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How To Get Shredded? Diet And Workout Plan

Everyone wants to get ripped or in other words shredded but it’s not something that is achieved easily it is the result of going beast mode in the gym and maintaining a proper diet avoiding cheat meals like fast food and other meals with a lot of unhealthy calories.

Workout Plan

Workouts do not have to be 3-4 hours long, you do not have to spend hours in gym to get shredded or build a ripped body. The secret to having a nice body is 70% diet control and 30% workout so it’s actually looking after your diet more then working out a lot more then it actually is needed because after working out and spending hours in the gym they don’t get the results they want, they get frustrated and loose fate in themselves what they don’t understand is they are working out right but eating wrong so the basics of workout you need to do are the following…

Static Training (lifting weights)

If your doing static training like going in the gym lifting weights, don’t spend more then a hour and a half on working out and after the workout do a short cardio that will help you burn some more fat, fat doesn’t go off easy it’s something that your body needs so it resists to loose it but if you try hard you can definitely get away with you. People skip leg days they don’t like to work on their legs but the belly fat that covers your abs and your obliques burns more by training your legs and doing those exercises that combine the most of your muscles like squats it also trains your abdominal muscles with all the other lower body muscles too. This abdominal part is the hardest one if you train that part and loose weight there automatically you start getting ripped all over the body.

Calisthenics (street workout)

With the street workout it’s different there are specific exercises to burn fat off your body these exercises are considered a part of cardio they are mostly compound exercises like knee ups, pushups combined with high jumps, bridge planks, knee raises, bar raises, leg raises, and many others but you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them do your workout and after that give five to ten minutes to these exercises leave the rest to your diet maintain it and keep a good water intake and you’ll get ripped, achieve your goal.


So this is the main thing to discuss now Diet contributes to 70% of your body result if you work out a but have an unhealthy diet maybe you’ll increase your muscle mass but it wont be defined and will make you look more like a fat guy then a body builder.

Your daily diet!

Now people go crazy with their diet plans they eat counting calories and protein per every meal but you do not have to do that don’t restrict yourself so much that you eventually give up on it.

first things first! You need to drink a lot of water that keeps your body hydrated and healthy it also helps drain away some of the unwanted fat. 3-3.5 liters for a guy weighing 150 pounds would be reasonable if you weigh anymore then 175 pounds you should have a water intake of around over a gallon per day around 4-4.5 liters.[AdSense-B]

coming to the meals! rather then eating 3 big meals a day eat 6 or 7 short meals per day your diet must include milk,red meat for fiber for carbs wheat bread and rice, and eat fruits before and after working out, it makes you more energetic and if your families eating a pizza in dinner don’t shy out join them not like do it everyday but if it’s once in two weeks or something it’s pretty much fine less then that and your consuming so much calories everyday then your workouts are going to be of no use.

Hope this helps you.

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Five Types Of Fitness Training to Smart Your Body

Five major types of fitness training include flexibility exercise, dynamic strength-training, static strength-training, aerobic exercise and circuit training. A solid workout plan will incorporate all five of these major fitness training types to improve your health.

1.Flexibility Training

Flexibility exercises give you more freedom in movement and physical activities and everyday activities, such as wearing clothes and reaching out stuff from the shelf.

Flexibility exercises will help you in more stretchable physical movement but will not help you in gaining any static strength or any physical endurance.

Common Exercises For Flexibility!

Trunk Stretches

  • spinal twist
  • knees to chest
  • cat stretch
  • side trunk
  • back extension

Hip Stretches

  • forward lunge
  • side lunge
  • sitting hip stretch

Leg Stretches

  • hamstring (sitting)
  • calf (gastroc)
  • hamstring (supine)
  • quadriceps (side lying)
  • calf (soleus)
  • quadriceps (standing)
  • hamstring (standing)

Upper Body Stretches

  • chest
  • wrist extension
  • wrist flexion
  • shoulder overhead

Neck Stretches

  • neck (front & back)
  • neck (side)

2.Dynamic Training Approach (DTA).

dynamic training is defined as an individual workout routine featuring resistance training over the three aspects of intensity, duration and frequency.

The dynamic training approach changes with each individual over time. Workouts start out in the same general way, with frequent repetitions to get muscles in better shape. As the person’s individual body responds, weight training should change along with it. For instance, as arms and legs get stronger, the amount of weight should change in order to build or maintain more muscle groups.

Gastelu noted an overall successful dynamic training routine takes training, nutrition, supplements, skill, motivation and recovery. All of these aspects must be refined over the course of weight training for optimum results over time.

3. static strength-training

Static strength training or isometric training is a training that involves muscular actions but the length and the size of the muscles do not increase in isometric strength training.

Isometric exercises can be completed with sub maximal muscle action – such as holding a weight steady, out to the side. Static strength training can also involve maximal muscle actions.

Although isometric exercises can increase strength they are not the most suitable form of resistance training for dynamic actions such as sprinting and jumping.

4. aerobic exercise

Cardio or also called aerobic exercises mean these exercises by their unique movements and not so difficult exercises get the heart pumping by this I mean while doing these exercises the heart pumps blood very fast to the places it is most needed in this also helps you to sweat, gets your heart pumping fast and this way helps you down to burn fat.

Aerobic exercise (regardless of intensity) will help to:

  • Strengthen the muscles involved in respiration, to assist lung function.
  • Increase the total number of red blood cells in the body, to enable greater oxygen facilitation throughout the body.
  • Strengthen the heart muscle, which will improve resting heart and pumping efficiency.
  • Reduce stress and tension, and increase mental well-being.
  • Increase circulation throughout all areas of the body.
  • Increase self-esteem.
read more on my Article on Cardio.

5. circuit training

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance.

A circuit training in which a single circuit is completed after going through a group of high intensity workout exercises.

Common exercises in a circuit training!

Upper-body  :-

  • Squat ups,
  • Bench dips,
  • Back extensions ,
  • Medicine ball chest pass,
  • Bench lift,
  • Inclined press up,

Core & trunk,

  • Sit ups (lower abdominals),
  • Stomach crunch (upper abdominals),
  • Back extension chest raise,


  • Squat jumps
  • Compass jumps
  • Astride jumps
  • Step ups
  • Shuttle runs
  • Hopping shuttles
  • Bench squat


  • Burpees
  • Treadmills
  • Squat thrusts
  • Skipping
  • Jogging
Hope this article was informative!
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How To Grow Taller Naturally!

Height is a competitive measure everyone wants to get tall, it’s something desired by everyone however people want it but they don’t do anything about it they don’t work for it, they don’t eat a healthy diet for it in general they don’t apply on anything or do something to increase height.

People use supplements to increase their height even the doctors recommend many types of tablets and medicines to help you to increase your height I am here to tell you they are wrong you must not take those supplements in a short term they are good they help you gain height it feels good for a while but after sometime the side effects start, for example you can have an insufficient amount of calcium in your body even though you eat a diet containing calcium and drink milk but you still have an insufficient amount of calcium and your bones will get weak and the knees start hurting because of such weakness.

So it’s best if you start off naturally and push yourself to a point you get taller but do not loose hope if it first seems like it’s not working it is not that way it will grow when you force your body to it it will for sure!

There are two main points to increasing your height getting taller!

  • Diet
  • Workout


Eating fast food burgers and those cheese pizza’s is fun it’s tasty and it’s addictive but it ain’t healthy, its unwanted fat in your body that effects your body and makes you obese which is another factor to having a short height your body can’t hold all that extra weight and your bones keep growing at the same time it does not work that way your body’s so busy resisting all that extra weight already that it does not focus on growing because it cant.

So to have an effective gain of height the first thing that needs to be straighten up is your diet. Diet is the essential to having a good height.

The main components of a healthy diet.

Proteins: are the main structural building fibers of our body, they contain amino acids which are responsible for building our teeth,bones,muscles,tissues and organs and keeping them healthy.

foods rich in protein therefore necessarily be consumed i.e fish, eggs, milk and legumes.Protein is an important component in our diet to increase height.

Minerals: Foods which contain minerals like fluoride, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese also are important in increasing height and body growth.

Calcium is a vital mineral for the growth and maintenance of strong bones.

Vitamins: Vitamin D is essential for the development of strong and healthy bones. Apart from vitamin D, other vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, or riboflavin or ascorbic acid and vitamin F are also required for a healthy growth of the body. They are found in fruits and vegetables.


  • Milk
  • Dairy Foods (cheese,whipping cream and ice cream)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Starches and grains (Brown rice, popcorn, whole wheat,whole-grain pasta)
  • Eggs
  • SoyaBeans


There are different types of workout for different purposes and for increasing height the the body needs to be stretched so the body is forced to grow, there are specific stretching exercises that are the most effective for increasing height.

Trunk Stretches

  • spinal twist
  • knees to chest
  • cat stretch
  • side trunk
  • back extension

Hip Stretches

  • forward lunge
  • side lunge
  • sitting hip stretch

Leg Stretches

  • hamstring (sitting)
  • calf (gastroc)
  • hamstring (supine)
  • quadriceps (side lying)
  • calf (soleus)
  • quadriceps (standing)
  • hamstring (standing)

Upper Body Stretches

  • chest
  • wrist extension
  • wrist flexion
  • shoulder overhead

Neck Stretches

  • neck (front & back)
  • neck (side)[AdSense-B]


  • Do not lift weights
  • Do not stretch to much or you might get injured
  • Do not stress your muscles out too much

Hope this article helps you!

Any queries you can E-mail me.

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Best Cardio Exercises To Burn Your Body Fat!

The excessive fat in your body is, except a few very useless reasons, in every perfect way a bad thing to poses. It downgrades your looks, it limits your abilities to do things that require physical strength and stamina, your body feels lousy and also looks bad when some other person sees you other then these bad influences it also causes problems internally it damages the body slowly, like for example you start having problems like sugar and cholesterol, so if you want to stay fit and reasonably lean and handsome and avoid all the medical problems as much as you can you should start cardio to burn down this excessive fat.

What Is Cardio Or Aerobic Exercises?

Cardio or also called aerobic exercises mean these exercises by their unique movements and not so difficult exercises get the heart pumping by this I mean while doing these exercises the heart pumps blood very fast to the places it is most needed in this also helps you to sweat, gets your heart pumping fast and this way helps you down to burn fat.

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises!

Aerobic exercise (regardless of intensity) will help to:

  • Strengthen the muscles involved in respiration, to assist lung function.
  • Increase the total number of red blood cells in the body, to enable greater oxygen facilitation throughout the body.
  • Strengthen the heart muscle, which will improve resting heart and pumping efficiency.
  • Reduce stress and tension, and increase mental well-being.
  • Increase circulation throughout all areas of the body.
  • Increase self-esteem.

Lower-to-moderate intensity aerobic activity

  • Typically provide less impact on the joints, making it ideal for the obese and/or unfit.
  • Burn fat directly (as opposed to total calories) and can be done for a longer period.
  • Can be used as active recovery from more intensive training systems.

Higher intensity aerobic activity (70-85 percent of MHR) will:

  • Will burn more total calories and more total fat as a result.
  • Will increase the metabolic rate (during and after training) to a greater degree than will lower intensity aerobics.
  • Offer fitness benefits such as improved endurance, strength, and athletic performance.
  • Help with the prevention of osteoporosis.

Exercises To Burn Fat!

These exercises will help you burn more fat in a short period of time compared to the other various exercises!


1. Skipping (Jumping Rope)

Skipping although a very high impact activity, if done correctly can help burn fat faster then any other exercise, on average it burns 1000 calories in a hour.

Once mastered, jumping rope is an effective way to:

  • Burn a high number of calories.
  • Help to prevent osteoporosis due to its high impact nature.
  • Improve a wide range of skill components, including explosive strength, stamina and speed (boxer’s jump rope as an integral part of their training).

2.Runninghow to loss weight

Running is a very good exercise to keep your body fit and is an efficient, although high impact way to lose body fat. It can help loose up to 600 calories in a hour. Running compared to sprinting is a bit different sprinting is an anaerobic exercise therefore running is more effective in helping loose more fat in a short amount of time.

For fat burning purposes, the variation on running that could be considered is jogging, as this method.

Beginners running program:

  • Frequency: three times a week.
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes per session


Cycling involves the same muscles as does running, but has the added advantage of being lower impact. It therefore how to burn fateffects the whole body and is a very good exercise for the whole body combined into one machine. It can help up to burning 750-800 calories in a hour.

A beginners cycling program:

  • Frequency: three times a week.
  • Duration: 30-45 minutes per session.


Swimming is considered one of the best was to stretch a body and burn fat as well, can help burn up to 600 calories in a hour. It contains a whole body movement from the feet to your hands every part is busy in the action therefore is also a very healthy exercise.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the newer and more effective ways to burn body fat.Regular aerobic training (although beneficial for fat burning) can place the body into a steady state in that the same pace is maintained throughout.

HIIT is perfect for:

  • Raising fat burning hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine.
  • Suppressing insulin levels.

Advised points

  • Do not over do your workouts.
  • Do not do it more then 4 times a week.
  • Eat a healthy diet with the workout or you will become week.
  • Listen to what your body says take rests in between exercises.
  • Stay hydrated before,between and after the workout.
  • Eat a fruit before starting the workout.

Hope this article helps you!

I’ll be updating soon on the diet related to this too.

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Calisthenics Body Fundamentals Workout!

What Is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics which is also called Street Workout are a bunch of exercises which solely target on making you stronger, taller, shredded, body wise more fit and increase your flexibility.It consist of exercises like pulling, pushing, bending, jumping or swinging with only your own body weight as a resistance.If performed in a proper way with a verity of exercises could help build a muscular body and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychometric skills such as balance, agility and coordination.Calisthenics-fundamentals

Urban calisthenics are a form of street workout also another name for calisthenics, they workout individual or in groups to build a muscular body and to later compete in calisthenics related sports sports competitions.


calisthenics is not anything new it’s an ancient sport of the Greek empire. The world calisthenics comes from the Greek word kálos’sthénos. kálos means beauty and sthénos means strength which in common refers to an art of using your own body weight in means to develop one’s physique.

A calisthenics legend also believes that  the word Calisthenics was derived from the name of a famous calisthenics promoter “Calisthenes”.

Calisthenics is associated with a rapidly growing sport called “street workout” all over the world.Street workout as a sport consists of athletes competing against one other by each showing their body-weight strength and body-control in timed routines to impress a panel of judges.The World Calisthenics Organization (WCO) which is based in Los Angeles created first time ever rules for a 1 vs 1 competition which includes including weight classes, timed round system, original judging criteria and a 10 point must system. Giving the growing amount of amazing athletes worldwide an opportunity to compete in these world wide competitions.body exercise

Common Exercises In Calisthenics

  • Jumping Jacks (star jumps/stride jumps)
Performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. Sometimes known as jumping jacks and stride jumps or side-straddle hops in the US military.
  • Lunges
Performed by bringing one leg forward and almost kneeling on the back leg. Once the front leg creates a perfect 90 degree angle, stand up and alternate legs, keeping the back straight and chest out.
  • Sit-ups
Performed by lying down with the back on the floor, knees bent, and bottoms of feet against the floor. The shoulders are then lifted off the floor by tightening abdominal muscles and bringing the chest closer to the knees. The final movement is to lower the back to the floor with a smooth movement. This trains the abdominal muscles.
  • Crunches
Like the sit-up, except instead of bringing the whole torso area closer to the knees, only a concentrated but shorter movement of the abdominal muscles is performed. Shoulder blades are lifted off the floor, and abdominals tightened.
  • Push-ups
Performed face down on the floor, palms against floor under the shoulders, toes curled upwards against the floor. The arms are used to lift the body while maintaining a straight line from head to heel. The arms of the subject should go from fully extended in the high position to nearly fully flexed in the low position, while the subject makes sure to avoid resting on the floor. Resting is only done in the high position of the exercise. Chest, shoulders, and triceps are trained with this exercise. By furthering the range of motion, what is often called a push up +, by pushing the shoulders downwards at the top the serratus anterior comes further into play.
  • Pull-ups
An overhead bar (sometimes called a chin-up bar) is grasped using a shoulder-width grip. The subject lifts their body up, chin level with the bar, and keeping the back straight throughout. The bar remains in front of the subject at all times. The subject then slowly returns to starting position in a slow controlled manner. This primarily trains the lats or upper back muscles, as well as the forearms. An underhand grip variation or chin-up trains both the back and biceps.
  • Squats
Standing with feet shoulder width apart, the subject squats down as far as possible, bringing the arms forward parallel to the floor. The subject then returns to standing position. Squats train the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and gluteal muscles.
  • Calf-raises
Standing on a platform with an edge where the heels can hang (e.g. a curb), lift the body on the balls of the feet. The subject then slowly returns to starting position. This trains the gastrocnemius and to a lesser degree the Soleus muscle. A seated calf-raise trains the soleus.
  • Dips
Done between parallel bars or facing either direction of trapezoid bars found in some gyms. Feet are crossed with either foot in front and the body is lowered until the elbows are in line with the shoulders.[AdSense-B]
The subject then pushes up until the arms are fully extended, but without locking the elbows. Dips focus primarily on the chest, triceps, and deltoids, especially the anterior portion.
  • Leg raises
Lying on the back, hands in fists under buttocks, move feet up and down.
  • Plank
This is the name for holding the top position of a push-up for extended periods of time. The primary muscle involved in this exercise is the rectus abdominis.

Famous Groups And Personalities In Calisthenics

  • Bar brothers

It is currently the biggest group in calisthenics community, they also refer to it as a movement, it has more then 540,000 people following their tracks.

  • Frank Medrano

He is an individual guy who teaches people the right way to do calisthenics with he workout plans and health programs.

  • Chris Nielsen

He has started his own movement called “calisthenics unity” he also guides you through the calisthenics program he has a whole diet plan and a workout routine!


Health Tips

Developing A Healthy Diet And Maintaining It Easy

A healthy diet is a diet that covers all the essential types of nutrition a body needs. It contains everything from amino acids to proteins , fatty acids , vitamins, minerals and adequate calories. It supplies a human body with all it needs without having side effects such as “exposure to toxicity or gaining excessive weight and useless fat.healthy diet

What should I eat in a healthy diet?


  • A healthy diet should also contain whole grains. A research found out that it is essential for everyone to consume at least three ounces of whole grain a day in their diet. Whole grains are rich in fiber.
  • Whole grain products include: bread , pastas , cereals , etc..
  • Whole grain foods and flours include wheat , brown rice , corn , buckwheat , oatmeal , spelt and wild rice.

Fruits and Vegetables…

Fruits and vegetables are really an important part of keeping the body active and functioning well. They contain all the vitamin mineral and fiber that body needs. most studies prefer at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

NOTE: one protein is described as a single fruit like one whole apple or a banana.


We need protein for building and repairing of tissues in our body. Proteins  contain , iron , magnesium , zinc, as well as B vitamins.


  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Beans

healthy foodDairy…

Dairy products are good source of calcium Dairy products include milk , yogurts , cheese , soya dairy products.

Fat and Sugars…

Sugar, chocolate , cakes , biscuits , jam , margarine , mayonnaise , non-diet sodas, etc..


Don’t take a lot of fat and sugars that would actually destroy the benefit you get from all the other types of food.

Maintaining a healthy diet!!

In the start this is going to be hard you may not be able to follow this diet plan but once you get a hold on it, you do not have to eat everything daily not most of them the fruits and the dairy substances need to be taken daily to complete the bodies needs.[AdSense-B]

Other things in the diet like fish for protein and pulses or whole wheat you don’t have to eat all in a single day you can switch it between days in a week for example proteins are needed more of in your body so you could eat substances containing protein 3 days out of 7 days in a week and switch between other foods daily too but in dairy two glasses of milk should be taken daily to fulfill the calcium needs in the body and then fruits are to be eaten daily too as per they cover many types of nutrition needed in your body.

Benefits of eating healthy!!

  • Eating healthy and exercising helps you control your body weight, also slows down your hunger for food.
  • It improves you mentally as well this sounds weird but it actually has been proven that by eating healthy your body looks better and you feel better physically making you confident about your body which helps create a better mood mentally.
  • Healthy food combats all sorts of disease including cancer
  • It boosts energy. Studies have shown people who eat better are more active and have a fresh mind over the day.