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Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress: Which is Better

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress: Which is Better

A good night sleep is all we want after a long working day, but if your mattress is not right, you might end up waking up more tired. There are lots of people who suffer from an inadequate sleep at night just because of their lousy mattress choice, and they don’t know about it. Mattresses are also responsible for providing your body support and lifting during the sleep but are comfortable and cozy to take away all your tiredness and help you sleep all night long. Here you can know more about Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress.Memory Foam

Since more researchers are done in the field of the mattress, more and more development has been done in this sector. That is why it is more difficult to choose the bed acceding for your medical condition and body needs. Therefore we provide you a complete guide to the memory foam vs. hybrid mattress and which is better for you.

Memory foam:

A memory foam mattress is made from the viscoelastic material which is also used in the hybrid mattress. This content was designed to provide comfort and cozy feeling to the user, but there may not be enough for many people since there the mattress might end up providing full support to your body. Since it is evident with the name memory foam takes the shape of according to the weight put on it. That is why it can be better used as a sleeping mattress alone but also can be used in other foams to provide comfort to the sleepers.

Features of the Memory Foam:

  1. For those who have a sleep partner who moves around the bed all night long, memory foams are just for you. It provides better sleep due to their increase motion isolation, which means that the movement on the other side of the mattress will not affect the rest of another person.
  2. It is better sleeping foam which keeps your spine and body aligned due to the even distribution of weight.
  3. Since memory foams provide more posture while you sleep, it helps in reduction of snoring and helps in better berating as well.
  4. It is best for those people who are allergic because it is hypoallergenic foam which resists to the dust, allergens and dust mites as well, keeping your family healthy.

Pro and Cons of the Memory Foam:

When the memory foam was introduced in the market, it targets the people and patients with back and body pain, initially it successfully provides what it promised, but the primary drawback was the lousy sex on it. That is why many people wanted to have a mattress which provides relief from back pain and suitable for other purposes too. That is why the memory foam mattresses also evolved and added new senses of elasticity. This technology gives a feeling which is not like a quicksand when there is an intimate moment and also provides comfort with better support which hybrid foams were finding challenging to maintain.


·       It has manufacturing warranty of 10 to 25 years.

·       Very easy to clean.

·       Best for spinal alignment

·       Available in huge numbers

·       Provide good support and contour


·       Gassing issues

·       Have hot surface to sleep on

·       No or very little bounce

·       Difficult to change position and move

Hybrid Mattress:

The hybrid mattress is a technological combination of the various features of each material to create a bed best for your body need. Per Get Best Mattress, the hybrid mattress is the best combination of resiliency base form, innerspring coils system, UltraCore HD memory foam, traditional memory foam and at the top layer, there is a heat dissipating higher density bamboo infused foam quilted into a cover. With all these materials the Hybrid mattress takes the best features of all different materials used in its making that is who provide you better support and comfort to your body all night long.

Features of Hybrid mattress:

  1. The coils provide better support to your body, even firmness, and more flexibility when compare with the innerspring mattress.
  2. It is the best option for those who sleep on sides since these are flatter than a traditional spring mattress.
  3. The hybrid mattress is more comfortable and has no issues like pocking coils since it is made from the layers of foams it provides better support and healthy at the same time.
  4. The cost is also reasonable, and you can get good value for your money.

Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Mattress:

The hybrid mattress was introduced in the market in the early 2000s. This bed can be considered as the first form of the hybrid mattress which targets the US market and has features of comfort and support, but till this date, there are some changes done in the hybrid foams. The significant changes done in the hybrid foams are the using of memory foam in it. A few years back when the hybrid foams were introduced, it was marketed by a comfortable spring mattress. But many companies fail to do so and end up selling the bouncy bed which is not much different than the spring mattress.

That is why when memory foam is introduced to the hybrid mattress they have become more body-cradling, bouncy yet provide more support and comfort.


·       It has better contour and support then the innerspring mattress

·       Better bounce and response

·       Great breathability

·       Lesser issues of stinking and hot surface to sleep

·       Lots of options in firmness

·       A good choice when you are on budget


·       Quite heavy in weight

·       Problems in moving around

·       May have issues in construction and manufacturing

·       Problems in high motions transfer.

Which mattress is right for you?

Since it is up to the requirement of the customer what to choose a hybrid or memory foam, but when we compare their qualities and features Hybrid Mattress is just the right choice for you. Hybrid mattress not only provides excellent support and comfort due to multiple layers but also allow to reduce the heat and give a correct amount of bounce for you and your family. It helps you to sleep all night long with the more relaxed body.

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