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Top 10 Great Benefits Of Coconut Water, Force You To Drink From Today

Weight Reduction Coconut water is a perfect beverage for weight reduction. It is low in calories and simple on the stomach. Indeed, this light and reviving beverage contains different bio-active compounds that guide processing and support fat digestion system. In addition, coconut water is rich in potassium, which offsets sodium. Abundance sodium in the body tends to bring about water ... Read More »

Top 09 Magnificent Foods Will Help You To Make Your Skin Glowing

Take Egg Regularly Here is one more reason why you ought to eat the entire egg. The yolk of every egg is rich in vitamins that are key for legitimate cell capacity, and also contain the “magnificence vitamin,” biotin. This B vitamin is all the more ordinarily known not hair develop and fortify fingernails, yet look into has demonstrated it ... Read More »

Honey Uses & Benefit For Your Healthy Body

Honey has been used by boundless social orders all around the world over the span of late years. While the different medicinal focal points of honey have made it a basic part of standard remedies, for instance, ayurvedic treatment, analysts are also inquiring about the benefits of honey in association with current pharmaceutical, particularly in the retouching of wounds. In ... Read More »

Untapped Coconut Oil Benefits; You Might Never Thought It Before

coconut oil

Coconut oil is a stand out, the most special items available right at this point. The positive prizes: it conveys to your life upon use are just excessively stunning, making it impossible to go unnoticed. Coconut oil isn’t only for great instrument to cook. However, with Coconut Oil, it is likewise an astounding item to use for excellence purposes. This ... Read More »

Anjeer k Faiday – Figs Health Benefits in Urdu

figs uses in Urdu Hindi Arabic

Anjeer (Figs) ka Scientific name Ficus Carica hai, Is men Protien , Lipids , Sodium , Potassium , Calcium , mangnessium , Iron , Copper , Phosphores aur Sulphur Chlorin hota hai. Anjeer khany se Bawaseer khatam ho jati hai or Rheuma jorhon k dard men mufeed hai. Constipation , Chiken Pox , Asthama , Cough door krti  hai, Colour fair ... Read More »

Grapes Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu – Angoor Ke Faide in Urdu

Grapes or Angoor is delicious fruit Jo bel par guchon ki soorat me lagty hain, In ka color light green ya red hota hai. Grapes are commonly used to make wine, jelly, juice, jam, grapes seed oil and vinegar etc. It has many other benefits for Face Skin, Babies, Stomach, Diabetes, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, Liver, Cancer etc. Now you can ... Read More »

Pineapple Health Benefits in Urdu – Pineapple Ke Faide in Urdu

Pine Apple or Ananas  is a tropical plant, Which fruit is rare in this area used to protect from many diseases. Its leaves we are used to make textile fiber which used in wallpaper designing and furnishing. You can see Pineapple health benefits in urdu with some popular pineapple uses are given bellow. Read More »

Tamarind Uses & Health Benefits and Problems – Imli Ke Fawaid in Urdu

Tamarind or Imli is a pod like fruit of a tree which wood used for carpentry. Tamarind’s cultivation spreed all over the world because it has many uses like; Tamarind used in medicines, To polish the metals and many others. All Nutrition are useful for human body but Tamarind or Imli is mostly useful in less quantity because It has ... Read More »

Health Benefits of Amra Fruit – Amra Fruit Benefits in Urdu

Amrra is a rare fruit which grows only at the side of water like river and canals etc. It is used to make many herbal medicine for different types of patients. You know, All Nutrition are useful for human body but Amra or Amraa Fruit is very useful for men, Women, babies as well as permanent patients. Amra Fruit has ... Read More »

Pomegranate Uses & Health Benefits – Anar Ke Faide in Urdu

Pomegranate or Anaar is delicious fruit which height of the tree is 5 to 8 meters and grows in the middle east, Southern Europe, Sub-continent, America, Africa and South Asian countries. All Nutrition are useful for human life, but Pomegranate is very useful Which through you can avoid your physician with eating one pomegranate everyday. Pomegranate has many benefit for normal ... Read More »

Guava Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu – Amrood Benefits in Urdu

benefit of amrood

Guava or Amrood is a nice fruit which grows in almost all Moderate areas like; Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq etc., As you know, Almost All Fruits are useful for human body but Guava is very nice and useful fruit, Which grows in the a bit hot places of the world. Guava is rich in vitamin C, Lesser diabetes risk, improvement ... Read More »

Urd Fruit Uses & Health Benefits – Urad Ki Daal Recipe in Urdu

It is a fruit of Urd Tree which has two types; black and green, Which called Pipya Urd. All Nutrition are useful for human body but Ard or Urd is very useful as a fleshy fruit, Which grows in the hot places of the world. Urd Fruit has many benefits for normal men as well as for patients but Everyone ... Read More »

Health Benefits of Amal Byd – Amal Byd Ke Faide

amal byd fruit

Amal byd is a fruit of a tree grows in Pakistan and India, Which has two types like; pomelo and Lemeto Amal Byd is very very Acerbic but has many benefits especially for men. All Nutrition are useful for human body but Amal byd is a Tartarean  fruit, Which grows mostly in the hot places of the world. You need ... Read More »

Walnuts Uses & Health Benefits in Urdu – Akhrot k Faide

akhrot ka halwa

Walnut is a useful fruit but Persian walnut and English walnut are very useful & popular to eat and make Walnut Sweet (Akhrot ka Halwa). All Nutrition are useful for human body but walnut or akhrot is very useful fruit for healthy life which grow in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & almost all over the world. Walnut has many Uses & ... Read More »

Mango Fruit Uses & Benefits for Health in Urdu & Hindi


All Nutrition are useful for human body but Mango or Aam is a fleshy fruit, Which grows in the hot places in our country. Mango has many benefit for normal person & patients but Everyone has to use it with its season to grow up his body, If you will not eat it then your body will be face the ... Read More »

Top 10 Health Benefits of Plum Fruit in Urdu

aaloo bukharaa

All Nutrition are very useful for human body but Plum Damson or Aalo-Bukhara is a very useful and sweet red or green fruit for human which grows up in Pakistan, India and almost all other countries of the world. Plum damson has many benefit for normal people and patients both, So Everyone has to use it in its season to ... Read More »

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