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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

Basil Seeds are generally known as “Tukhm Malanga” or “Tukh Malanga” in Urdu. They are one of the most common grains found in almost every household. In Traditional Herbal Medicine, Basil Seeds play a key role. In Pakistan as well, they are commonly used with Kulfi, Falooda, Drinks, Juices and other similar desserts. Some people even consume it solely dissolved in water to avail their health benefits.Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

Health Benefits of Basil Seeds:

Here we list some of the amazing health benefits packed inside these little ones. This gives you one more reason to add a spoonful of them in your sweets and drinks.

1. Strengthen Digestive System:

Basil Seeds are high in fiber. They form a gelatinous paste when dissolved in water. This gel like substance improves the movement of the food through the digestive system. Additionally, fiber remains inside your gut for longer durations. And thus, makes you feel fuller. This way, it also helps you to avoid over eating. They are most commonly used for treating digestion related issues, including cramps, gastric problems, constipation and diarrhea etc.

2. Build a better Immune System:

Free radicals present inside our body attack our system and weaken our immunity. Basil Seeds contain high amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight with these free radicals and strengthen our overall immune system.

3. Improve Bone Health:

Basil Seeds have a balanced mix of minerals including iron, potassium, calcium, magnessium etc. In addition to other health benefits, these minerals also protect from bone damage. A healthy mineral density in the bones keeps osteoporosis at bay. In addition to that, it keeps your bones stronger and healthy as you age.

4. Prevent from Vision Related Problems:

One of the most important vitamins to keep eyes healthy is vitamin A. Basil Seeds have a fair amount of vitamin A which provides retina with powerful antioxidants. This not only prevents cataracts, but also keeps eyes sharp and healthy. Vitamin A is also used to slow down Age Related Macular Degeneration.

5. Help Control Diabetes:

These seeds have shown to reduce the blood glucose levels, as they have high content of fiber in them. This is very useful to the patients with Type 2 diabetes. In addition to that, consuming Basil Seeds regularly can help improve the glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in the body.

6. Combat Skin Problems:

In older days, medical practitioners used to use swollen Basil Seeds to cover the wounds and rashes. Due to their cooling and healing effects, Basil Seeds have proven benefits in countering skin problems. It can be even useful in reducing wrinkles, pimples and other common skin diseases.

 7. Aids in Weight Loss:

As stated earlier, Basil Seeds improve digestion and bowel movement. They also keep you full longer. Thus, preventing you from over eating All of this aids in weight loss.

Precautions for Basil Seeds Consumption:

Despite the above mentioned benefits, it is important to consume Basil Seeds in moderation. Over use of high fiber diet may cause gastric issues. Further, they should be taken after soaking them in water for at least 10 – 20 minutes. If you have certain medical conditions, then it is wise to consult your doctor before making any change in your diet plan.
With these tips you can get the benefits of these amazing Basil Seeds.

Concluding Remarks:

Allah (S.W.T) has packed a lot of nutrition and benefits in these tiny seeds. Taking them in moderation with a balanced diet is necessary to have a healthy life. So, what are you waiting for? Soak a spoonful in water and enjoy the benefits with your juice, drink or soda etc!
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