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10 Simple Ways to Wellness to Live a Stressful Free Life

10 Simple Ways to Wellness to Live a Stressful Free Life

Stress is a form of psychological strain which affects the person physically as well. It is the feeling of pressure on a person’s mind. Positive stress is a healthy trait and helps the person to grow as an individual however even that should be in small bits and pieces. When the stress is harmful and too much, it gets hard for the brain and body to hold it together, So you can see here How to Live a Stressful Free Life.Live a Stressful Free Life

How to Live a Stressful Free Life

There’re many reasons of stress, Which don’t allow us to live a stressful free life, the main reasons are given bellow;

Causes of Stress

There are several different causes of stress. Following are some of the significant causes of stress.

  • Difficulties in a relationship.
  • Pessimistic thought.
  • Self-loathing.
  • Failed relationship.
  • Difficulties at work.
  • Problems with children or spouse.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Unrealistic expectations from life.
  • Lack of flexibility.

Symptoms and signs of stress

Signs of stress are usually easy to figure out. There are some symptoms which signal of stress. Symptoms of stress are divided into several types such as emotional signs, cognitive signs, behavioural signs, and physical signs.

Emotional symptoms are

  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Depression or general unhappiness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Moodiness, irritability, or anger
  • Other mental or emotional health problems

Physical symptoms are

  • Aches and pains
  • Chest pain, rapid heart rate
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Frequent colds or flu
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Nausea, dizziness

The other two types of symptoms are quite distinct as well. Cognitive and behavioural symptoms are readily observable. A higher level of stress shows a higher number of symptoms than the lower one.

Ten ways to continue a stress-free life

A stress-free life is a healthy life. It is essential to cure stress to succeed in life and to live it happily. There are many ways through which you can kick out stress from your life, however, it is only possible when the stress is at initial stages and not too severe. Following are some of the ways to cure stress

Understand yourself

The first thing to remedy stress is understanding yourself completely. You must thoroughly know yourself to avoid unnecessary stress. You must understand what makes you happy and calm and should always try to do those things more often. You must also make a mental note of the things which do not make you happy and leave you in pain. Those things should be avoided at all costs.

Be grateful

Learn to be thankful for everything you get. Make it a habit to say Thank You for every small or big thing people do for you or give you. Being grateful reminds the person of all the good things in life and also helps them to look at life with more positivity.

Set your priorities straight

You must know who is worthy of your time and efforts and who is not. Similarly, with everyday tasks or life-changing tasks, you must be well aware of what needs to be done when. Awareness will help you to not only improve your relationships but also to have your time managed and spend a much better and focused life. Your quality of life will observe a visible uplift.

Home base

You need to accept the fact that not everything is in your control. No matter what, try to take one moment at a time. You need to understand the things which cannot be controlled by you, and you got to let those go at any cost. More significant than that, you must know the value of things around you. Know that people matter and things do not. Maintain your relationships as much as you can but even let go of them when they are not doing any good to you and re getting toxic instead. Do not chase things and try to change your life little by little. Only then you will be able to observe more significant changes in life.


Interact with people as much as you can. Do not prioritise work over people around you. Make time for your relationships just like you make time for your work. People who avoid their relationships continuously are often seen in depression and too worried. Communicating with people form a support-system which is essential to living a life without stress and mental problems.

Release what you feel

Letting out your feelings plays a vital role in a stress-free life. You must write or talk about your feelings to someone. Releasing out your emotions makes you feel light and helps to decrease your stress level. Writing about your beliefs do not change the situation but at least makes it better for you to handle.


Meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress. Find a mantra of your own and memorise it, memorise a quote which you like the best or listen to your favourite and song and try to feel the lyrics. Regular meditation relaxes your mind and leaves a soothing feeling.

Work on your feelings

Walk easily. Try to feel lighter and walk around with confidence. Often people who look happy are just moving around with bright expressions, and deep down they are equally stressed. Try not to show your sadness to the world.

Enjoy the time during a drive

When you go on a ride, try to enjoy and live the time as much as possible. Listen to your favourite music, think about all the positive things in life and make sure to enjoy the time however you can. If you get stuck in the traffic, try to indulge in activities which can be done positively, so you do not feel the traffic as a burden on you.

Filter out the news

In the modern world, media has the power to exaggerate everything and convey it in a manner that the most number of the audience gets attracted. However, you must try to take the news more lightly and find the positive aspect of every report. This does not mean to completely cut yourself from current happenings but go through the headlines and if the news is something not according to your tolerance then do not go into its more profound point.

To get a message as to the points stress is destructive and must be cured at all cost. Following the above-mentioned steps will help you to reduce and even wholly heal your stress.

This post was written by Muhammad Shahzaib of Health Nerdy.

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