disadvantages of ice cold water

5 Shocking Things Happen to Your Body When You Drink Cold Water

Just assume that you are in the summer season and after a heavy workout in scorching heat, you came back to your home, what would you do first? of course, you would head directly towards the fridge to get cold water as a reprieve from sweltering heat outside. But wait! This article will open your eyes for the shocking health hazards an icy cold water could cause.disadvantages of ice cold water

However, the ice itself has various benefits but drinking icy or cold water just gives you a temporary relief from snoring thirst but it has more inclined towards its downsides. As it is the law of nature that our body temperature in normal condition is 98.6 oF, while it would cause distress if we rise or reduce this temperature to few degrees or we generally call this distress as “fever”. Not just only this, there are other strange but true hazards a cold water can cause and are mentioned below with their respective reasons:

  1. Restricts proper digestion:

Drinking cold water hinders the digestion process and prevent proper nutrient transport to other parts of the body by shrinking your blood vessels. While with improper nutrient transport you may get some parts of your body poorly nourished.

  1. Energy depletion:

When you drink water with very low temperature, your body with the temperature of 37 oC has to devote energy for regulating its temperature to normal one similar to that of the body. This causes your energy to be depleted in doing no work but just to digest water. Isn’t it bad business for you?

  1. Make you prone to throat ailments:

Cold water endorses the damage of respiratory mucosa, which acts as a shielding layer and prevents respiratory tract from various infections. While the impairment of this layer exposes the respiratory tract and make it more vulnerable to numerous infections thus turns your throat sore.

  1. Badly affects your heart:

Cold water or other cold drinks prevent your heart from proper functioning. Numerous researched have illustrated the fact that drinking cold water can cause the stimulation of vagus nerve (this is tenth cranial nerve of the body and a significant contributor of the autonomous nervous system which is specialized for controlling body’s involuntary actions). This nerve arbitrates the dropping of heart rate while icy cold water with its low-temperature acts as an incentive to the nerve hence lowers the heart rate. Moreover, these continuous shocks will get your heart towards weakness which will result in various heart problems.

Moreover, cold water contributes towards the clotting effect for your blood and make it difficult to circulate throughout the body. This thick blood with improper circulation could not flow through the extremities of the body. This is the main reason of feet and hands to feel numb, this will make body’s extremities impaired of nutrients and cause your nails to stop shining and promote you toes to hurt.

  1. Improper digestion for your drug:

As I mention above that your body has to maintain the temperature of icy water every time you drink before taking it up for digestion and transfer of nutrients to the blood. While if you take any sort of drug, it’s understood that this is the type of material which is designed for a human body temperature and will surely dissolve in a medium (usually water or body liquid) of optimum body temperature (37 oC).

That’s why taking the drug with cold water will not digest properly on time which means you would not catch up the best of your drug because of its improper dissolution in cold water on time.

So, quit the use of cold liquid (either water, soft drinks or other) and enjoy your healthy life!

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