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Five Healthy Breakfast to help you with Instant Weight Loss

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the main course meals to start your rest of the day, but, ironically it is also taken for granted by most of use and considered as the most overlooked one. Fast pace and hectic life routine in such a busy world occupied with a modern lifestyle, breakfasts tend to happen as a swift affair that usually ... Read More »

5 Breakfast Smoothies for Kids

Breakfast Smoothies for Kids

A smoothie is a type of beverage that is thick and it is extracted from blended fruits and vegetables in order to come up with a healthy diet. It is mixed with other ingredients which include ice, water, or other sweeteners to come up with an even sweet and nutritious beverage. A mother can decide to learn five breakfast smoothies ... Read More »

Gurdy or Masany Ki Pathri ka ilaj in Urdu – Kidney and Bladder Stones

Home Remedies For Kidney and Bladder Stones

Different patients ko Gurdy or Masany ki different bimarian lahaq hoti hain, Jin me zyada popular Gordy ka dard, Gurdy ki pathri, Gurdy ka fail hona or isi tarha Masany ki pathri shamil han, Jin k liye yahan Gurdy or Masany ka ilaj diya ja raha hai, So you can check Gurdy or Masany Ki Pathri ka ilaj in Urdu as ... Read More »

Pait k Keeron ka ilaj in Urdu – Intestinal Parasites

Natural Remedies To Treat Intestinal Parasites

Aksar choty bachon k pet me kerry (Intestinal Parasites) parh jaty han, Jis ki ek barhi waja bacho ka matti khana bi hai. Pet k kerron ko khatam karny k bohut se gharelu totkay bhi han, So we’re sharing Some Natural Remedies To Treat Intestinal Parasites, So you can see Pait k Keeron ka ilaj in Urdu. Pait k Keeron ... Read More »

Bhook Barhany ka Tarika in Urdu – Home Remedies to Increase Appetite

Home Remedies to Increase Appetite

Masroofyat or tensions ki waja se aaj kal bohut se logon ki bhook (Appetite or Hunger) khatam ho jati hai, So you can check Home Remedies to Increase Appetite. You can find here Bhook Barhany ka Tarika in Urdu. Bhook Barhany ka Tarika in Urdu Hum yahan share kar rae han; Bhook Barhany ka Desi Tarika or Totka in Urdu/Hindi, ... Read More »

Motapay ka ilaj in Urdu – Obesity Causes Effects and Remedies

Obesity Causes Effects and Remedies

Motapa (Obesity) ek bohut khatarnak bimari hai, Jo aksar muraghan ghazaen jesy Chicken Roast, Bakry products or Oily foods khany se hota hai. Here You can find Obesity Causes Effects and Remedies or Motapay ka ilaj in Urdu. Motapay ka ilaj in Urdu You can check; Motapay ka ilaj in Urdu, as Given bellow; Agar ap Moty han to Hamen btaen, Hakeem Sahib ... Read More »

Fatigue Home Remedies in Urdu – Thakawat ka ilaj

Fatigue Home Remedies in Urdu

Is nafsa nafsi k dor me har shakhs zehni or jismani thakawat ka patient ban gya hai, Is liye thakawat door karny k liye different types k nuskhy or totkay bi use kiye jaty han. Hamen sub se pehly ye sochna chahye k jitna bi kama len, Muqadar me sirf 2 rotyan hi han, Is liye zyada kama kar bimar ... Read More »

Sugar ka ilaj in Urdu – Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes - Sugar ka ilaj in Urdu

Sugar ya diabetes har ghar ka problem hai, Jis k checkup k liye patients ko har bar hospital jana parhta hai, Is liye yahan kuch gharelu totkay or method diye ja rae han, Jis k through ap apni diabetes or sugar ko control kar sakty han. Here’re some Home Remedies for Diabetes or learn more Sugar ka ilaj in Urdu ... Read More »

Top five Pakistani Recipes Apps You Need to Install Today

Top five Pakistani Recipes Apps You Need to Install Today

Smartphones have modernized the living standards of the humankind and with every passing second, technology is making progress by leaps and bounds. With such rapid technology, smartphones have come into play and made their way into our lives as an essential factor and no field of life has been left virtually untouched by it. In the same way, the cooking ... Read More »

Choose the Best Newborn Baby Milk Formula in the Market

Best Newborn Baby Milk Formula

Many ladies ask as Which is the best milk formula for her baby, So today we’ll talk about it. You should Choose the Best Newborn Baby Milk Formula on the Market as Given bellow; Which is the Best Newborn Baby Milk Formula? It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the supermarket in front of the huge variety of formulas available. ... Read More »

Do You Know About the Popular Benefits of Bananas?

benefits and uses of bananas

Banana is one of the most delicious fruits. Our country is probably the most delicious, wholesome and force them to eat more fruit after mango. This is a delicious, sweet, healthy eating and passion fruits to eat. Says the oldest banana fruit is used from the time before Christ, So you should know the Popular Benefits of Bananas. Popular Benefits of ... Read More »

Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home Fast and Naturally – Teeth Whitening Totkay

how to make teeth white fast

Hum Sub Janty han k daant (teeth) white na hon to face bhi bura lagta hai, Is k ilawa daanton (teeth) ki gandgi hamari food k sath stomach me ja kar kharabi peda karti hai. Isi waja se Prophet (PBUH) ne bhi daanton ki safai karny k liye maswaak par bohut zor diya hai. Daant (Teeth) saaf hon ge to ... Read More »

Sakarkandi ke Faidy – Sweet Potato Health Benefits in Urdu

Shakarkandi k fayde in Urdu

Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato) ek popular root hai, Jo Pakistan or Hindustan me almost har jaga ugti hai. Ye red of white two colors me aati hai.Bohut zyada ghazayat k sath sath tasty bhi hoti hai, Lekin qeemat k lihaz se bohut sasti hoti hai, Is liye rich people isy pasand ni karty. Lekin poor people is ko bohut shoq se khaty ... Read More »

Why Push-ups Are One Of The Best Exercises For Strength?


More often than not, push-ups are underrated. With a lot of alternatives, groups in the bodybuilding and strength training groups often ignore push-ups for other forms of exercise.The truth is however that push-ups provide a range of benefits and are arguably among the best compound exercises for strength (see here for the top list).Below we go into the reasons why ... Read More »

Singhare Ke Fayde in Urdu & Hindi – Water Chestnut Fruit Benefits

Water Chestnut benefits in Urdu

Singhara (Water Chestnut) k pody ki green color ki tehnyon par patty nai ugty, Ye potato ki fasal ki tarha pody ki jarhon (roots) me ugta hai. Winter season start hoty hi Singhara mandi me aa jata hai or log is ko barhy shoq se khaty han. Singhare k andar ka goda white color ka hota hai, Jisy kacha ya ubaal ... Read More »

Methi Dana Ke Faide in Urdu – Fenugreek Health Benefits

fenugreek methi dana haelth benefits

Methi (Fenugreek) winter season ki ek popular vegetable hai, Jis me vitamin A, B, C, Iron, Phosphorus or calcium paya jata hai. Methi k na sirf patty balky is ka beej bhi bohut se imraz, khano or achar me use kia jata hai. Especially pak o hind me is ko zyada use kia jata hai Kyun k yahan log is ... Read More »

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