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Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate? – Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate got a very distinctive place in our hearts. We adore eating it, drinking it, cooking with it and even using it for facial masks as well. There are a number of legends and myths around this magnificent product. The composition of chocolate, the percent of cocoa and the quality of it effects its imparting benefits, here we will discuss the benefits of dark chocolate which contain about 70% or higher of the cocoa contents.Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate Benefits – Chocolate Is Good To Your Teeth:

While talking about the chocolate benefits, why not first mention the most strange or unbelievable benefit of chocolate. Yes, this is that the chocolate helps to strengthen your teeth. Not believing? Let us give you some reasons. As almost all of us have heard from even our childhood that “Chocolate” is not good for your teeth, it will surely damage and make them more prone to infections etc. but here are some evidences which that will put a spotlight on the beneficial effects of chocolate on your teeth. It has antibacterial characteristics and thus can protect from the development of caries (particularly a very dark chocolate comprising of a big fraction of cocoa). It comprises of fluorine which improves the strength of the teeth and safeguards them from decaying. Hence the higher proportion of cocoa in the chocolate will result in the stronger health benefits. For example, chocolate with almost 99% of cocoa can even combat the harmful bacteria.

Chocolate as Heart Friendly Food:

Here, Let’s talk about one of the remarkable facts of chocolate, that why chocolate is called so astonishing? is there any other big explanation that why this sweet and delicious ‘candy’ can be advantageous to our health? Then the answer is “yes!” it is true, chocolate has biggest but again strange advantage that it is the health friendly food. But how it works? As it contains antioxidants and polyphenols that play an important role in strengthening and preventing our heart from various strokes.chocolate health benefits for teeth

Cocoa is composed of ‘good fats’ which have favorable effects on our blood cholesterol level. Furthermore, the dark chocolate comprises of the constituents which protect the walls of blood vessels and via this way it assists in the reduction of the risks of cardiovascular ailments.

Chocolate as Anti-aging Tonic:

Dark chocolate comprises of various antioxidants which scavenge free radicals in the body, thus prevent the excessive cell damage. This keeps the cells in good health and prevents wrinkle formation. Moreover, the massive amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and vitamin E which proved to be very advantageous for our skin health. However, the vitamin E itself is well known for slowing down the process of cell aging. Thus chocolate is being used in various facial products as well.

Chocolate Combats Stress and Stimulates Happiness:

As the name chocolate is itself a complete description of happiness. But its also has the scientific description of suppressing the depression and stimulating happiness. It encourages the production of endorphin, which is the hormone that gives us the sensation of Happiness. Chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine that can decrease the level of stress, magnesium can help in fighting the tension and give us comfort to feel better. It also comprises a small amounts of cannabinoids (constituents from the equivalent family as marijuana comprehends of), but the chocolate contains a very small amount of them, therefore, it can’t impart us with a drug consequence, but it can certainly improve degrades the anxiety and stress.

Extraordinary Facial Mask:

The facial mask prepared from dark chocolate can be casted-off very competently as a facial mask. Generally, it is better to recommend for the persons with dry skin, as this mask is very wholesome of a bundle of nutrients and provide moisture to the skin. To make the mask, get a bowl and add 40 grams of dark chocolate (make sure to have the dark chocolate with specified cocoa content of equal or above 70%) and let it melt in the water bath. After melting, cool it down a bit nearly to a room temperature but don’t let it get a solid texture. Now add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of olive oil onto it. Mix this all well and apply all over your pre-washed dried face. Make sure that it is imperative to pay consideration to the temperature of this mixture, as it should be cooled down well to the room temperature previously you put it on your face. Rinse your face after 10 to15 minutes thoroughly with slightly warm water. Dry your face up by tapping with a clean towel. Most of the saloons use this method for their gold facial pack.chocolate health benefits for teeth

“Chocolate mask” will nurture your skin with various nutrients including antioxidants, minerals, and other vitamins. After doing this mask for a couple of times your skin becomes more soft, glowing and fresher looking. If you are blessed with a quite fair skin – the chocolate mask could give you with a slightly bronzed colored look (so, be mindful of it).

Chocolate Provides You A Torrent of energy:

Chocolate is the substance generally used to be packed with soldiers or hikers as this is lighter in weight and gives a burst of energy instantly. As it contains carbohydrates which are very simple to breakdown and in a very short time it provides you with all of the energy. Chocolate also contains energizer ingredient, which is quite comparable to the caffeine, it softly stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems, but its consequences are much feebler than that of caffeine, thus it is completely harmless.[AdSense-B]

Moreover, some scientific studies declared that the people who love to eat chocolate on the systematic basis; they feel happier and nearly never get struggled from depression or continuous stress. Conclusively the point is that the dark chocolate, as an exceptional from all other sweets, is quite advantageous to our overall health and wellbeing. According to some sources, it can assist to boost up our immune system thus preventing from a lot of diseases. Of course, moderation is the crucial for everything and excess of everything is bad. So be moderate and get the delicious chocolate with lots of benefits.

Have you ever try to apply any chocolate mask? Do you like to eat chocolate? Do you have any of your favorite brands to share with us? Please leave your comments and thoughts below in the section.

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Top 09 Magnificent Foods Will Help You To Make Your Skin Glowing

Take Egg Regularly

Here is one more reason why you ought to eat the entire egg. The yolk of every egg is rich in vitamins that are key for legitimate cell capacity, and also contain the “magnificence vitamin,” biotin. This B vitamin is all the more ordinarily known not hair develop and fortify fingernails, yet look into has demonstrated it additionally shields skin from skin break out, rashes, and even dryness.

Eat Carrot

Without having any single doubt, from the beginning carrot is being the powerhouse for sparkling skin because of a lot of beta carotene that keeps the degeneration of cells, moderates maturing and makes your skin shine. The vitamin A found in carrot squeeze additionally keeps body tissue, eyes, bones and teeth solid. Carrots likewise have a lot of vitamin C, which advances collagen development; decrease skins breaks out and dim spots. Support your excellence by slurping on a glass of carrot squeeze or add it to your servings of mixed greens.

Take Salmon Fish

Salmon has been demonstrated to saturate skin and keep it looking sound and brilliant. This fish is so rich in omega-3 unsaturated fats that it supports the skin by decreasing the body’s generation of provocative substances. To put it plainly, it clears obstructed pores and deletes almost negligible differences and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking clear and invigorated.

Take Spinach

The ruler of the verdant green comprises of a HUGE scoop of vitamins; specifically foliate, which helps DNA repair and can diminish wrinkles. All green leafy vegetables are stunning for enhancing skin tone so increasing the volume of these in your eating regimen will highly affect your composition. If you are really serious to get smooth, solid and glowing face skin, this would be a great food to take.

Take Pineapple

This is one of my most utilized fruit, although from the beginning. Pineapple is high in vitamin C and the catalyst bromelain, which is known not a successful skin conditioner. Drinking pineapple squeeze and chomping on the organic product help the body combine collagen, which bolsters skin structure, while vitamin C and amino acids help in cell and tissue repair, giving you a younger appearance and also would help you for sure to give you glowing skin. Add it to your morning smoothie for a reviving treat.

Eat Oat

If I would say the Oat has whole grains, then it would not be non no-wrong. It takes a while to be separated from your body, which results in a more steady glucose level. This is imperative for your skin, on the grounds that spiking glucose causes pimples and spots.

 The most effective method to eat it:

Take a mug or container and include oats, some Chia seeds, cut up natural product like banana or apple and wrap up by topping it off with milk, ideally almond milk. Spread it and let it stand in the refrigerator overnight, awesome for a morning of the run.

Eat Avocado

If you eat a fair amount of avocado, then it will set you up to have skin that emanates constitution. It’s difficult to depict what it resembles to see somebody that just has a shine to them, yet we’ve all seen them. It begins from inside and getting enough supplements like solid fats, minerals, and fiber.

Avocado makes our detox nourishment list on account of its extraordinary blend of supplements your body needs. Fiber keeps your digestive framework going, which thus keeps your skin supple and smooth. The solid fat avocado contains will give your skin a superior appearance, particularly in the event that you’ve gone quite a while without getting enough sound fat in your eating regimen.

Eat Yoghurt

Yogurt restores a dull appearance. It is an astounding hydrating specialist that expels dry, dead skin cells. Its acidic nature decimates skin inflammation bringing about microscopic organisms and germs. Zinc in yogurt helps the flaws and scars. There are numerous different advantages of yogurt, for example, it averts redness of the skin, evacuates inordinate oil, shields from hurtful UV beams of the sun, and diminishes tanning.

Eat Cabbage

Cabbage can dispose of crow’s feet, which are an indication that you may have high cortisol levels. High cortisol can bring about the skin to separate speedier and wrinkles to show up.
The adrenal organ is in charge of making cortisol. By joining mitigating and vitamin A-, C-and E-rich sustenance like cabbage into your eating regimen, you can bring down cortisol levels, lessen crow’s feet, and keep lines from shaping in any case.

Attempt to pick purple cabbage since it has 6 to 8 times more vitamin C than any other green food. Truth be told, one measure of purple cabbage is 80% of the day by day prescribed measure of vitamin C you require. Keeping in mind the end goal to get the most advantages, consolidate into your eating routine 3-5 times each week.



Great Benefits Of Green Tea, You’d Like To Drink

The green wonder drink from China advanced long prior into the mugs of Americans everywhere throughout the nation for its touted therapeutic preferences. From a weight decrease help to centering on pancreatic growth, green tea has developed into a restorative drink that obliges a heap of diseases. The fact of the matter is there are astonishing advantages to procure from this otherworldly drink in only one container.

Improve Eye Vision

When it comes to improve Eye Vision, Carrots have for quite some time been related as a sustenance that advances great vision, yet science recommends there’s another child on the square. The cancer prevention agents found in green tea can truly enter the tissues of the eyes and create cell reinforcement movement. Catechins, cell reinforcement in green tea, are equipped for being assimilated into the tissues of the eye.

Face Fresh

Green tea can evidently additionally help with wrinkles and the indications of maturing; this is an aftereffect of their tumor counteractive action specialist and quieting exercises. Both creature and human studies have exhibited that green tea associated topically can lessen sun hurt.


Become ill, and the specialist gives you anti-toxins. We’ve all been there, however, are endorsed anti-infection agents the approach? I think not! Shouldn’t something be said about a characteristic curve? Presently I’m not saying green tea will cure you once you’re as of now tainted (most likely not), but rather it absolutely can’t hurt.

Heart Disease

Researchers think, green tea works away at the coating of veins, keeping them stay casual and better ready to withstand changes in pulse. It might likewise secure against the development of clumps, which are the essential driver of heart assaults.

Protect From Sun

Research demonstrates that drinking green tea or putting green tea sacks over your skin may shield it from the sun’s bright beams. This might be expected to a limited extent to the concentrate Epigallocatechin gallate, which demonstrated guarantee against skin growth in late lab tests at the University of Strathclyde. Specialists treated human skin tumors with the concentrate for a month, towards the end of which 40 percent of the tumors had vanished and an extra 30 percent had contracted.

Control Cholesterol

Various studies demonstrate that green tea appears to lower cholesterol. One report circulated in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, he observed that drinking green tea day by day can somewhat brings down cholesterol levels. Another study finished with male smokers who took day by day 375-milligram green tea cases for 12 weeks, found that green tea fundamentally decreased the level of destructive LDL cholesterol in their blood when combined with an eating regimen low in soaked feet.

Improve Teeth from all the aspects

Various studies, including one of 940 men in Japan, demonstrate that drinking green tea consistently can prompt a sound mouth since tea catechins can really execute mouth microbes. Mouth microscopic organisms can transform the sugar in nourishments into the plaque, and plaque produces acids that can bring about tooth rot. Catechins may likewise execute the microorganisms that can bring about awful breath.

Boost your Energy

Some studies have found that green tea can support your vitality levels, no doubt on account of the caffeine. Truth be told, Japanese scientists found that when perseverance competitors drank some green tea a day for around 12 weeks, their general continuance expanded between 8 to 24 percent just about no matter how you look at it.

Weight Loss

Drinking green tea is the best practice and prescription for those, hoping to shed pounds comfortably. Indeed, even individuals who are hefty and can’t bear to practice their body can dream to shape their figure the correct way.
Be that as it may, drinking green tea may not bring moment comes about but rather you will be giving yourself an edge. Catechin, caffeine and theanine (an amino corrosive), the considerable trio, found in green tea altogether helps in decreasing weight reduction lessens bloating.

Loss Chance of Cancer

Green tea keeps the onset of various sorts of tumor, including bosom, lung and prostate malignancies. Chemicals present in green tea, particularly EGCG can focus on the drop cells, allowing the sounding calls to sit unbothered and untouched. Utilization of green tea is more helpful to ladies than men on account of disease anticipation. EGCG seems to repress colorectal malignancies and may help in stopping cancer disease in our body.


Millet Health Benefits in Urdu – Bajra Roti Ke Faide

Bajra or Millet is used in human and animal food in various ways, It has many benefits for babies pregnancy, human hair, diabetes, livestrong etc.

Especially, You should Cook Bajra Roti Via Millet flour for babies, diabetes and lives tron patients to avoid from its risks and side effects.

Now You can Watch more Uses & Health Benefits of Millet in Urdu.




Camel Milk Benefits in Islam in Urdu – Oontni K Doodh k Fayde

Camel Milk or Oontni ka Doodh is very popular milk in East Asian & Middle East Arab Countries, Because it has many Uses & Benefits as mentioned in Islam.

You can get its Benefits for getting height, in cancer, autism, stomach, kidney and diabetes treatment etc.,  Overall Camel Milk or Aoontni ka doodh human body k liye buhut mafeed hai, So here are the major Uses & Benefits of Camel Milk of Dromedary in Urdu.


Aoontni ka doodh



Egg Uses & Benefits For Health in Hindi – Anday Ke Faide in Urdu

Egg or Anda jab bhi generally bola jae to is ka matlab murghi ka anda (Hen Egg) hota hai, Jo ek mukammal ghaza hai. You can eat it after fry, boil and make amulet.

Egg also used for different sweets to make them delicious. All nutrition are useful for human body but Egg or Anda is very useful for men, women, children, babies as well as patients to recover inner body damages.

You can find it anywhere in the world because It has many benefit for every person So Everyone has to use it to grow up his body especially in winter, But If you did not eat then your body will be face the lack of some most recommended & useful vitamins.

Now you can see Egg Uses & Benefits For Health in Urdu.




Arrowroot or Baking Powder Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu

Arrowroot is a starchy powder and obtained from rhizomes of  tropical plants like Maranta etc. It is commonly used in cooking to make different Biscuits, Cake, Pizza and many more things like that.

All Grains are useful for human body but Arrowroot is very useful for human which grows in India, Pakistan and almost all over the world.
Arrowroot has many benefit for babies, normal men and women, as well as for patients but Everyone has to use it to grow up his body and If you will not eat then your body will be face the lack of some useful vitamins.

Now You can use Arrowroot as Baking Powder  in Cooking Bakery items for Nutritional purpose, also Used in Cosmetics Products. Arrowroot Oil has Benefit for Babies Skin, Hair, Deodorant etc.




Arhar Uses & Health benefits in Urdu – Arhar Dal Calories

Arharh or Tor is a grain of the tree of Kalan which used as many ways to eat like Arharh ki Daal and Sabat Arharh, Beside of, People also make Sweet dishes from its daal.
All Grains are useful for human body but Arhar or Tor is a very useful grain for human, Which grows in India, Pakistan and many other countries of the world.
Pigeon Pea, Arhar or Tor has many benefits for normal man, as well as for patients but Everyone has to use it in its season to grow up his body, But If you will not eat then your body will be face the lack of some useful vitamins.

Now you can see Arhar Uses & Health benefits in Urdu.




Flex Seed Uses and Health Benefits in Urdu – Alsi ke Fayde

Alsi is a seed of Flax which grows in two varieties, yellow and brown, Flex seen is used for drying oil and to make linen paper and printing inks.

All Nutrition are useful for the human body but Alsi or Flex Seed is a very useful grain for human which grows in china, Canada and almost all over the world.

Flex Seed has many benefits for normal man as well as for patients but Everyone has to use it in its season to grow up his body, But If you will not eat then your body will be face the lack of some useful hormones and vitamins.

Alsi or Flex SeedNow You can see Alsi Flex Seed Uses and Health Benefits in Urdu.alsi or seed of flax



Ash e Jo Uses & Benefits for Healthy Life in Urdu

Groat  or Jow are grains which eat people and boil it to get more healthy vitamins called Ash e Jo or aash e jow or Barley Water.
All Nutrition are useful for human body but Groat or Aash e Jo is very useful for human body which available in almost all over the world.
Ash e Joe has many benefits for normal men as well as for patients but Everyone has to use it with its season to grow up his body, But If you will not use it then your body will be face the lack of some useful vitamins, Now you can see here Ash e Jo Uses & Benefits for Healthy Life in Urdu.