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7 Extremely Useful Health Tips for Office Workers

7 Extremely Useful Health Tips for Office Workers

Office jobs are generally considered as seat bound jobs. Officers usually spend most of their times sitting on their desk. And continuously sitting for longer hours pose serious threats to the health. One of the most common problems among the office workers is Obesity, which is basically a result of inactivity and sitting for too long. This article provides some really helpful tips to minimize these problems without burdening your schedule. So keep reading the Health Tips for Office Workers!Health Tips for Office Workers

Health Tips for Office Workers:

Following are some pretty useful tips for office workers which they can follow to improve their health condition. Or at least to minimize the damage to their health.

1. Drink Plenty of Water:

It is a common observation that office workers tend to forget hydrating themselves when they are busy in their work. But, the fact is that, Water is one of the best gifts of Allah. No matter how busy you are, make it a habit of drinking plentiful water at your workplace. This will give you freshness and energy. Keeping yourself well hydrated is crucial for being alert and attentive at your work. Further, drinking water also helps in reducing stress and anxiety, which – unfortunately though – is common in our offices these days.

2. Take Periodic Stress Breaks:

At workplace, when you are concentrating on something and may be things are not turning out to be good, then there are chances that stress can easily build up. So, it is prudent to take a stress break. It can be anything just to break the build up of stress. A stretching exercise on your seat or a 5 minutes walk within the office premises etc. The key is to give your brain a little break from the processing and allowing it to wander here and there. Some people may get the impression that this way they will lose the momentum and this may affect their performance. But such breaks allow you to focus even better. Also it helps in getting back to your work with more energy.

3. Take out time for Exercise:

Bulging waistline is one of the biggest problems associated with office workers. The prime reason is physical inactivity. Most of the office jobs are seat bound and does not involve much physical activity. In order to remain fit and healthy, it is important for Office goers to get some light exercise. This will  not only keep their bodies in shape. But it will also help in keeping their minds sharp. As the old proverb goes “A sound body has a sound mind.” So if you are more physically fit, then you will definitely be able to utilize your energy in a better way to achieve your office goals.

4. Keep a Check on Your Tea/Coffee Intake:

Tea and coffee are among the favorite beverages of office workers. They kind of tend to bank on these caffeinated drinks to get the most out of their bodies. But too much caffeine is rather injurious to health. If you are taking more than three cups of tea or coffee a day, then you are surely taking too much. Try to limit  the consumption to two cups maximum. Fresh juices or flavored milk can be fine alternatives too.

5. Take Care of Your Eyes:

If your job requires a lot of computer usage then your eyes may get tired. Eye strain is a common problem among office goers today. And as more jobs are getting computer bound, the screen time is going to increase even more. In order to keep your eyes healthy and relaxed, make it a habit of following 20-20-20 rule. This rule suggests that if you have had a screen time of 20 minutes, then you should look at a distance of at least 20 feet for at least 20 seconds. This rule allows you to reset the contractions caused by constant staring at the computer screen. Further, there are certain exercises which also help in relaxing the eye muscles. You can practice them regularly to avail their health benefits.

6. Take adequate Sun Exposure:

Sun light is also extremely important source of life. It is one of the greatest blessings of Almighty Allah. But as office goers are mostly in their office during the day time. They miss out on the sun exposure that is required for their good health. Studies have shown that sun exposure is directly linked to bone health. The reason being, sun light enables our bodies to make the all very important Vitamin D. And this vitamin is required by the body to absorb calcium in the bones. So, if you want to avoid those painful symptoms associated with vitamin D deficiency, and to improve your bone health, you must take adequate sun light exposure. Half an hour in the open sun in Morning is extremely beneficial. But if you can’t make it, then take out 10 minutes from your lunch break to give your body some direct sun. And try to compensate the difference on weekends. But please beware that a lot of direct scorching sun on your skin is not good as well. Due to this reason, the morning sun is just perfect because it is not that harsh on skin and still has the same benefits.

7. Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance:

In the modern fast paced world, we get busy in our daily routines so much that we tend to ignore our family and ourselves. And the office goers are among the worst sufferers of this problem. At times, it is important to take a break and have time with family and friends. And also take out time for yourself. Plan outings and picnics. The idea is to have some healthy times with the family.
This allows your brain to get out the mechanical routine life. And rejuvenates the much needed energy inside you. As a result, you perform well at the workplace and simultaneously enjoy a good family life at home.

Ending Notes:

In order to make a good living in this world, it is important to perform good at your workplace. But at the same time, it is of utmost importance that you do not neglect your health. Having a sound body not only improves your well being, but at the same time enables you to perform better at your job. We hope that the above tips would help you out in achieving the same with the best of your health.
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