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Top five Pakistani Recipes Apps You Need to Install Today

Top five Pakistani Recipes Apps You Need to Install Today

Smartphones have modernized the living standards of the humankind and with every passing second, technology is making progress by leaps and bounds. With such rapid technology, smartphones have come into play and made their way into our lives as an essential factor and no field of life has been left virtually untouched by it. In the same way, the cooking field has been engulfed completely by digital kitchens with artificial intelligence and robots that are replacing humans and taking over jobs like in commission at different restaurants as waiters and automatic dishwashers. Similarly, Android applications have revolutionized the field of food preparation by establishing online cooking apps and platforms which are facilitating us in getting hold of new food recipes every day in the comfort of our homes. The following article lists the top five Pakistani recipes apps that everyone who loves cooking should download today.Top five Pakistani Recipes Apps You Need to Install Today

Top five Pakistani Recipes Apps:

  1. All Recipes

“All recipes” is a vast online food portal that has earned quite a reputation for its quality food content.  Their app has one of the easily understood formats as it is divided into two sections: ingredients and directions. The All Recipes application can be downloaded for free and works both online and offline modes. The unique feature of the application is that it features an ad free version and there is a wide range of easy recipes to choose from.

  1. Urdu Recipes

One of the most adored cooking applications amongst the food enthusiasts of Pakistan is known as Urdu recipes. The app features quite a set of unique traits which include bookmarks and high-quality imagery. The format is also easily understandable and there are hundreds of recipes to choose from which include great morning breakfast recipes like whole grain muffins to fiery and spicy snacks like burritos and tacos. The application also has a sector for vigorous drinks like milkshakes, smoothies, and juices. One of the most acclaimed characteristics of the application is that it functions perfectly when in offline mode and has many broadly described scrumptious recipes like biryani, korma, and Nihari etc.

  1. Sooperchef

If somebody’s looking up the term “cooking recipes” on his internet browser, he is sure to come across SooperChef amid the top three resulting websites. Claiming its spot as one of the leading cooking applications available on the playstore right now, Sooperchef’s app has provided great food content for its users in both Urdu and English languages. The application has featured more than 250 Pakistani, Continental, Chinese, snacks, desserts, and drinks recipes, while more recipes are being published daily. Sooperchef’s application allows free downloads of entire recipes with the preparation methods in Urdu along with the assistance of a 4k video guide which exhibits step by step training for all the delicious Continental & Pakistani recipes in Urdu & English.

  1. Masala TV App

As a part of the HUM TV network, Masala Tv commenced broadcasting in November of 2006th and quickly gained popularity as the first 24 food and cooking channel of Pakistan. But in the fast paced lives of today, sitting in front of the TV to catch your favorite cooking show has become much of a headache, but masala TV’s app has it all covered. Masala tv’s app provides an online platform where you can watch all your favorite Masala Tv Recipes with only a click of a button. In addition, health and cookery tips are also featured on the app which makes it one of the most time-honored and top rated food preparation apps of Pakistan right now.

  1. Delhi Dastarkhwan

The “Delhi Dastarkhwan” cooking application is the right choice for the foodies who are eager to gain access to some traditional Pakistani food recipes.  The app allows you to surf through world-famous traditional Indian and Pakistani dishes that are appreciated not only in India and Pakistan but all over the globe.  Delhi Dastarkhwan’s app can be downloaded for free from the playstore.

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