and strawberries that ring a bell when consider Vitamin C, yet a serving of bananas gives 15 percent of the day by day prerequisite for vitamin C. Vitamin C is an imperative cell reinforcement that kills harming free radicals and keeps systemic irritation under control. It additionally creates collagen that holds muscles, bones and different tissues together. What’s more, keeps veins solid and is expected to ideally ingest iron and folate and keeps your gums sound and helps in recuperating.

They Provide Vitamin B6

Bananas contain 20 percent of the day by day prerequisites of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps the body make trivial amino acids to make sound cells. It additionally creates insulin, hemoglobin and antibodies that battle contaminations.

They Relieve GI Distress

Feeling somewhat under the climate? Bananas are awesome in light of the fact that they’re anything but difficult to process and considered non-disturbing for the stomach and upper GI tract. That is the reason they’re a piece of the clinical BRAT diet–, bananas, rice, fruit purée and dry toast–which is an eating routine arrangement enrolled dietitians use when patients have intense looseness of the bowels. They are likewise one of the main organic products that are acquainted with youthful youngsters when they begin eating strong nourishments.

They Can Blood Pressure-Lowering Potassium

A medium banana has 422 mg potassium while being sans sodium. The high potassium:sodium proportion kills the circulatory strain bringing impacts of sodium up in your eating routine. Different studies demonstrate that the individuals who have diets rich in potassium are less inclined to have hypertension and have diminished danger for stroke. Grown-ups need 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day, so a medium banana gives about 10 percent of the day by day necessity.

Keep the digestive system healthy

Obstruction, the runs, and acid reflux … goodness my! It’s really reasonable to say that nobody likes managing digestive issues. In addition to the fact that they are humiliating, they can be to a great degree uncomfortable and on occasion absolute difficult. Next time your digestive framework misbehaves, go after a banana.

Bananas have been known not digestive wellbeing in various ways. Initially things to begin with, they’re a moderately decent wellspring of fiber, containing around three grams in one medium size banana. That is approximately 10 percent of your prescribed every day fiber consumption. To beat bloat, stoppage, and other undesirable digestive issues, the body needs fiber. It works by authoritative to poisons and waste in the digestive tract and after that hauling them out of the body. Along these lines, to help your body accomplish consistent solid discharges, include bananas into your every day diet.

Alongside stoppage, bananas are an incredible sustenance to eat in case you’re managing looseness of the bowels. The high measures of water and potassium in bananas can reestablish lost electrolytes, keeping you from getting to be got dried out.

Furthermore, bananas go about as a characteristic stomach settling agent. That implies they could diminish agonizing indigestion and acid reflux side effects.

Improve mood

Numerous individuals swear that bananas are the best antidepressants. They’re delectable, they are no symptoms and they advantage the whole body.

Bananas contain a crucial amino corrosive called tryptophan, which empowers the creation of serotonin in the mind to enhance disposition, forestall a sleeping disorder and build sentiments of prosperity.

Good for blood pressure

Overabundance sodium and a lack of potassium in the body are one reason pulse levels can be so difficult to oversee.

Fortunately, this natural product gives noteworthy amounts of potassium, which is advantageous for the individuals who experience the ill effects of hypertension.