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Cure of Diabetes through Bitter Gourd – Benefits and Juice Preparation

Bitter Gourd

Diabetes is that horrific disease which covers most of our population. The major cause of it lies in our improper sedentary lifestyle. And in other cases, it may be genetic, while in most of the people it is just a result of their improper lifestyle. This type of diabetes which is caused by poor life-style can be cured! Nature gives ... Read More »

Top 14 Health Benefits of Turmeric – Must Use Turmeric Root

Benefits of Turmeric

From hundreds of decades, scientists have been concluding more and more for the well-being of mankind while health issue is at the top of the list. Turmeric is a plant not less than a blessing contains numerous active components in which cur-cumin gains top rank attraction.From centuries the plant turmeric is revealing its benefits slowly to the mankind. Health Benefits ... Read More »

Methi Dana Ke Faide in Urdu – Fenugreek Health Benefits

fenugreek methi dana haelth benefits

Methi (Fenugreek) winter season ki ek popular vegetable hai, Jis me vitamin A, B, C, Iron, Phosphorus or calcium paya jata hai. Methi k na sirf patty balky is ka beej bhi bohut se imraz, khano or achar me use kia jata hai. Especially pak o hind me is ko zyada use kia jata hai Kyun k yahan log is ... Read More »

Top 09 Magnificent Foods Will Help You To Make Your Skin Glowing

Take Egg Regularly Here is one more reason why you ought to eat the entire egg. The yolk of every egg is rich in vitamins that are key for legitimate cell capacity, and also contain the “magnificence vitamin,” biotin. This B vitamin is all the more ordinarily known not hair develop and fortify fingernails, yet look into has demonstrated it ... Read More »

Uses & Health Benefits of Colocasia in Urdu-Taro Root Benefit

Colocasia, Taro Root, Arbi or Arvi is a Viscid Vegetable, Which commonly people eat with meat. The leaves of its plant are very large 20-150cm like Elephant Ear. All Nutrition are useful for human body but Colocasia or Taro Root is very useful vegetable  for human, Which grows in India, Pakistan and almost all over the world. Taro Root or Arbi ... Read More »

Ginger Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu – Adrak ke Faide

ginger, sundh

All Nutrition are useful for human body but Ginger or adrak is a very useful vegetable, also used for medicine or spice which grows in Pakistan & India and almost all other countries of the world. Soondh or Dry Ginger has many benefits for normal man as well as for patients but Everyone has to use it with its season ... Read More »

Potato Recipe Uses Benefits for Health in Urdu


All Nutrition are very useful for human body but Potato, Potata or Aalo is a very starchy vegetable for human which 70% growth is mostly in Pakistan & India. It has many benefit to eat for men, Women and kids normally or health point of view but Everyone has to use it anytime to grow up his body, But If you ... Read More »

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